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An applicant for licensure must meet the following requirements:
Hold a baccalaureate degree in area issued by a regionally accredited institution of higher education;
Successfully complete a Department approved course of study in long-term care administration.  An approved course of study consists of 2 components:  An academic course consisting of at least 3 semester hours and a 900 hour residency training period in a long-term care facility providing skilled nursing services 24 hours per day under medical supervision. 
Applicants who have not completed an approved course of study should select this link for information regarding individual reviews.
Applicants may complete 450 hours of the internship in a facility with which the applicant has a business or familial relationship Upon the prior written approval of the program director, the remaining 450 clock hours can be completed in a facility where a business or familial affiliation does exist.  The residency training shall not commence prior to the approved academic instruction. The residency training may commence concurrent with the approved academic instruction with the prior written approval of the program director.
Successfully complete the National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) Nursing Home Administrator Examination.  The pass point is a scaled score of 113.  For examinations taken prior to January 1991, the pass point is a score equal to or greater than one standard deviation below the mean of the national norm group.
Once an applicant has been deemed eligible for the jurisprudence examination, the applicant should register for the NAB examination online.  Once registered, the Department will notify the examination service of the applicant's eligibility electronically. 
All subsequent information regarding the examination administration will be provided by the Professional Examination Service.  For a candidate handbook and information relative to registration, please visit the PES website.  Applicants who have passed the examination previously are not required to repeat the examination.

Successful completion of the Connecticut jurisprudence examination – This examination consists of twenty-five (25) multiple-choice items; at least eighteen (18) questions must be answered correctly in order to pass.  This examination is scheduled six (6) times per year.  Please indicate on your application the administration for which you are applying.  Please select this link  for the examination dates and deadlines.  Please select this link  for the study guide.


Documentation Requirements:


A complete, notarized application with photograph attached and fee in the amount of $200.00 in the form of a check or money order payable to, "Treasurer, State of Connecticut";


A signed certificate of physical and mental health, issued on examining health care professional's stationary or prescription pad;


3 letters of reference indicating the applicant's suitability to administer a facility as follows:

  • 1 letter from a licensed nursing home administrator, licensed physician, or registered nurse attesting to the applicant’s professional qualifications and degree of experience;
  • 2 character references from persons not related to the applicant.

An official transcript verifying the award of a bachelor's degree submitted directly from the school;


An official transcript verifying successful completion of the academic course in long-term care administration and internship submitted directly to this office from the school;

Please note that applicants may be admitted to the examinations provided the program director submits written verification that the applicant has successfully completed the course and internship.  A license will not be issued until all other supporting documents have been received.

A letter directly from the onsite supervisor on institution letterhead, verifying the training facility, the beginning and ending dates of placement, number of clock hours served, a brief description of duties completed and supervision/training provided, and an evaluation as to whether the training was satisfactorily completed.  If training was completed at more than one facility, a verification letter is required from each on-site supervisor; and


If applicable, verification of all licenses, current or expired submitted directly to this office.  Please select the following link for the required form.  Please contact the jurisdiction before sending the form as some may charge a fee for this service.