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Statewide Pavement Marking Project to Discourage Wrong Way Movements

Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner Joseph J. Giulietti today announced that the Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is developing plans to install pavement markings on secondary roadways at all intersections with limited access off-ramps in the State to discourage wrong way movements. Plans are being developed at locations throughout Connecticut.


Wrong-way crashes are a growing concern in the United States. Currently, Connecticut follows National guidelines for wrong-way signing pavement markings; however the existing pavement markings vary from roadway to roadway. As a result, CTDOT will install and standardize the pavement markings on the secondary roadways at the intersections with limited access off-ramps in the State, which creates a more uniform and consistent highway system that meets driver’s expectations.


It is CTDOT policy to keep persons informed and involved when such projects are undertaken. It is important that the community share its concerns with us to assist in the project’s development. At this time, it is anticipated that an informational meeting or formal public hearing will not be necessary.


The project is scheduled to begin construction in the Spring of 2023.


Anyone interested in requesting information on these projects may do so by contacting Ms. Natasha A. Fatu, Project Manager, at Natasha.Fatu@ct.gov. Please make reference to the following project numbers:


  • Project No. 0171-0494 (District 1, Central Connecticut)
  • Project No. 0172-0526 (District 2, Eastern Connecticut)
  • Project No. 0173-0533 (District 3, Southwestern Connecticut)
  • Project No. 0174-0465 (District 4, Western Connecticut)

For a map of the four CTDOT districts, including a listing of towns, please click here.


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