Application Review Criteria

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How will my Mahaffey Fellowship application be evaluated?

Applications will be randomly assigned to reviewers and independently reviewed and scored. The highest-scoring applications will then be reviewed as part of a panel review process.

Review Criteria

The Connecticut Office of the Arts is committed to expanding opportunities for individuals to participate and to succeed as arts administrators. The program's focus is on individuals who are traditionally underrepresented in arts administration roles and/or live in a Distressed Municipality or a CT Rural Town. Applications are evaluated on:

  • Clarity of information presented in application (10 points)
  • Relationship of proposed professional development to the applicant's career goals (15 points)
  • Potential for personal and professional growth (15 points)
  • Thoughtful consideration of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEI+A) in the arts (10 points)
  • Proposed professional development activity supports COA's READI goals (5 points)

Total of 55 points

Elizabeth L Mahaffey Fellowship