Pre-Application Assistance



Connecticut’s DEEP staff is here to assist you with any aspect of the permitting application process. Typically, that assistance begins with a pre-application meeting. During a pre-application meeting, DEEP can answer any questions you may have about the environmental permits required for your project. Here’s how to request and prepare for that type of consultation with our DEEP staff:

1. Complete the pre-application questionnaire.

Simply download this questionnaire, complete it, and email it to us at The answers you provide on the questionnaire will ensure that we gather the appropriate DEEP permit program specialists for our meeting with you. Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we’ll reach out to set up a pre-application meeting.

2. Prepare for your pre-application meeting.

To make your meeting as productive as possible, you’ll need to gather some specific information in advance of your meeting — like a site plan and photographs for specific types of permits. Refer to the questionnaire to help you determine what information you’ll need to have ready for your meeting.

3. Meet with our DEEP team representatives.

Depending on your particular project, this one consultation may be enough to keep you moving forward. But if your project is particularly time-sensitive, complex or involves multiple types of permits, our Client Concierge Service may be able to provide additional assistance throughout the permit application process.


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