CONSUMER NOTICE – December 6, 2023




Insurance Commissioner Andrew Mais reminds consumers that open enrollment for individual health insurance, is an opportunity for consumers to shop around for a health plan that best suits their needs and budgets.

Amid open enrollment, numerous health-related products are being promoted via TV, internet, social media, and telemarketing. Some of these products may lack necessary state licensing or approved consumer protections.

Verify that the health plan complies with Connecticut's consumer protection laws and is offered by a licensed insurance carrier or broker before sharing personal information.

Consumers should be aware that certain health coverage types, like health care sharing ministries (HCSMs), discount plans, or risk-sharing plans, may not offer the same protections as plans through employers or the health insurance marketplace.

These Plans:

  • Condition or cap out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Are not insurance and may not guarantee claim payments.
  • Are not overseen by State insurance regulators.
  • Have a lack of provider networks, resulting in higher healthcare costs.
  • Limit benefits, which may pose risks for those seeking comprehensive coverage.

"It is crucial to verify that the health plan you are considering complies with Connecticut's consumer protection laws and is endorsed by a licensed insurance carrier or broker," stressed Commissioner Mais. "Before divulging any personal information, confirm that the company or broker is authorized to operate within the state."

The Commissioner encourages anyone with questions to contact the Connecticut Insurance Department by:

Additional resources:

Understanding the coverage and limitations of different health plans is crucial. Access the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Health Insurance Shopping Tool here for assessment and comparison of health insurance options.