Business And Industrial Development Corporations

Persons engaged in the business of a business and industrial development corporation as a participating lender under the loan guarantee programs of the federal Small Business Administration in Connecticut must be licensed by the Banking Commissioner. Any person licensed by the Small Business Administration as a small business investment company or a small business lending company; banks or credit unions; and any person not approved or not seeking approval by the Small Business Administration as a participating lender under one or more of its loan guarantee programs is exempt from the provisions of the Connecticut Business and Industrial Development Corporation Act.

The following corporation(s) is/are licensed by the Department of Banking, pursuant to Section 36a-627 of the General Statutes.  Questions concerning business and industrial development corporations may be directed via email to Mary Ellen O'Neill, Director, Financial Institutions Division.


Business Lenders, LLC
  225 Asylum Street, 16th Floor
  Hartford, CT 06103
  Telephone: (860) 244-9202
  Fax: (860) 527-0884
  Contact: Penn Ritter, President and Chief Executive Officer