Waiver of Written and Practical Examination Based on Licensed Work Experience


Before applying for licensure, please familiarize yourself with the general licensing policies.


The Department may waive Parts I, II, III, IV and the Physiotherapy portions of the National Board of Chiropractic Examinations to a currently practicing, competent chiropractor in another state or territory provided such applicant:


Holds a current valid license in good professional standing issued after examination by another state or territory which maintains licensing standards which, except for examination, are commensurate with this state's standards;


Has worked continuously as a licensed chiropractor in an academic or clinical setting in another state or territory for a period of not less than five years immediately preceding the application for licensure without examination.


No license shall be issued under this section to any applicant against whom professional disciplinary action is pending or who is the subject of an unresolved complaint. 


Documentation Requirements:


An applicant seeking licensure by waiver of examination shall arrange for the submission of the following documentation directly to this office: 


Submission of the Verification of Licensed Work Experience form submitted directly to this office from appropriate authority verifying licensed work experience in another state or territory for a period of not less than five years immediately preceding the application;


Official verification of all professional licenses, certificates or registrations held, current or expired, as a chiropractor sent directly from the appropriate authority to this office.  Please contact the jurisdiction first as a fee may be required for completion of the form;


A completed application and fee in the amount of $565.00.  Applications are only accepted online.  Please select this link to apply online.


At such time as all documentation is received, the applications will be reviewed by Department staff, an eligibility determination will be made and the applicant will be notified in writing regarding the Department's determination.  Please allow four to six weeks for this review.


Please note that if it is determined that the other state's licensing requirements are not equal to those of this state and the applicant wants to pursue licensure, the applicant would be required to meet the current licensure requirements.


All supporting documents should be submitted directly from the source to:


Connecticut Department of Public Health

Chiropractic Licensure

410 Capitol Ave., MS# 12 APP

P.O. Box 340308

Hartford, CT 06134

Phone:  (860) 509-7603

Fax:  (860) 707-1931

Email:  dph.healingarts@ct.gov