Business Opportunities

Considering a Business Opportunity?
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Tempted by ads like these?  Intrigued by the notion of starting your own business?  Wait! Your financial future is on the line. Before you commit yourself to a long term business relationship, use the following practical advice to investigate the opportunity. 

Understanding Business Opportunity Investments

  • What Is a Business Opportunity?
    Learn what a business opportunity is and take a quiz to test your knowledge.
  • Know Your Rights Concerning Business Opportunities
    In Connecticut, business opportunity offers and sales are regulated under The Connecticut Business Opportunity Investment Act. On the federal level, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a rule on franchise and business opportunity ventures which requires the preparation of a disclosure document for prospective purchasers.
  • Warning Signs
    Be on the lookout for these signals that something may be wrong.
  • A Checklist for Investors
    Review this list of things you should do before you buy.
 Check the list of registered business opportunities in Connecticut, including federally registered trademarks or service marks.
Business Opportunity Scams
Tips from the Federal Trade Commission.  Before you sink money into a business opportunity, be sure to do some research and get specific information from the promoter.

For further information or questions contact:

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