Electronic Visit Verification


The Department of Social Services is proud to announce a unique partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Sandata Technologies, LLC. in the implementation of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). 
EVV is a telephonic and computer-based in-home scheduling, tracking and billing system. Specifically, EVV documents the precise time and type of care provided by care-givers right at the point of care.  
EVV streamlines cumbersome document-based billing and scheduling systems for a truly mobile and dynamic system.  EVV electronically documents caregiver activities consolidating labor-intensive documentation into a seamless, error-free system. EVV incorporates:
- MVV - a caregiver enabled smartphone app,
- FVV - a small in-home device, and
- Telephony - a telephone based tracking program.

The EVV system is free to you and your caregiver and will NOT change any of the services that you receive.

Critical EVV Information

  • IMPORTANT UPDATE as of 10/19/2016: The Department of Social Services is extending the soft launch of Electronic Visit Verification in order to evaluate and mitigate newly identified provider concerns. DSS encourages providers to continue using EVV while DSS defines new implementation dates for non-medical and home health related services. The target implementation dates will be no earlier than December 1, 2016 for non-medical services and February 1, 2017 for home health related services. Additional information will be forthcoming as the formal implementation dates are established.
    Important EVV Update/Message
  • Regarding the requirement to add staff social security number (SSN) information in Sandata’s EVV software, DSS has decided to require only the last 5 digits of the staff member’s SSN.
  • If you have not begun or have already completed the mandatory EVV training, please click the "Training" tab above and follow the directions to enroll in the Learning Management System (LMS).

Important EVV Bulletins

PB16-98 - Electronic Visit Verification Refresher Training Invitation

PB16-56 - Electronic Visit Verification Reporting a Change in Client Condition

PB16-54 - EVV Caregiver Time Capture Best Practices FVV Request Form

PB16-44 - Electronic Visit Verification Notification to Clients

PB16-41 - EVV Training Important Information

PB 16-31 - Electronic Visit Verification Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PB16-23 - Introduction to the Department of Social Services’ Electronic Visit Verification Implementation

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NOTE: Participation in the EVV implementation is mandatoryfor clients enrolled in the following benefit plans:
  • CT Home Care Program (CHC)
  • Personal Care Assistant (PCA)
  • Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Caregiver Information To Clients Regarding The Upcoming EVV Program
On November 1, 2016, the Department of Social Services (DSS) is implementing an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system for some non-medical services within the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program (CMAP). The implementation date for home health related services is January 1, 2017. EVV is a telephone and computer-based system that records the time your caregiver starts and ends delivering services to you during a visit.