Featured Activities

Winter is upon us-snow has fallen and the days are getting colder.  Winter is a great time of year to go outside, stay active and explore.   Getting outside is important but staying healthy and safe is always top priority.  Our Connecticut State Parks and Forests offer plenty of opportunities for you to get outside.  Please be sure to practice proper social distancing and refrain from congregating.  

A few things to remember before heading out and while you are out exploring:

1) Dress in layers

2) Wear appropriate footwear

3) Stay hydrated

4) Bring your cell phone

5) Take a map with you if hiking

Family fishing at Burr Pond during the No Child Left Inside Winter Festival.

Favorite Activities in CT State Parks & Forests



Cross Country Skiing

Freshwater Fishing


Historical Sites


Ice Skating


Mountain Biking

Nature Centers & Museums


Saltwater Fishing



Content last updated December 2020