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Certification News and Alerts

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Latest Certification News
Integrated Early Childhood Cross Endorsements in accordance with Public Act No. 23-159 (December 2023)

Public Act No. 23-159: An Act Concerning Assorted Revisions and Additions to Education Statutes (July 2023)

Connecticut Educator Preparation Program Certification Alert Regarding edTPA - Public Act: 23-159 (June 2023)

Emergency Educator Certification Endorsements for the 2023–24 School Year (June 2023)

Teacher Residency Programs (April 2023)

Enhanced Reciprocity for Educator Certification (February 2023)

Electronic Submission of District-Based Applications & Forms (August 2022)

Streamlined process for submission of Application for Substitute Teacher Authorization for Candidates Who Have Not Completed a Bachelor’s Degree (ED174 Form)

Emergency Pathways to Temporary Special Education Authorizations for Para-Educators (updated August 2021) 


 Certification News/Alerts (2019 to 2022)

Cross-Endorsement Policy – #089 (Marketing Education, 7-12), #090 (Occupational Subject – Technical Schools), and #098 (Trade & Industrial Occupations – Comprehensive High Schools)

Public Act 21-144: Bilingual Education Certification Requirements Guidance (updated October 2021)

Foundation of Reading Memo (July 9, 2021)

Emergency Educator Certification Endorsements for the 2020–21 School Year

Temporary Certification Application Guidance for CT Educator Preparation Providers (EPPs)

Temporary Processing Steps for Temporary 90-Day Certificates (ED172/ED172A), Long-Term Substitute Authorizations (ED175), DSAPs (ED177), Emergency Coaching Permits (ED186) and Resident Educator Certificates (ED199)

Temporary Procedural Guidance for District Human Resources Personnel Regarding ED 126 Submissions

In-State Connecticut Educators: New Endorsement Designated As Shortage Areas For The 2020–21 School Year

Connecticut Welcomes Educators Displaced by the 2019 & 2020 Earthquakes [English] [Spanish]

In-State Connecticut Educators: 2019 Legislation Affecting Educator Certification - Public Act No. 19-74 (February 2020)

Out-of-State Educator Applicants: 2019 Legislation Affecting Educator Certification - Public Act No. 19-74 (February 2020)

In-state Connecticut educators: 2018 legislation affecting educator certification (Updated January 2019)

Out-of-state educator applicants: 2018 legislation affecting educator certification (Updated January 2019)

District alert: New legislation (Updated January 2019)

 New Test Requirements
New Foundations of Reading (July 2021)

Important Change: Core Academic Skills Test (Updated January 2017)

Subject Area Assessment Excellence Scores for Praxis II/ACTFL Adopted June 2010 (Updated September 2016)

World Languages (May 2015)

Elementary (Updated February 2015)

Early Childhood Education (January 2015)

Reading Endorsements (January 2015)

Basic Skills Test Waiver Criteria (Updated January 2015)

New Reading Survey Requirement for Grade K–3 Teachers (Updated June 2014)

New Testing Requirement for Special Education and Reading Endorsements (June 2013)

 Certification Archive

Note: the documents below are provided for background only. These publications are not up to date.

  • Customer Service Window for Educator Certification Closing (Updated February 2018)
  • Important Statutory Change: Master’s Degree Requirement (Updated November 2017)
  • Reminder: Advanced Coursework Requirements for Intermediate Administration or Supervision (#092) (February 2017)
  • New Grade Levels for Elementary Education Endorsement (Updated February 2017)
  • Office Relocation (December 2016)
  • CertAlert - January 2015
  • CertAlert - Fall 2012
  • CertAlert - Summer 2010
  • CertAlert - Spring 2007
  • CertAlert - Fall 2006
  • CertAlert - Fall 2005
  • Newsletter Issue 11 - Spring 2004
  • Newsletter Issue 10 - Spring 2002
  • Newsletter Issue 9 - Summer 2001
  • Newsletter Issue 8 - Fall 2000
  • Newsletter Issue 7 - Spring 2000

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