Tuberculosis Control Program


The mission of the Connecticut Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program (TB Control Program) is to interrupt and prevent transmission of TB, prevent emergence of drug-resistant TB, and reduce and prevent death, disability, illness, emotional trauma, family disruption, and social stigma caused by TB.  


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The TB Control Program works closely with local health authorities, home care agencies, providers of medical care, the Department of Corrections, and drug treatment and other facilities following the DPH Data Security and Confidentiality Policy to assure that the TB Control Program’s mission is accomplished. Using state and federal funding, the TB Control Program provides anti-tuberculosis medications to hundreds of medical clinicians; reimburses clinicians for TB diagnostic treatment and prevention services for the uninsured; provides consultation on TB case management and screening to local health departments, prisons, convalescent/nursing homes, schools, universities, hospitals and other health care providers; and has regularly convened the Connecticut Advisory Committee for the Elimination of Tuberculosis (CACET) to help develop state-specific guidelines for TB treatment and prevention, including the State of Connecticut Tuberculosis Elimination Plan.

This page last updated 03/10/2022.