How do I report ‘Funding Eligibility’ and ‘Funding Source’ for my Adult Patients over 19 years of age?

Read time: 6 minutes

Funding eligibility and funding source are required fields when reporting all current immunizations for all patients of all ages. The CT WiZ system will generate an error/warning if these segments are not present with the current immunization reported from your Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Tip: In your EHR, you can develop logic to populate this automatically for patients over 19 years old:

  • Funding Source can be set to ‘PHC70-Private Privately Purchased Vaccine’.
    • Except if the patient is over age 19, enrolled in Medicaid, and they were vaccinated by a provider enrolled in the Connecticut’s Adult Vaccine Program (CVFA), then please select the appropriate Funding Source for the vaccine that applies.
  • Funding Eligibility can be defaulted to ‘V00-VFC eligibility not determined/unknown’
    • Except if the patient falls under any of the options below, then please select the funding eligibility accordingly:

  • Note: This logic may need to be updated when new vaccine(s) are supplied. Please see current codes on our webpage here and here.

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