Corporations Other Than Banking Institutions
Acting In A Fiduciary Capacity With Respect to Certain Funds

Connecticut's Banking Commissioner may license certain corporations, other than banking institutions, to act as trustees. Such corporations may receive property in trust and execute and administer trusts to the extent and in the manner authorized by the charter of such corporations or by any general or special law of Connecticut, but not otherwise. An example would be a firm which acts as an escrow agent with respect to funds used to purchase an irrevocable pre-planned funeral purchase contract, and subsequently invests and administers such funds held in escrow.

The following corporations have been licensed by the Connecticut Department of Banking, pursuant to Section 36a-380 of the General Statutes, to act in a fiduciary capacity with respect to certain funds.


Access Financial Group, Inc.
118 North Clinton, Suite 450
  Chicago, IL 60661
  Telephone: (312) 655-8230
  CEO: Victor C. Chigas, Director

Forethought Life Insurance Company
  Forethought Center
  Batesville, IN 47006
  Telephone: (812) 934-7340
  CEO: Richard Coffin, Executive VP and CEO

Planned Lifetime Assistance Network
of Connecticut, Inc.

  75 Charter Oak Avenue, Suite 1-101
  Hartford, CT 06106
  mailing address:
  P.O. Box 4280
  Hartford, CT 06147
  Telephone: (860) 523-4951
  Executive Director: Kerry Tedford-Coles