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Medicaid State Plan Amendments

Archive 2018

SPA 18-0001 - Inpt Hosp Rates & Mid-Sized Supp Pmts - Website Notice


SPA 18-0002 - Outpt Hosp Rates & Outpt Supp Pmts - Website Notice

SPA 18-0030: Dental Reimbursement for CDT Code D1354 - Website Notice

SPA 18AA: Physician Supplemental Payments for the University of Connecticut’s Physician Group - Website Notice


SPA 18-AB: Nursing Facility Reimbursement - Website Notice

SPA 18-A: Changes to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Program - Website Notice 

SPA 18-B: Physician Reimbursement – HIPAA Update, PCMH Program Updates, and Physician Radiology Update - Website Notice

SPA 18-C: Audiology and Speech & Language Pathology, Physical and Occupational Therapies – HIPAA Billing Code and Reimbursement Update - Website Notice 

SPA 18-D: Independent Radiology and Independent Laboratory – HIPAA Billing Code and Reimbursement Update - Website Notice

SPA 18-E: Dialysis, Family Planning, Medical, and Rehabilitation Clinics – HIPAA Billing Code and Reimbursement Update - Website Notice

SPA 18-F: Changes to Physician Office & Outpatient and Independent Radiology Fee Schedules - Website Notice 

SPA 18-H: Dental Services for Adults – Annual Financial Coverage Limit - Website Notice

SPA 18-I: HIPAA Billing Code and Reimbursement Update – Dental Services - Website Notice

SPA 18-J: Person-Centered Medical Home Plus (PCMH+) Program Wave 2 - Website Notice 

SPA 18-K: Chemical Maintenance Clinics - Website Notice

SPA 18-L: Revised: Reductions and Adjustments to Payment for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to Remain Compliant with Federal Law and Additional Reimbursement Changes to Medical Equipment Devices and Supplies (MEDS) - Website Notice 

SPA 18-N: Private Psychiatric Hospital Pay-for-Performance Program for Services Provided to Children - Website Notice

SPA 18-O: Clarification of Description of Payment Methodology for Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Payments - Website Notice

SPA 18-P: Ambulatory Surgical Center Services – HIPAA Billing Code and Reimbursement Update - Website Notice 

SPA 18-Q: ABP Update - Website Notice

SPA 18-R: Updates to Reimbursement Methodology for Physician Administered Drugs - Website Notice 

SPA 18-S: One Time Supplemental Payment for Natchaug Hospital - Website Notice

SPA 18-T - Obstetrical Supp Payment - Website Notice

SPA 18-U: Community First Choice Pursuant to Section 1915(k) of the Social Security Act – Update to Reimbursement Methodology for Attendant Care Services and Worker’s Compensation Coverage to Incorporate Applicable Provisions of Collective Bargaining Agreement - Website Notice

SPA 18-V - Updates to Phys Off & Outpt Fee Schedule - Website Notice

SPA 18-W - Inpt Hosp OOS Rate - Website Notice

SPA 18-X - CPAP & BiPAP Updates - Website Notice 

SPA 18-Y Discontinuing coverage of non surgical birth control device - Website Notice