Connecticut Coastal Management Manual

Connecticut Coastal Management Manual Cover

The Coastal Management Manual was developed as a tool for coastal land use agents, boards and commissions, as well as developers, consultants and individuals, to use in understanding how to apply the standards and policies of the Connecticut Coastal Management Act. The format of this manual is intended to allow for ease of use. It can be readily updated and new materials will be added as they become available.

Please Note: The Coastal Management Manual was last revised in September 2000 and still makes reference to the Office of Long Island Sound Programs, which was changed to the Land & Water Resources Division (LWRD) in 2016, and the "high tide line", which was amended to to the "coastal jurisdiction line" (CJL) by Public Act No. 12-101, as the state regulatory limit for structures, dredging and fill activities in tidal, coastal, or navigable waters under Connecticut General Statutes section 22a-359 to section 22a-363h, inclusive.

Complete Connecticut Coastal Management Manual

Connecticut Coastal Management Manual. The manual includes five sections, each of which may be viewed individually by following the links below.

Connecticut Coastal Management Manual - Sections

Section 1 - Coastal Management Process

Section 2 - Coastal Resources

Section 3 - Coastal Uses

Section 4 - Site Plan Examples

Section 5 - Connecticut Coastal Management Act

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