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Tips for a Positive Shopping Experience

Shopping for WIC foods can be challenging at first. It gets easier once you learn the WIC approved foods on your Family Benefit List and how to find the items and brands you want at the store. View the 5 Tips for Successful Shopping video and scroll below for additional tips for a positive shopping experience.

5 Tips for Successful Shopping 

5 ayudas para tener éxito en su compra



  • Review your Family Benefits List and Approved Food Guide to prepare for your shopping trip.
  • Know your Fruit & Vegetable cash value benefit amount.
  • Check the dates of the benefit period.
  • Know your WIC balance. There are several ways to check your benefit balance
  1. Go to My Benefits tab on the WICShopper app
  2. Look at your last receipt
  3. Go to
  4. Call eWIC customer service 855.222.0510
  5. Ask customer service or a cashier for a balance inquiry


  • While you’re learning start small. Pick one or two items to start. When you feel more confident you can do larger purchases.
  • Look for the Connecticut WIC approved shelf tags to help you identify WIC approved items. Or use the WICShopper app Scan Barcode function to identify WIC approved items. Choose only WIC approved items from the Approved Food Guide and make sure you have the correct amount shown on your Family Benefit List or recent receipt. Pay attention to sizes to make sure it is a WIC approved size.
  • If you need assistance while shopping ask a customer service representative from the grocery store.


  • Give your store savings card and any coupons to the cashier before swiping your eWIC card.
  • Request and review the mid-transaction receipt before you choose “Yes” and complete the transaction.
  • The cashier should scan all your selected items. Stores cannot limit your choices of WIC approved brands.
  • In order to better serve you, if you have a problem buying an item, ask for a store manager. If you need additional assistance, call the State WIC office at 860.509.8084 or toll free at 800.741.2142.

Help from your WIC office: The WIC staff at your local office can help you understand your benefits and what to expect when you go shopping. If you need additional help identifying WIC approved foods or have questions about shopping with your eWIC card please contact your local WIC office.

Help I Couldn’t Buy This

¡Ayuda! ¡No pude comprar esto!     

Rights & Responsibilities:

  1. WIC foods are for the participating family member. You may not sell or give WIC benefits to anyone else. Contact WIC if you need to change your food benefits or wish to return any foods you are unable to use.
  2. All formula/medical food exchanges must take place at the WIC office. Any unused infant formula must be returned to the WIC office.
  3. Keep your eWIC card in a safe place and do not give your personal identification number (PIN) to anyone except someone you trust.
  4. If your Connecticut eWIC card is lost or stolen call your local WIC office right away. They will stop your lost/stolen card and help you get a new card.
  5. You are responsible for training anyone who will be shopping for you and ensuring that they adhere to the same responsibilities.

What you need to know:

  1. The formula or food that you get from WIC cannot be donated, given away, traded or sold. If you are found donating, giving away, trading or selling WIC formula or food in person or online you and your family members may be suspended or disqualified from the Program.
  2. Receipts for formula or foods that you buy may be needed if you are found posting formula or foods similar to what WIC provides for sale online.