Nurse Aide Registration

****NEW**** Temporary Nurse Aides

The Department of Public Health is allowing for a temporary certification of a Nurse Aide to function in the capacity of a Connecticut certified nurse’s aide to address work increases and staffing shortages caused by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. 

**** Notice****:   Pursuant to Governor's  Executive Order 7SS any person working  as a temporary nurse aide shall only remain employed as a temporary nurse aide during the public health and civil preparedness emergency unless modified or extended.  Upon termination of such executive order, a temporary nurse aide shall complete an approved nurse aide training program and pass the Connecticut nurse aide exam to be placed on the nurse aide registry.


* Search the CT Nurse's Aide Registry Online *


How to be Placed on the CT Nurse's Aide Registry:

New Nurse's Aide (Route 1)

Nurse's Aide Training Out of State   (Route 3)

Reinstatement of a Lapsed Certification (Route 4)

Certified as a Nurse's Aide in Another State (Route 7)


How to renew your Nurse's Aide Certification/Registration:


Negative Findings

Obtaining a New Certificate:

Obtaining a Duplicate Copy of Certification and Name and Address Change


Training Program Requirements and Approved Training Programs:

Approved Department of Public Health CNA Training Programs

CGS Section 378a* NURSE'S AIDES


If you have any additional questions, please contact the Connecticut Nurse's Aide Registry at:

Department of Public Health

410 Capitol Avenue, MS#12APP

Hartford, CT 06134

(860) 509-7603 Press Option#1


 To contact Prometric:

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