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What is eWIC?

EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer. WIC EBT is an electronic process where the food benefits are automatically added onto a card, similar to a debit card. This card, which will be known as the eWIC card, replaces the current paper vouchers/checks. The family’s WIC food benefits are added onto the eWIC card until the next WIC visit. The family does not have to keep track of numerous checks anymore, just one card. The family also does not have to purchase all of their WIC food benefits at one time. And at the end of each shopping trip, a receipt will show their remaining WIC food benefit balance.

Am I getting new signs for my store advertising eWIC?

The Connecticut WIC Vendor Management unit will notify stores about new signage options when they are available.


Will we use the paper checks as a back-up at any time?

No. The Connecticut WIC Program will not use a paper check process. The participant may choose to use cash or may return at another time to use the eWIC card. The store must not allow the participant to leave the store with food items and charge the eWIC card later. Stores can verify transactions over the phone in an emergency.


Will I have to sign a new vendor agreement for eWIC?

No. There will be an amendment to your existing vendor agreement that discusses proper eWIC transaction processing.


Will I still be using a vendor stamp?

You will continue to use your vendor stamp through the transition period from paper checks to eWIC.  When the state has completely transitioned to eWIC, the Connecticut WIC Vendor Management Unit will notify all stores to return their stamps.


Is the eWIC card the same as the SNAP card?

No, the eWIC card is a separate card. The eWIC card does not have the participant’s name on it.


What is a PIN?

A PIN is a Personal Identification Number. The PIN is a special four-digit number the participant chooses that will make their eWIC card work at the grocery store. You should not ask the participant for their PIN nor enter the PIN for them.


Does the participant get a new eWIC card every month?

No. New benefits are loaded onto the same eWIC card, with the same PIN.  The participant should not leave the store without their eWIC card. 


How much time does the participant have to use their food benefits?

The WIC food benefits are good for a full month. The benefits are good from the First Day to Use until the Last Day to Use. Any foods that are not purchased before the Last Day to Use will be lost.


Will there be one card for all household members on WIC?

Yes. All family members on WIC in the same household will have their benefits on one card.


Will the participant swipe their eWIC card before or after the food is scanned?

In smaller stores, the participant should swipe their eWIC card before the food is scanned. In larger grocery stores, the participant needs to swipe before any other form of payment is used.


Is a mixed basket allowed or does the participant have to separate their WIC foods?

For the larger stores, the participant does not have to separate their foods. The cash register will separate the foods and deduct the WIC approved foods from the participants benefit package. 


For smaller stores, the participant needs to separate their WIC foods from their other foods. The WIC foods are scanned using a specific WIC EBT scanner.


Does the participant have to buy a certain amount of WIC approved food at each trip to the grocery store?

No, the participant can choose how much of their WIC food benefits they want to purchase at each shopping trip. For example, they can buy one box of cereal this week and one box of cereal next week or buy two boxes all at once. However, any foods that are not purchased before the Last Day to Use will be lost.


What will show on the receipt?

The receipt will list the benefits used, the remaining benefits and the dates the benefits expire.


Does the participant still need to show identification/WIC booklet with their eWIC card?

No. Proper identification and the WIC booklet are not required with the eWIC card. The PIN will be the participant’s/food buyer’s identification (ID) for using the card.  If there are problems with the eWIC card, the participant should contact the customer service number on the back of the card.


Can the eWIC card be used at the Farmers’ Market?

The Connecticut WIC Program plans on having this available however there is no implementation date at this time.


Can the participant use the home grocery delivery program with the eWIC card?

No. The home grocery delivery program is not available for the eWIC card.


Do we accept out of state eWIC cards?

No. Only Connecticut eWIC cards are accepted at Connecticut authorized eWIC vendors.