Connecticut Bank Uncovers Fraudulent Check Scheme
December 30, 2005 -

State Banking Commissioner John P. Burke announced today that counterfeit cashier’s checks drawn on Torrington Savings Bank are currently in circulation, as part of a fraudulent cashier’s check scam.

In this case, individuals in various parts of the country have received a letter indicating they have won $100,000, along with a cashier’s check for $2,150.00.  The letter states the cashier's check is "a percentage surcharge required to be paid for the processing and surcharges associated with the disbursements of your funds to you.”

This check appears to be drawn on the Torrington Savings Bank and looks authentic, even bearing the routing number assigned to the Torrington Savings Bank.  Yet, these phony checks display a 1-800 telephone number that does not belong to the bank, and an address that is the address of a former branch location which closed in 1997. 

“Torrington Savings Bank has advised the Department of Banking of this fraudulent activity,” said Commissioner Burke.  “This seems to be a classic ‘lottery scam’, in which people are tricked into believing they won money.  Unfortunately many people end up losing their own money instead.”

Commissioner Burke advised, “Be leery if you receive a cashier’s check in the mail.  Even if it looks authentic, call the bank where the check was purchased, and be sure to obtain that telephone number yourself.”

For more information on fraudulent cashier’s checks please visit the Department of Banking’s Web site. You may also contact the Consumer Affairs Division, at (860) 240-8299, toll-free, at 1-800-831-7225.