What is the wastage policy for COVID-19 vaccines

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All COVID-19 vaccine that is no longer viable due to expiration or a temperature excursion must be returned. If you have doses that have expired, please complete a return in CT WiZ just as you would other CVP vaccine. Once the return is approved, you will receive a UPS label to return the doses.


If your COVID-19 vaccine has expired:


  • If the doses were received through CoVP (prior to September 11, 2023): go to your Inventory On Hand screen - Action - Adjustment. Complete all fields with a red * and click Update. Your doses will now be removed from your inventory on hand screen.
  • If the doses were received through CVP: follow the normal procedure of returning expired CVP doses. Doses received through the CVP must be returned to the manufacturer 

In the event of a temperature excursion,
please visit our DPH Helpdesk for next steps.
All storage and handling requirements must always be abided by, including maintaining an emergency back-up plan and ensuring appropriate storage of vaccines. All relevant staff must be aware of and ready to execute their roles in the back-up plan scenario. (See Storage & Handling Policy).

If doses are deemed non-viable by the manufacturer, you will need to complete a return in CT WiZ. Any broken/partial vials or vaccine drawn but not administered need to be adjusted out of your inventory on hand in CT WiZ. These doses cannot be returned and should be disposed of.

For communications on COVID-19 vaccine, visit Provider Communications.

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