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Choosing WIC Approved Foods

To choose the right WIC foods at the store match the food item (for example, cereal) on the Family Benefits List with the brands in the Connecticut WIC Approved Food Guide. Look to see what brands and sizes are WIC approved before you go to the store. 

Not all stores carry every brand and size of WIC approved foods. For assistance locating a specific WIC approved food go to customer service or ask the grocery store management staff for help.

Specific Size & Types of Foods

Busque tamaños y tipos específicos de alimentos


Use the WICShopper App at the store to help you choose the specific product sizes and types of foods that you have on your Family Food Benefits list.

For example: Although the food guide has whole milk as a WIC approved item, if you have a child two years or older, or if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or just had a baby you will only be able to purchase 1% or skim/fat-free milk.

In the store look for “WIC” on the item’s shelf tag or the “WIC Approved” shelf tags to find WIC-eligible foods. Keep in mind not all stores have shelf tags. Tags can be a helpful way to find WIC approved foods. If you have questions, go to customer service or ask grocery store management staff.

Shopping Tips

  • Check your balance before shopping so you'll know what benefits you have available.
  • Use your Connecticut WIC Food Guideand make a shopping list before you go to the grocery store.
  • You can shop at multiple grocery stores to get what you need.
  • If you can’t make it to the grocery store someone else can go for you. Make sure they have your WIC card, your PIN (photo ID is not required) and instructions about what to buy. Make sure this is someone you trust.

What if a food item is not covered by WIC?

  • Check the WICShopper App or Connecticut WIC Food Guide to make sure the food is allowed. 
  • Check your balance to see if you have enough food benefits for that item. For example, you cannot purchase cereal if you have less than 12 oz. of cereal benefits available for the month.
  • Make sure you have the correct size or brand that is WIC eligible.
  • Check your Family Benefits List to see if the product is eligible for you to purchase. Not every product in the Food Guide is eligible for your purchase. For example, although the food guide has whole milk as a WIC approved item, if you have a child two years or older, or if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or just had a baby you will only be able to purchase 1% or skim/fat-free milk.

If you think the food item should be allowed, but it’s not going through at the register please let us know. Send an email to or call us at 860.509.8084 or toll free at 800.741.2142. Please include the following information:

  • Product name
  • Package size
  • Price
  • UPC number also known as a bar code. Make sure to give all 12 numbers including the little ones on the side.
  • Photo(s) of the requested item (if possible)


At the Check Out

To make checking out with your WIC foods go smoothly follow these steps:

  1. If you are shopping at a small store you will need to separate your WIC items. If you are shopping at a larger store you are not required to separate WIC from non-WIC items it might be helpful to do so while you learn to shop using your eWIC card. Always use your eWIC card first. Pay the difference with another payment type, including SNAP, TFA, credit/debit card or cash.
  2. Swipe your eWIC card when prompted and enter your four-digit PIN.
  3. Approve your WIC purchase. You will be asked to review a display screen or printed list of the WIC items you are buying. Make sure the WIC foods are listed correctly. Press “Yes” to accept the transaction or “No” to decline. Once you press “Yes” no changes can be made.
  4. Keep your last receipt. It shows your remaining food benefits balance and it can help your WIC office to assist you if issues arise.

What if my card doesn't work?

  1. Try again. Sometimes swiping your card a second time is all you need to do.
  2. Too many incorrect PIN attempts? Call customer service 855.222.0510 to reset or change your PIN over the phone or your PIN will automatically reset at 12am midnight.

Contact Connecticut WIC at 860.509.8084 or toll free at 800.741.2142 or email us which store, the date and time of the transaction and what you were trying to buy. If possible, send us a picture of your receipt. If your eWIC card is damaged contact your local agency to replace your damaged card.


Reading Your Receipt