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CTDOT, Local Officials, Announce Renaming of the Fairfield Metro Station to Fairfield-Black Rock Station

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) and local officials today announced plans to rename the Fairfield Metro station to Fairfield-Black Rock station in the coming months. The name change will more clearly indicate to the public the communities being served by rail service. Along with the name change, additional pedestrian safety improvements will soon be underway at the station.

The new name follows the traditional naming of stations in Connecticut that indicate the town or geographic area being served. Commuters have indicated confusion in finding the Fairfield or Fairfield Metro stations when using navigation apps.

At the same time, the parking lot at the station will be made safer for pedestrians walking to the station or parking and walking to the platforms. Planned work includes selective construction of new concrete ramps at the street and mid-lot sidewalks, as well as a new clearly defined pedestrian walkway from the street to the platform area.

CTDOT Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto said, “Renaming this station will limit any public confusion about when and where they need to be to catch their train. With added pedestrian safety features also getting underway, the Fairfield-Black Rock station will continue serving as a vital transportation hub. I want to thank Metro-North and the Town of Fairfield for partnering with us on this endeavor.”

Metro-North Railroad President Catherine Rinaldi said, “Fairfield-Black Rock, I like the way it sounds. Metro-North applauds the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s choice to include Black Rock in the renamed station name because the change is aligned with the MTA’s own principles for station names in New York to emphasize community names.”

State Representative Cristin McCarthy Vahey said, “Renaming the station highlights the connection between two growing and thriving transit-oriented communities. The changes to the lot and the planned pedestrian bridge between Fairfield and Black Rock will result in improved safety and accessibility for all train riders. Thank you to the DOT and Representative Stafstrom for their partnership and action on these improvements.”

State Representative Steven Stafstrom said, “Fairfield and Bridgeport commuters – as well as those coming to shop in and visit the Black Rock community – will benefit from the improved walkability and planned pedestrian safety improvements for this regional asset. Black Rock is a hidden gem, so I am glad the name change will illuminate it for residents and visitors alike.”

State Representative Jennifer Leeper said, “I’m glad to see these practical, necessary changes coming to Fairfield's Metro station and the name change to provide more clarity for visitors. This station is a critical spot for our commuters, and these renovations will make their experience that much better and safer.”

State Representative Sarah Keitt said, “I’m excited about the changes coming to the Fairfield-Black Rock Station. The name change and physical updates to the station will make it easier for residents and visitors to Fairfield to find and navigate our beautiful town and all it has to offer.”

Fairfield First Selectman Bill Gerber said, “I welcome the name change as it more clearly describes the location of the station. Fairfield-Black Rock is a great name for an area that will continue to grow as a vibrant hub for social activity and a cool destination for residents and visitors alike.”

Work at the station is expected to take approximately three months. During this time, new signage will be installed, websites and travel apps will be updated, and on-board messaging will change. The Fairfield-Black Rock Station is one of 21 rail stations along the New Haven Line in Connecticut, with more than 28 million passenger trips occurring every year. 


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