NOTICE: Coronavirus Guidance for School Districts: Per Governor’s executive order, in-school class cancellations remain in effect through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Emergency Meal Programs: The State Department of Education is authorizing two distinct categories of COVID-19 Emergency Meal Programs in accordance with federal requirements: 1) COVID-19 Emergency Meal Program Limited to Students Attending School in Specific Districts. School districts on this list are only authorized to serve meals to students attending their schools, and any other child age 18 years or younger residing in the same household; 2) COVID-19 Community-wide Emergency Meal Program for Children. Any child age 18 years or younger can receive meal(s) at any meal service and distribution sites in these towns/cities. They do not have to be a resident or attend school in these towns/cities. Check these links often as more locations continue to be added.

Resources for Schools and Educators


On behalf of the State Department of Education, welcome to the Mastery-Based Learning Resource Center. 

Mastery-Based Learning is an option that school districts in Connecticut may choose to award credit or promote students. Through a variety of videos, articles, and links, this website will explain what MBL is, how it works, and why it is different from traditional educational models.  

In searching the Mastery-Based Learning Resource Center, it should become clear that Mastery-Based Learning is not a curriculum or a set of standards or a pre-packaged standalone strategy. In a Mastery-Based Learning environment, students demonstrate mastery based on competencies and performance standards built from the Connecticut Core Standards and Connecticut Content Standards (social studiesartsscience, and career and technical education).

Just as no two learners are the same, no two school districts or schools are exactly alike. This means that Mastery-Based Learning will look different across Connecticut's landscape to reflect the values and needs of individual communities. 

The information below will help get you started on your journey learning about MBL in Connecticut.

Communications toolkit

Elements of Mastery-Based Learning

Why Mastery-Based Learning?


Standards and Graduation Competencies



Student Voice and Choice