Electronic Visit Verification


  • DSS EVV Program Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does EVV work?
    • When the EVV program begins, your caregiver will need your permission to use your home telephone.

    • For each visit, your caregiver will use your home phone to call a toll-free number when he or she starts and ends their work.

    • These calls take just a few seconds each and are toll-free.

    • If you do not have a home telephone that your caregiver can use, they will use a different method to record the times when you receive services. 
  • If I do not have a telephone, will there be a charge for my caregiver to use another method to capture their visit time?
    Answer: NO. Electronic Visit Verification is provided at no cost to you. Your caregiver will work with their agency to determine the best alternative method to capture their visit time for EVV.
  • If I do not want to have my caregiver use my phone, will I still receive services?
    Answer: YES. Electronic Visit Verification will never impact the services you are provided. If you do not wish to have your caregiver use your phone to call into the EVV system, there are multiple other options for your caregiver to capture their time that do not require your phone.
  • If I move, or change care providers, will I need to do anything to keep EVV going?
    Answer: NO. Electronic Visit Verification does not require any actions on your part, beyond your permission to allow your caregiver to use your phone. If you change your caregiver, or move to a new residence, the EVV system will continue at your new location, and be performed in the same way by your new caregiver. Please be sure to notify your care manager in the event of an address change or change in provider agency.
  • Why is DSS implementing EVV?
    • Electronic Visit Verification will help DSS make sure that you are receiving the proper services.

    • EVV is required for all agencies providing certain in home services to clients in the following CMAP programs: 
      • CT Home Care Program for Elders (CHC)

      • Personal Care Assistance (PCA)

      • Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

      • If you or your caregivers request to change agencies within the region, then you, your new agency, and your caregivers will continue to be in the EVV program. 
  • Will all services provided to me require that my caregiver check in and out using EVV?
    Answer: NO. Electronic Visit Verification is only required for some services. Depending on the service your caregiver is performing, they may not need to call into the EVV system to record their time. Your care manager can let you know which of the services that you receive require EEV.
  • Will I need to have anything installed in my house for EVV to work?
    Answer: MAYBE. If you allow your caregiver to use your home or mobile phone to log their visit time, then nothing else is required. If you do not have a home phone, or if you choose not to allow your caregiver to use your phone, then the caregiver can provide an alternate method for them to track their visit time. This may involve providing you a small clock- in/out device to keep at your house for them to use to capture your visit times. This would be provided at no cost to you, and will not require power or internet access from your house.