Banking Commissioner Warns About 
Emails Requesting Personal Information 
December 5, 2003 -

State Banking Commissioner John P. Burke wishes to reinforce that Banking Institutions DO NOT request their customers provide them their ATM card numbers, Personal Identification Number (PIN) or other sensitive information over the Internet.  The Department of Banking has recently become aware of fraudulent e-mails requesting customers provide this information over the Internet.

It is often difficult to detect a fraudulent e-mail because the e-mail address of the sender often seems to be genuine as do the design and graphics.  Please be aware that fraudulent e-mails often attempt to extract personal information from individuals in two ways.  The false e-mail will request a reply or it will include links to a site that requests the disclosure of personal data.

If you are the recipient of such an e-mail, do not provide your information to the requester.  Please notify your bank at once and the institution will work with the Connecticut Department of Banking to investigate these matters.