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Renewal at a Reduced Fee

Sections 19a-88-5 through 19a-88-10, of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies allow any individual who holds a current dental license in good standing and who does not practice dentistry for monetary compensation to renew the license for a reduced fee of $95.00.
In order to request a reduced renewal fee for the first time, a Request for Retired Dental Status form must be completed.  The Request for Retired Dental Status form need only be submitted when initially requesting the reduced fee.  Thereafter, subsequent renewal applications will reflect the reduced fee amount due.
Please note that any dentist who has renewed at the reduced fee and who provides direct volunteer dental care:
  • Is required to maintain professional liability insurance or other indemnity against liability for professional malpractice pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §20-162d.
  • Must comply with requirements for continuing education, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §20-126c.
  • Is prohibited from prescribing or administering controlled substances under schedules I or II and may not own or operate a dental practice.
Any dentist who has been granted retired status and later wishes to return to full practice must apply for reinstatement.
Questions regarding renewal of a dental license for a reduced fee may be emailed to