Coastal Permitting

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Organizational Information

Overview of Connecticut's Coastal Permit Program

Coastal Jurisdiction Line Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Land & Water Resources Division Regulatory Map & Contact Information

Land & Water Resources Division Reorganization Outreach

Permits and Authorizations

Coastal Permits Fact Sheet

Individual Permits - Structures, Dredging and Fill; Tidal Wetlands; 401 Water Quality

General Permits for Coastal Activities

     General Permits Outreach

     GP Guidance Documents

4/40 Docks - Please be advised that it has come to our attention that additional guidance is needed regarding the eligibility criteria for new 4/40 residential dock structures under the General Permit for Minor Coastal Structures. The 4/40 Docks document has been updated to reflect the updated guidance.

       Osprey Platform and Perch Pole

       Storm Response Activities

Short Permit Process - Certificates of Permission

Coastal Consistency - State and Federal

Management Materials

Managing Docks and Piers: DEEP Workshop Materials

Connecticut's Aquaculture Permitting Process

Connecticut Green Infrastructure Symposium

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