When Your Broker Calls, Take Notes!

(If you don't know the broker, feel free to hang up!)

It's important to keep good records for all your investments. Retaining information such as account forms, transaction statements or confirmations, and copies of correspondence or notes detailing your instructions to a salesperson can provide an effective "paper trail" in the event of a dispute.

The Department of Banking Securities Division has prepared an Investor's Notepad to help you take notes of conversations with your financial professional.

Print copies of the notepad. Then keep them handy for when you speak with your salesperson or adviser.  Record the details of any recommendations you receive and of any instructions you provide. If you are not familiar with an investment, insist on getting either a prospectus, offering memorandum or financial reports before investing. Keep these notes in your files. You may also wish to follow up verbal instructions with written confirmation letters.

If you have investing questions or complaints, contact the Securities Division.

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