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Attention: COVID-19 Announcement

Due to COVID-19 WIC appointments are being held over the phone to align with social distancing efforts. Due to a higher call volume you may have to leave a voice message with your local office. Staff will return your call. If you are unable to reach a local agency near you contact the State agency at

If you have opted in to email and text notifications you will receive important program updates, including information on changes in operations, updates to WIC eligible foods and other important updates.



The Department of Public Health funds 11 Local Agency WIC Programs through contracts to operate 23 full-time offices and 35 part-time satellite sites covering Connecticut's 169 towns. These agencies include 8 Local Health Departments/Districts, 2 Hospital-Based Programs, and 2 Community Action programs.
Click here for a listing of Local agencies with their address and phone number.
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