Current Projects

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Ongoing Projects

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Advanced Course Taking Patterns in Connecticut High Schools
This study examines advanced course taking among high school students, with attention to changes in supply and demand following the onset of the pandemic.
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Categorizing and Understanding Facilities and Long-term (Capital) Investments
This study aims to better understand ways districts spend allocations on long-term facilities and other physical investments.
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Teachers and Leaders Turnover and Supply
This study will examine perceptions regarding effects of the pandemic, sources of strain and support, and patterns of educator certification, shortage, and mobility.
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Effect of High-Dosage Tutoring Following COVID-19

This project will evaluate the effectiveness of tutoring programs implemented with ARP-ESSER funds.

Equity in Academic Recovery in Response to Covid-19

This project will assess the extent of potential inequities in academic recovery affecting vulnerable populations and identify factors associated with greater or lesser equity in recovery.

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Evaluation of the Learner Engagement and Behavioral Health Pilot
This study evaluates the efforts of school districts who will develop and pilot test new systems to meet the behavioral health needs of students, families, and staff.
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Evaluation of Professional Learning Masterclass on Science of Reading
This study will evaluate the Science of Reading Masterclass professional development initiative. 
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Evaluation of Reading Curriculum Implementation
This study will examine implementation of new  literacy curricula aligned to the Science of Reading and Connecticut’s Literacy Strategy in grades K-3.
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Identifying Effective and Equitable Socio-Emotional Supports for Students and Educators

This study explores how districts are supporting equitable socio-emotional outcomes following the deep and ongoing effects of the pandemic.

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Investigating Variations in the Design and Implementation of School District ARP-ESSER Plans
This study examines how districts invested their ARP-ESSER funds and the implications for teaching, learning, and equity.
Summer Enrichment Evaluation
This study assesses students’ experiences in summer enrichment programming and its effects on their social, emotional, and behavioral well-being.
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Theories of Action in ARP-ESSER Plans
This study examines districts' ARP-ESSER proposals to gain insights that can enhance future planning and implementation for the CSDE and Connecticut school districts.
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Virtual Reality in Connecticut Schools
This study explores the current use of virtual reality within Connecticut public high schools along with teachers' and students' perceptions and attitudes.

Completed Projects

Learner Evaluation and Attendance Program (LEAP)

This study evaluated the effectiveness of home visits for re-engaging students who were identified as chronically absent during the pandemic.

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Remote Learning
This study audited school districts’ emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic and was requested by the Connecticut General Assembly.