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State Plan Policies - WIC 100

State Plan Section 2 100 Administration - Table of Contents

WIC 100-01 Local WIC Agency Staffing Policy 01-2020

  WIC 100-01 Sample Local Agency Job Descriptions 01-2020

  WIC 100-01 Local Agency Suggested Staffing Pattern

WIC 100-02 Local Agency Caseload Management 03-2024

  WIC 100-02 CT WIC Local Agencies Caseload Estimate CT 2024

WIC 100-03 Local Agency Program Plan Revised 12-2019

WIC 100-04 Contracts for Nutritional Assessment

WIC 100-05 Local Agency Record Keeping 03-2017

WIC 100-06 State Office Sponsored Meetings

WIC 100-07 Communications

WIC 100-08 Continuing Education

WIC 100-09 Local Agency Office Hours and Scheduling 09-2017

WIC 100-10 Smoking Policy 10-2012

WIC 100-11 Submission of Local Agency Reports

WIC 100-12 Facilities for Homeless Individuals Policy

  WIC 100-12 Agreement for Participants in Homeless Shelters

WIC 100-13 Data Reports and Program Improvement Policy 01-2020

WIC 100-14 Documentation of Local Agency Staff Review of WIC Numbered Memos

WIC 100-15 Local Agency Monitoring and Self-Assessment Policy

  WIC 100-15 FY 2023 Local Agency Monitoring Schedule

  WIC 100-15 Local Agency Monitoring Standards 12-2019

  Nutrition Services

  WIC 100-15 Certification and Nutrition Education Monitoring Tool 2022

  WIC 100-15 Nutrition Services Chart Audit Tool

  WIC 100-15 Nutrition Services Chart Audit Tool Guidance

  WIC 100-15 Local Agency Nutrition Services Clinic Observation Tool

  WIC 100-15 Local Agency Clinic Observation Tool Guidance for Self-Assessments

  WIC 100-15 Special Formula Review Checklist

  Program Operations

  WIC 100-15 Program Operations Monitoring Evaluation Tool 2022

  WIC 100-15 Program Operations Chart Audit Checklist


  WIC 100-15 Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Tool

  WIC 100-15 Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Chart Audit Checklist

WIC 100-16 Confidentiality of WIC Applicant, Participant, and Vendor Information 7-2023

WIC 100-17 Employee Fraud and Abuse 12-2015

WIC 100-18 Procedures for Serving Participants during a Disaster or PHE