Where to Begin - User‘s Guide to Environmental Permits


User's Guide to Environmental Permits

If you plan to conduct activities that may impact the state's natural resources and environment, then you may need one or more environmental permits from the DEEP. 

In addition to individual permits and licenses, the CT DEEP has developed several expedited and short processes to facilitate the permitting of minor activities in its major permit programs. These processes include general permits and permit by rule, Certificates of Permission (COP), and temporary and emergency authorizations.
The department has prepared a series of fact sheets describing each of its permit programs to help permit applicants and others understand the environmental permitting process. The information is designed to answer general questions and provide basic information. You should refer to the appropriate statutes and regulations for the specific regulatory language of the different permit programs.
If you have any questions or need further help, please feel free to contact any of the department's programs or the Office of Innovative Partnerships and Planning (IPP) at DEEP.OPPD@ct.gov.

Pre-Application Assistance

Application Process

Environmental Permitting Fact Sheets

General Fact Sheets

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