In accordance with Governor Lamont's emergency declaration, employees and the public are asked to observe social distancing measures to ensure communal safety and to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). People are asked to work from home and telecommute wherever possible. Adhering to these instructions, the Department of Banking has closed its offices to the public. However, agency staff will continue to provide services to consumers and industry through telework. When contacting the Department, please use electronic communication whenever possible. Agency staff will continue to check voicemails during this time. Consumers are encouraged to use our online form for complaints. If you are unsure where to send an inquiry, you may send it to and it will be routed appropriately. Thank you for your patience during this time.


Using NMLS Consumer Access

To confirm that a company or individual is licensed to do business in Connecticut, please use the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) by clicking on the NMLS Consumer Access button below:

NMLS Consumer Access Button

See the instructions below to search for an individual or company in the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS):

From the NMLS Consumer Access section and the NMLS link:

  • Type in the company or individual name in NMLS.  Enter a Name, Company, City, State, Zip Code, NMLS ID or License Number field. (Note: You only need to type in an individual name if you are searching for a Loan Originator.)
  • Click on the Search button. If there is a match in NMLs, the Individual or Company Name pop-up box appears.
Filter Search - You can use Filters to narrow down your search.  You can:

- Click on the Individual or Company check boxes. 
- Select “Connecticut from the Any Regulator drop-down box. 
- Click on the Apply Filters box. 
- Click on the Search box.

Important Note: If you are using filters, before you click on Search button, click on the Apply Filters box.
  • Click on the company or individual name on the pop-up box.  You will receive the NMLS Consumer Access screen.
  • The Consumer Access screen includes the individual or company name, NMLS ID, street and mailing address, phone number, Toll-Free Number, fax number, website, and email address.
  • In the State Licenses/Registrations section, view the Regulator field to see if “Connecticut” displays in the field.  This will confirm that the company or individual is licensed in Connecticut.
  • View the Lic/Reg Name field, which displays “[Individual or Company] License,” to confirm the company or individual’s license type.