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Environmental Program Fact Sheets

Pollution Prevention


Connecticut Coastal Management Manual (includes the fact sheets listed below as well as other useful information):

Coastal Management Process Fact Sheets

  • Municipal Coastal Management Review Process Flowchart
  • Coastal Site Plan Review Application Checklist
  • Coastal Site Plan Review Fact Sheet
  • Mandatory Referrals Fact Sheet
  • Shoreline Flood and Erosion Control Structures Consistency Checklist
  • State and Municipal Regulatory Jurisdictions Fact Sheet
  • Watershed Management Planning Fact Sheet
Coastal Resources Fact Sheets

  • Adverse Impacts Fact Sheet
  • Beach and Dune Fact Sheet
  • Bluffs and Escarpments Fact Sheet
  • Coastal Hazard Area Fact Sheet
  • Coastal Waters and Estuarine Embayments Fact Sheet
  • Developed Shorefronts Fact Sheet
  • Intertidal Flats Fact Sheet
  • Islands Fact Sheet
  • Rocky Shorefronts Fact Sheet
  • Shellfish Concentration Area Fact Sheet
  • Shorelands Fact Sheet
  • Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Fact Sheet
  • Tidal Wetlands Fact Sheet
Coastal Uses Fact Sheets
  • General Public Access to Coastal Waters Fact Sheet
  • Septic Systems Fact Sheet
  • Sewer and Water Lines Fact Sheet
  • Shoreline Flood and Erosion Control Structures Fact Sheet
  • Stormwater Management Fact Sheet
  • Vegetated Buffers Fact Sheet
  • Water-Dependent Uses Fact Sheet


User's Guide to Environmental Permits


Content Last Updated September 2020