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2003 Banking and Related Legislation

Each year, the Department of Banking, with the coordination of the Government Relations and Consumer Affairs Division, conducts an active legislative program.  During the 2003 session, the General Assembly enacted several bills concerning banks, credit unions, consumer credit and other issues into law.  We've provided hyperlinks to the text of public acts of interest. 

Please note that listings are arranged by public act number.  Hyperlinks for each public act lead to the Connecticut General Assembly website.

Department of Banking Proposals

Public Act 03-61 - 
An Act Concerning Department of Banking Licensees

Public Act 03-84 -
An Act Concerning the Commissioner of Banking and Department of Banking Employees

Public Act 03-153 -
An Act Concerning Foreign Banks and Receiverships and Conservatorships for Connecticut Banks and Connecticut Credit Unions

Public Act 03-196 -
An Act Concerning Bank and Credit Union Transactions

Other Legislation of Interest

Public Act 03-16 - 
An Act Concerning Credit Union Shared Service Centers

Public Act 03-23 -
An Act Concerning Payment of Secondary Mortgage Loan Proceeds by Wire Transfer

Public Act 03-24 -
An Act Concerning Eligibility for Mortgage Financing for Individuals Serving in the Military Reserves or the National Guard 

Public Act 03-35 -
An Act Concerning Directors of Credit Unions 

Public Act 03-62 -
An Act Concerning Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code Regarding Secured Transactions

Public Act 03-74 -
An Act Concerning Petitions for Discharge of Mortgages 

Public Act 03-105 -
An Act Concerning Certain Purchases of Merchandise Under the Retail Installment Sales Financing Act 

Public Act 03-156 -
An Act Concerning Identity Theft 

Public Act 03-226 -
An Act Concerning State Support of Community Banks and Community Credit Unions

Public Act 03-259 -
An Act Concerning White Collar Crime Enforcement, the Connecticut Uniform Securities Act and Corporate Fraud Accountability and Volunteer Firefighters and Members of Volunteer Ambulance Services or Companies

Public Act 03-262 -
An Act Concerning Use of Consumer Collection Agencies for Municipal Property Tax Collection and the Property Tax Assessment Lists for the 2002 Assessment Year in the Towns of Warren and Hartland

Public Act 03-266 -
An Act Concerning Hospital Billing Practices

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