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Registered Business Opportunities | Trademarks or Service Marks

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Registered Business Opportunities

Note: A Connecticut business opportunity registration is effective for one year unless renewed with the Connecticut Department of Banking.  Some entities have not provided the department with a telephone number.  Registration dates are listed in a month/day/year format.

Last updated:  October 12, 2021

Name Address Telephone Registration
Start Date
End Date
1 Percent Lists Franchises, LLC  123 Terra Bella Boulevard
Suite 2C
Covington, LA 70433 
985-807-0001   3/25/21  4/30/21 1113395 
 Anodyne Franchising, LLC   2 Music Circle South
Suite 101
Nashville, TN 37203 
949-293-4866 5/13/21  4/30/22   113396
Choice Hotels International, Inc. (Everhome Suites franchise)  1 Choice Hotel Circle
Suite 400
Rockville, MD 20850 
301-592-5000  2/3/21  4/30/21 1113374 Franchising, LLC  55 Water Street
28th Floor
New York, NY 10041
800-709-7191 2/14/20  4/30/22 1113355
Del's Lemonade & Refreshments, Inc. 1260 Oaklawn Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
Dryer Vent Squad Franchising, LLC  3212 West End Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203 
888-379-3704  5/26/21 4/30/22 1113394
Ellie Fam LLC  1370 Mendota Heights Road Mendota Heights, MN 55120  651-313-8080
 9/22/21  4/30/22 1113535 
Franchise Training Institute, Inc. 1080 Woodcock Road
Suite 295
Orlando, FL 32803
Franny's Franchising, Inc.  204 Elk Park Road
Asheville, NC 28804
828-424-0356 2/19/20 4/30/21 1113357
Freecoat Franchising, LLC (Area Representative Franchise) 10000 Twin Lakes Parkway
Suite B
Charlotte, NC 28269 
704-918-1217  8/10/21 4/30/22 1113403
Freecoat Franchising, LLC (Unit Franchise)  10000 Twin Lakes Parkway
Suite B
Charlotte, NC 28269
704-918-1217  8/10/21 4/30/22 1113404 
Frost Shades Franchise, LLC 3212 West End Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203
877-993-7678  5/26/21 4/30/22 1113393
Global Business Advisory, Inc. (Area Representative Franchise) 20 Western Boulevard
First Floor Glastonbury, CT 06033
877-799-1605  12/8/20   4/30/21 1113384 
Global Business Advisory, Inc. (Unit Franchise)  20 Western Boulevard
First Floor
Glastonbury, CT 06033 
877-799-1605   12/8/20  4/30/21 1113385
Heavy Weight Waste Franchise Partners, LLC  484 E. Carmel Drive
Carmel, IN 46032 
844-762-7400   8/27/21 4/30/22 1113506
Imagine Arts Academy Inc. 8360 Bougainville Street
Suite 201
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H4P 2G1
514-344-4181 6/22/20   7/31/22  1113367
Kickhouse Fitness, LLC  931 Lexington Drive
Rockwall, TX 75087 
703-568-2129 12/17/20  4/30/21  1113388
LG AS Franchisor LLC (stayAPT Suites franchise) 10801 Monroe Road
Matthews, NC 28105 
704-703-0169  2/4/21  4/30/21 1113368 
Lifestyle Media Solutions, LLC (a Kansas limited liability company) f/k/a Lifestyle Publications, LLC  514 West 26th Street Kansas City, MO 64108 913-599-4300  1/11/21  4/30/21  1113383 
Mahana Fresh, LLC
(Single Unit Franchise)
P.O. Box 3566
Sarasota, FL 34230 
941-257-3663  8/10/20 4/30/21  1113375
Mahana Fresh, LLC
(Area Representative Franchise) 
P.O. Box 3566
Sarasota, FL  34230 
941-257-3663 8/10/20 4/30/21  1113376
Mosquito Mike Franchising, Inc.  75 Ferry Street
Fall River MA 02721 
774-322-9499  5/13/21  4/30/22 1113392
Mosquito Sheriff Franchising, Inc.  251 Little Falls Drive Wilmington, DE 19808  888-248-2284  8/5/21  4/30/22  1113405
Motion Franchising LLC  3800 Oceanic Drive
Suite 111
Oceanside, CA 92067
760-456-7887 8/10/20 4/30/21  1113373
MW Franchise Holdings International, LLC 6221 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 205
Los Angeles, CA 90048
833-629-9328  8/30/18  4/30/21 1106069 
Network Lead Exchange, LLC  2121 Vista Parkway
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
561-640-5570  3/6/19 10/31/21 1108902
Network Lead Exchange, LLC (Area Representative Franchise)  2121 Vista Parkway
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
561-640-5570  6/5/20  4/30/21  1113366
OLC Development, LLC d/b/a OrthoLazer 

50 Methodist Hill Drive
Suite 600
Rochester, NY 14623

800-889-4184 2/24/20 4/30/21 1113356
Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America Inc. 627 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Packoutz International, LLC  731 Fairfield Court
Ann Arbor, MI 48108 
734-864-9799  8/14/20  4/30/22 1113370 
Performance Enhancement Franchising, LLC d/b/a Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching
464 Heritage Road
Suite 3
Southbury, CT 06488
203-405-2120  9/27/20 4/30/22 1113369 
Plumberz International, LLC  731 Fairfield Court
Ann Arbor, MI 48108 
734-864-9779   9/24/20  4/30/22  1113379 
Prep Academy Tutors USA Inc.  12-201 Wicksteed Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4G OB1 
888-995-7382  5/4/21   7/31/22 1113391 
ProColor Collision USA LLC  650 Pelham Boulevard
Suite 100
St. Paul, MN 55114 
952-944-8000  8/10/21  4/30/22 1113401
Resource Operations International LLC  2121 Vista Parkway
West Palm Beach, FL 33411 
888-816-6749  8/26/20  10/31/21 1113362 
Rezzil Strategic Partners, LLC  50 Tice Boulevard
Woodcliff Lake, NJ  07677
201-753-5403 12/8/20   4/30/21 1113386
Virtual Brands, Inc. (Big Deal Burger Franchise Program)   18583 N. Dallas Parkway
Suite 120
Dallas, TX 75287 
972-248-9899  4/8/21  9/30/22 1113390
Virtual Brands, Inc. (Wing Boss Franchise Program)   18583 N. Dallas Parkway
Suite 120
Dallas, TX 75287 
972-248-9899  4/8/21  9/30/22 1113389 
XP League, LLC  11200 Broadway Street
Suite 2731
Pearland, TX 77584 
919-752-7385  6/8/21  4/30/22 1113402 

Business Opportunity
Federally Registered Trademarks or Service Marks

Not every business opportunity must be registered with the Department of Banking under the Connecticut Business Opportunity Investment Act. Where a business opportunity includes the sale of a marketing program made in conjunction with the licensing of a federally registered trademark or service mark, the Connecticut Business Opportunity Investment Act does not apply.

P.A. 96-73 required sellers claiming this exclusion to file a notice with the department. For tips on filing an exclusionary claim, view our Exclusion Checklist.

Here is a list of those business opportunity sellers who have notified the department that they hold a trademark or service mark effectively registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Entries are listed by trademark/claimant/filing date. Entries marked with an asterisk (*) lack filing date information and pre-date the 1996 law change. Entries marked with an "L" were derived from Legal Division advisory interpretation records. The burden of proving that a trademark or service mark continues to be federally registered rests with the business opportunity seller. A trademark registration is only good for ten years, so prospective purchaser-investors should check with the seller or consult the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to ensure that a particular trademark registration is still in effect.

The fact that a trademark or service mark filing is listed on this website does not ensure that the mark remains federally registered, that the seller has a bona fide exclusionary claim or that the seller is in compliance with other laws affecting its businessNote: dates are listed in month/year format.

Click on the letter that corresponds to the first letter of a trademark or service mark.


Last updated:  October 12, 2021

100% Chiropractic (TACTIC Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2020
101 Mobility (101 Mobility Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  4/2012
1-800-BOARDUP (1-800-BOARDUP, Inc. [Fractional Franchise], under license)  7/2019
1-800-BOARDUP (1-800-BOARDUP Disaster Victim Assistance, Inc. [Standard Franchise], under license)  7/2019
1-800-Book-A-Limo (1-800-Book-A-Limo Franchise, LLC, under license)  12/2009
1-800-JunkPro (1-800-JunkPro, LLC, under license)  7/2012 (1-800 Mattress Corporation, under license)  9/2008
1-800-Plumber (1-800-Services, LLC, by assignment)  8/2016
1-800-Radiator (1-800-Radiator Franchise, Inc., under license)  9/2013
1-800-Striper (Striper Industries, Inc., under license)  5/2021
1-800-Water Damage (The Cure Service Group, Inc.)  11/2005
1 Potato 2 (1 Potato 2, Inc.)  3/1989
1 Stop Pool Pros (One-Stop Pool Pros, Inc.)  4/2013
16 Handles (Yo Fresh LLC, under license)  1/2011
1000° Degrees Pizzeria (1000 Degrees Pizzeria Franchise, Inc., under license)  3/2015
1st Class Real Estate (1st Class Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2018
2 Young Studs Moving (Studs Moving Network, Inc., under license)  2/2011
24/7 Get Fit (Workout Anytime Franchising Systems, L.L.C., by assignment)  7/2019
24 Seven (24 Seven USA Franchising Limited)  3/2006
212 Contender eSports (Contender eSports, LLC)  6/2021
30 Minute Hit (30 Minute Hit USA, LLC, under license)  5/2019
360° Painting (360 Painting, Inc.)  5/2007
360 Tour Designs (360 Tour Designs Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2019
3D Games (3D Games Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2009
3D Memories (3D Franchising, LLC, under license) 3/2005
4Refuel (4Refuel, Inc., under license)  4/2008
5 & Diner Restaurants - Food Fun Fifties (5 & Diner Franchise Corp., under license) 7/2008
5 Day Kitchens  The Smart Way to Remodel . . . (5 Day Kitchens, LLC, by assignment)  7/2012
911 Driving School (911 Franchising Corporation)  8/2008
911 Restoration (911 Restoration Franchise, Inc., under license)  8/2009
$ The Future Billionaire’s Club $ With a Little Luck & Lots of Heart – We Can Do Anything!  FB (The Future Billionaire's Club, LLC, under license)  6/2016
@Properties (At World Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2020
@Wireless (@Wireless Enterprises, Inc.) 8/2002
@Work (AtWork Personnel Services, Inc.)  12/1995
@Work (AtWork Franchise, Inc.) [Successor Franchisor] 11/2015

A2Z (A2Z Unlimited Corporation, under license)  5/2006
A $49.95 Any Sewer or Drain (Any Sewer or Drain Franchise Enterprises, Inc., under license)  4/2007
AAAC Wildlife Removal A All Animal Control Est. 1995 (AAAC Support Services, LLC, under license)  10/2019
A Age Advantage Home Care Services (Age Advantage Home Care Franchising, Inc.)  11/2011
A All Animal Control (AAAC Support Services, Inc., by assignment)  3/2007
Aaron's Sales & Lease Ownership (Aaron's, Inc. f/k/a Aaron Rents, Inc.)  11/2002; 4/2011
Abbey Carpet (Abbey Carpet Co., Inc.) 5/2000
Abbey Carpet Cleaning System (Abbey Carpet Co., Inc.) 5/2000
Abbey Tile (Abbey Carpet Co., Inc.) 5/2000
Abbott’s Frozen Custard (Abbott’s Frozen Custard, Inc.) 1/2004
ABC Absolute Best Care (Absolute Best Care Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2007
ABC DO-RE-ME! (ABC Do-Re-ME! International Inc., under license)  6/2013
ABC Once Upon a Child A Children's Resale Shop (Lynn Blum)  11/1993
ABC Seamless (ABC, Inc.) 7/1989
ABLC Asset Based Lending Consultants (ABLC Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2020
Abrakadoodle (Abrakadoodle, Inc., by assignment)  2/2007
ABS Abacus Brain Study (World Abacus Federal Holding, Inc., by assignment)  2/2019
ABS American Brake Service (American Brake Service, Inc.) 1/1992
Academic Guidance Services 1/1992
Academy (The) – Academy of Private Investigation (Academy Franchise Partnership, Inc.)  6/2010
Academy of Learning (Academy of Learning USA, Inc.)  6/1997
Academy of 2 Second Language Learning (Academy Franchise Partnership, Inc.)  6/2010
Acai Express Salud Que Te Llena (Acai Express Franchising Inc., by assignment)  5/2018
ACASA (ACASA Senior Care Franchising, Inc.)  1/2019
ACC Automatic Car Credit (ACC Financial Services, Inc., under license)  10/2006
ACE DuraFlo (ACE DuraFlo Systems, LLC, under license)  6/2006
ACE Sushi (ACE Sushi Franchise Corporation, under license)  10/2006
ACFN (ACFN Franchised, Inc., by license) 2/2005
Access Garage Doors (Open Doors, Inc., under license)  10/2021
Accounting Practice Sales (Accounting Practice Sales II, Inc.)  12/2013
Accountpros (Accountpros, Inc.)  1/1991
Accurity (Accurity Associates, LLC, under license)  8/2015
AccuTrak (Accutrak) Inventory Specialists (AccuTrak Inventory Specialists, LLC)   9/2003
Ace Handyman Services (Ace Handyman Franchising, Inc., under license)  11/2020
Achievers Unlimited (Achievers Unlimited, Inc.)  10/1995
ACN (American Communications Network, Inc.) 2/1997
ActiKare (ActiKare, Inc.)  5/2010
ActionCoach (Action Business Coaching, NE, Inc., under license)  1/2009
ActionCoach (ActionCoach North America LLC [Master Franchisor] and ActionCoach OneCo LLC [Subfranchisor], under license)  4/2019
ActiveRx (ActiveRx Development Company, under license)  5/2012
Adam & Eve (Adam & Eve Franchise Corporation) 3/2004
ADL Caring Companions (Home Companions, Inc.)  9/2010
Advanced Laser Clinics (Advanced Laser Clinics Licensing Group, LLC)  3/2004
AdvantaClean (AdvantaClean Systems, Inc.)  5/2012
Advantage (Advantage Business Services, Inc.)  12/1987
Advantage College Planning (Advantage College Planning Franchising, Inc., under license)  4/2020
Advantage Golf (Advantage Golf Franchising Corporation)  11/2006
Advantage Performance Group (Advantage Performance Group Partners, LLC, under license)  9/2006
Adventureland Video, Inc.  12/1985
Adventures in Advertising (Adventures in Advertising Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2006
AdviCoach (AdviCoach Franchising, LLC f/k/a Franchise Advantage, LLC)  1/2007
AdvisorLink (Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., under license) 10/2005
Aegin Place (Aegin Place Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  3/2006
AEON (AEON, Inc.)  8/2016
AEV Real Estate Photography (AEV Unlimited, Inc., under license)  2/2016
Affordable (Affordable Used Car Rental System, Inc.) 2/1995
Affordable (Affiliated Car Rental, L.C.) 9/1999
Affordable Suites (LG AS Franchisor LLC, by assignment)  4/2019
Ahead (Ahead Human Resources Franchise Corp.) 6/2000
AHH-Some Gourmet Coffee (AHH - Some Gourmet Coffee, Inc.)  4/1994
Aim Mail Centers (Amailcenter Franchise Corporation)  6/2010
Aire Serv (Aire Serv LLC f/k/a Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
Aire Serv (Aire Serv SPV LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  6/2021
AirMD (AirMD, L.L.C., under license)  1/2018
Alamo (Elephant & Castle International, Inc.) 3/2002
Albert Andrews Ltd. (Albert Andrews Franchising Corp.)  8/1989
Alchemy Network Marketing & Business Development (The) (Alchemy Network, LLC, by assignment)  2/2010
AlignLife (AlignLife Systems, LLC, under license)  2/2013
Align Right Realty (Align Right Realty International Corp., under license)  1/2020
All American Decorative Concrete (American Decorative Coatings, LLC, by assignment)  2/2015
All American Hero (All American Hero, Inc.)  12/1985
All County (All County Property Management Franchise Corp.)  7/2012
All Medsearch (Medical Search Consultants LLC, by assignment)  9/2019
All That Glitz (All That Glitz Franchise Corporation, under license)  11/2009
All Tune and Lube (All Tune and Lube Systems, Inc.)  4/1989
Allegra Marketing Print Mail (Alliance Franchise Brands LLC, under license)  4/2020
Allegra Print & Imaging (Allegra Network, LLC, under license)  9/2018
Allen Carr’s Easyway (Allen Carr’s Easyway (US) Ltd., under license)  11/2014
Allison's Place (Allison's Place, Inc.)  8/1986
Alloy (Alloy Personal Training, LLC, under license)  7/2020
Aloette (Astral Health & Beauty, Inc. f/k/a Aloette Cosmetics, Inc.)  1/2017
Aloette Cosmetics, Inc. (design)  10/1989
Aloha Poke (Aloha Poke Franchising LLC, under license)  5/2021
Al's Pottery, China & Silver (Al's Pottery, China & Silver Franchise Program)  8/1994
Alta Mere (Moran Industries, Inc., by assignment)  5/2014
Alternative (The) (The Alternative Window Company)  12/1991
Alternative Board Tab (The) (IHTAB, Inc.)  5/1998
Altitude Trampoline Park (Altitude Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2017
Altitude Trampoline Park (ATP Franchising, LLC [successor franchisor], under license)  2/2019
Always An Angel Homecare  Help  Hope  Peace of Mind (Always An Angel Franchising, Inc., under license)  1/2018
Amateur Bowlers Tour (Amateur Bowlers Tour, Inc.)  7/1990
Amazing Athletes (Amazing Athletes Franchise Systems, Inc., by assignment)  12/2017
Amazing Lash Studio (Amazing Lash Studio Franchise, LLC, under license)  2/2015
Amazing Lash Studio (Amazing Lash Franchise, LLC, by assignment)  9/2018
AMBIC Building Inspection Consultants (Building Inspection Consultants, Inc.)  4/1992
AmCheck (AmCheck National Franchise Corporation, under license)  5/2006
AmenZone (AmenZone Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2013
America In-Home (America In-Home, Inc.)  9/2007
American Benefits Plus (American Sales Corporation)  2/1993
American Darters Association (American Darters Association, Inc.)  11/1995
American Deck Inc. (American Deck, Inc.)  6/2007
American Deli (American Deli International, Inc., under license)  5/2017
American Family Care (AFC Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2015
American Grilled Cheese Kitchen (The) (Project Cheese Franchises, LLC, under license)  12/2018
American Leak Detection (American Leak Detection, Inc.)  10/2010
American Lenders Service Co. (American Lenders Service Co.) 1/1998
American Male (A.M. Salons, Inc.)  4/2006
American Medical Weight Assoc. (N & J Medical Corp.)  1/1989
American Pickleball Association (American Pickleball Association, Inc.)  7/2019
American Poolplayers Association (American Poolplayers Association, Inc.)  5/1991
American Speedy Printing Centers (American Speedy Printing Centers, Inc.)  9/1989
American Taekwondo Association (ATA Franchising, Inc., under license) 3/1996
America's Carpet Gallery (Magic Marketing, Inc.)  3/1995
America's Country Store (America's Country Stores, LLC) 1/2002
America's Cutting Edge (Ace Franchising, Inc.) 6/2003
America’s First Big League Barber Shop (Big League Barbers, Inc.) 11/2004
Americas Best Value Inn (Vantage Franchising, Inc., under license)  4/2015
Americas Best Value Inn (Red Lion Hotels Franchising, Inc. [successor franchisor]) 3/2017
Americinn Lodge & Suites; Americinn Motel & Suites (Americinn International, LLC) 3/1998
Americlean Mobile Power Wash (Americlean Mobile Power Wash, Inc.)*
Americuts (Americuts Franchise Systems, Inc.)  11/1995
Ameri-mobile Car Care, Inc.*
AmeriSpec (AmeriSpec, Inc.)  1/1991
Amerivox (World Telecom Group)  2/1994
AmerLink (Amerlink, Ltd.)  11/1989
Amoco (Amoco Oil Company)  6/1983
Amorino (Minus Zero4 F, LLC, under license)  1/2013
AMR Vehicle Enhance Solutions (AMR Performance, Inc.)  7/2018
Amsterdam Falafelshop (Amsterdam Falafelshops, LLC, under license)  2/2017
Anago (Anago Franchising, Inc.; Anago Cleaning Systems, Inc.) 6/2004 (by assignment)
Anago (Anago Franchising, Inc., under license)  5/2021
Anago (TSOB Corp. [Subfranchisor], under license)  5/2021
Angel Tips (Angel Nails) 10/1999
Annie's Book Stop (Annie's Book Stop, Inc.)  6/1986
Another Broken Egg Cafe (Another Broken Egg of America, LLC, under license)  7/2018
Answering Specialists - A Telephone Answering Service (Answering Specialists Franchise Corp.)  4/1989
Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta (Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta International, Inc.)  1/2009
Antigravity (AntiGravity Fitness, LLC, under license)  11/2009
Any (Lab) Test (Any Test Franchising, Inc.)  6/2008
Anytime Fitness (Anytime Fitness, Inc.) 4/2005
Apex Energy Solutions (Apex Energy Group, LLC, by assignment)  12/2016
Apex Fun Run (Apex Fun Run, LLC)  5/2014
APG (MTC Enterprises, Inc.)  5/2006
A Place At Home (NorEast Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  4/2017
Apna Bazar (Apna Franchise LLC, under license)  3/2021
Apple Spice (Café & Bakery Group, LLC)  4/2019
Apple Spice Junction (ASJ Development, LC)  6/2007
Apricot Lane (Country Visions, Inc.)  8/2008
ApTask (ApTask Workforce, LLC, under license)  7/2017
AQ Allquest Real Estate (Allquest Real Estate Corp.) 9/2002
A R Workshop (AR Workshop Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2017
Arby's, Inc. - Dual Brand Pasta Connection*
Archadeck (U.S. Structures, Inc.)  8/1990
Arcpoint (Arcpoint Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  1/2013
Are You Bold Enough to Go? (M-O-H Incorporated by assignment; WaterSnoGo Franchise Program) 4/2004
Aroma Joe's (Aroma Joe's Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2020
Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar (Arooga’s Franchising, LP, under license)  6/2010
Around the Clock (ATC Healthcare Services, Inc.)  5/2011
Arrow Drug (The Arrow Corporation)    6/1997
Arrow Prescription Center (The Arrow Corporation)  5/1991
ART (Restoration Specialties Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  7/2016
Artafax (Artafax, Inc.)  6/1988
Art and Science of Cleaning (The) (Coverall North America, Inc.; Coverall of Connecticut and Westchester (R& B Services, Inc.))  4/1996 
Arthur Rutenberg (AR Franchising, Inc.)  4/2020
Artichoke Basilles (Artichoke Franchising LLC, under license)  9/2017
Artisan Glaze Donuts Coffee (Glaze Donuts Franchise Co., LLC, under license)  5/2019
Art Van (AVF Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2014
Art Van Pure Sleep (AV Pure Sleep Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2014
Ascend Collection (Choice Hotels International, Inc.)  4/2009
ASEC (American Safety & Environmental Consultants, Inc.) 1/1998
Ashley's Ice Cream (Ashley's Franchising, Inc.)  11/1986
Ashley HomeStores; Ashley Furniture HomeStore (Ashley HomeStores, Ltd.) 10/2003
Asian Box (Asian Box Franchise Group LLC, under license)  11/2018
Asian Chao (Food Systems Unlimited, Inc.)  6/2012
ASI Sign Systems (ASI Sign Systems, Inc.)  12/1995
ASP  America's Swimming Pool Company (ASP Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  5/2020
Aspen Leaf (Aspen Leaf Yogurt, LLC, under license)  12/2012
Assisted Living Locators (CallRN Franchise, LLC, by assignment)  2/2013
Assisting Hands (Assisting Hands Home Care, LLC)  5/2021
Associated Air Freight (Associated Air Freight, Inc.)  10/1987
Atax (AlvarezTax Franchise, Inc., under license)  7/2008
ATAX (ATAX LLC, by assignment)  5/2020
ATC (ATC Healthcare Services, Inc.)  5/2011
Athena (Athena North America, LLC)  4/2013
Athlete’s Foot (The) (Athlete’s Foot Brands, Inc., by assignment) 9/2005
Athlete’s Foot (The) (TAF Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2011
At Home Therapy  Live Well (At Home Therapy Franchising, L.L.C., by assignment)  4/2019
Atlanta Bread Company (Atlanta Bread Company) 5/1998
Atlantic Mower Parts & Supplies, Inc.  1/1998
Atomic Wings (Atomic Wings Franchisor, Inc., by assignment)  5/2013
Attack-A-Crack (Attack A Crack Franchise Dev, LLC, under license)  4/2018
Atwell Suites  An IHG Hotel (Holiday Hospitality Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2021
Auction-It Today (Auction-It Today, Inc., under license)  4/2006
Augusta Lawn Care Services (Augusta Franchise LLC, under license)  12/2020
Auntie Anne's (Auntie Anne's, Inc.)  2/1993
Aussie Pet Mobile (Aussie Pet Mobile, Inc.)  7/2011
Austin Grill (Austin Grill Franchise Company LLC, under license)  4/2008
Auto Appraisal Network (Auto Appraisal Network, Inc.)  5/2008
Auto Driveaway Co. a/k/a Driveaway Service  7/1996
Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers (Auto-Lab Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  8/2018
Automatic Manufacturing (Automatic Manufacturing Corp.)  3/1993
Autoqual USA (Autoqual USA, Inc.) 3/2000
Auto Show, Inc.  7/1986
AV ArteVino Studio (AJMP Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2017
Avis Lube (Avis Service, Inc.)  9/1990
Avis Sports (Avis Sports, Inc.)  4/1996
AVR Airport Van Rental Solutions (AVR, Inc., under license)  8/2016
Azana (Azana Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2007

Babies 'N Bells (Babies 'N Bells, Inc.) 1/2000
Baby Boot Camp (Baby Boot Camp LLC)  5/2008
Baby Posh Garage (BPG Global Franchise Sales and Holding LLC, under license)  1/2013
Baby Power (The Searles Corporation) 11/2003
Baby's Room USA (Baby's Room USA, Inc.)  8/1988
Bachman (Bachman Company)*
Bad Ass Coffee Co. (The) (Bad Ass Coffee Company of Hawaii, Inc.)  12/2006
Badger Daylighting (Badger Daylighting Corp., under license)  3/2020
Bagel Boss (Bagel Boss Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2021
Bagel Connection (Bagel Franchise Systems, Inc.) (L)  11/1990; 6/1992
Bagelz The Bagel Bakery (Bagelz Franchising Corporation)  4/1996
Baja Fresh (Triune, LLC, under license)  6/2012
Bajio (Bajio, LLC, by assignment)  12/2005
Bakery - Cafe GFG Greek From Greece (GFG Franchise LLC, under license)  8/2020
Balloon-Age (Balloon-Age, Inc.)  12/1982
Balloon Kings (Balloon Realm, LLC, under license)  5/2019
Balloons & Bears (Daniel Franchise Systems, Inc.)  10/1996
Bambu (Bambu Franchising, LLC)  3/2018
Bambu Snacks & Coffee Shoppe (Bambu Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  8/2015
Banfield, The Pet Hospital (Charter Practices International, LLC d/b/a Banfield, The Pet Hospital) 5/2002
Bang On (Elephant & Castle International, Inc., under license)  6/2011
Banna Strow's (BannaStrow's LLC) 10/2003
BAR-B-QSA Restaurant  A Taste Tour of American Barbeque (BAR-B-QSA LLC)  6/2015
Barber Stop (Store-In-A-Store, Inc., under license)  5/2019
Bareburger Organic (Bareburger, Inc.)  8/2010
Bargain Brakes & Mufflers (Brako Systems, Inc.)  8/1987
Bark Busters (Bark Busters North America, LLC, under license)  5/2017
Barre 3 (B3 Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2011
Barre Code (Barre Code Franchisor, L.L.C., under license)  7/2019
Bartercard (Bartercard USA Inc., under license)  4/2014
Bart's Car Store (Bart's Car Store Franchise Systems, Inc., under license)  5/2008
Bath Crest BC (Bathcrest, Inc.)  3/1989
Bath BC Crest (Bathcrest, Inc.) 2/2002
Bath Fitter (Bath Fitter Franchising, Inc.)  3/1995
Bath Junkie (Bath Junkie Franchise, Inc., under license) 8/2005
Battery Giant (Battery Giant Franchise, LLC, under license)  4/2012
Baxter O'Brien & Associates (Leahy & Company, Inc.)  6/1988
Baya Bar (Baya Bar Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  9/2018
Baymont (Baymont Franchises International, Inc. f/k/a Budgetel Franchises International, Inc.) 9/1999
Baystone Media (Baystone Media Franchise, Inc., under license)  2/2011
BBQ Chicken (BBDOTQ USA, Inc., under license)  10/2014
BD's Mongolian Barbecue (Mongolian Management and Investment Company, LLC)  8/1997
BD Provisions (BD Provisions International, LLC, under license)  6/2020
B-Dry System (B-Dry System, Inc.)  (L)  10/1982; 11/1992
Beadniks (Beadniks Group, Inc., by assignment) 10/2004
Bear Bus (Mendel Marketing, Incorporated, under license)  9/2007
Beard Papa's (Muginoho International, Inc.)  6/2019
Beat the Bookstore (Beat the Bookstore Franchise, Inc., under license)  12/2006
Beauty is a Stones Throw Away (Systems Paving Franchising, Inc.) 12/2001
Beaux Visages BV (Beaux Visages, Ltd.)  5/1989
BE Barter Exchange, Inc. (Barter Exchange, Inc.) 8/1991
Bedbug Chaser (Bedbug Chasers Franchise Corporation)  1/2012
Bee&Tea (Bee & Tea FC, LLC) 3/2015
Beef Jerky Outlet (The) (The Beef Jerky Outlet Franchise, Inc.)  3/2013
Beeline Bikes (Beeline Franchising LLC, under license)  5/2015
Behavior Buddies (Camp Bow Wow Franchising, Inc.)  9/2014
Bella Bridesmaid (Bella Bridesmaid Franchises, LLC, under license)  7/2006
Bella Bridesmaid (Bella Bridesmaids Franchise Group, LLC, by assignment [successor franchisor])  8/2014
Bellacino’s (Bellacino’s Inc.)  5/2019; 9/2005
Bellizzi (Frankie and Johnny's, LLC) 1/2003
Ben & Jerry's (Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.)  2/1986
Benchmark Painting & Carpentry (Benchmark Franchising, Inc., under license)  6/2010
Benham Real Estate Group (REO Franchising, Inc.)  6/2009
Benjamin Franklin Certified Plumbing (Benjamin Franklin Franchising, LLC) 4/2003
Bennett's Pit Bar-B-Que (Denver Food Systems, Inc.)  2/1992
Bennett's Pit Bar-B-Que (Bennett’s Bar-B-Que, Inc.)  8/1997
Bennett's Smokehouse & Saloon (Bennett's Bar-B-Que, Inc.)  8/1997
Ben's Soft Pretzels (Ben's Soft Pretzels Franchising Corporation, by assignment)  5/2018
Benzer Pharmacy (Benzer Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2019
Berlitz (Berlitz Franchising Corporation) 10/1997
Berlitz (Berlitz Franchising Corporation, under license [updated])  8/2015
Berlitz Kids & Teens (Berlitz Franchising Corporation, under license)  6/2016
Berlitz Kids After-School Programs (Berlitz Franchising Corporation, under license)  11/2015
Berlitz on Campus (Berlitz Franchising Corporation) 10/1997
Best Bagels (Best Bagels Limited Partnership)  8/1995
Best Brains (Best Brains, Inc.)  9/2015
Best Hands in the League (The) (Big League Barbers, Inc.) 11/2004
Best In Class Education Center (Best In Class Education Center, LLC, under license)  7/2012
Bestway Basements (Bestway Basements Franchising, Inc., under license)  9/2014
Best Western (BWI Licensing, Inc., under license)  4/2018 ( Franchises LLC, under license)  10/2012
Between Rounds (Between Rounds Franchise Corporation)  2/1994
Between the Buns (Between the Buns Franchising, Inc., by license) 10/2004
Beverly Hills Weight Loss Clinics (BevCorp International, Inc., by assignment)  11/2006
Bevinco (Bevinco American Bar Systems Ltd.)   8/1995
Bevmax (Bevmax International, Inc.) 10/1999
b.good (b.good Franchise LLC, under license)  3/2012
Bibibop (Bibibop Development LLC, by assignment)  1/2018
Big Blue Swim School (Big Blue Swim School Franchising, LLC, under license)  12/2018
Big Bob's Flooring Outlet (Big Bob's Flooring Outlet of America, Inc. f/k/a Big Bob's New & Used Carpet of America, Inc.) 7/2011
Big Bob's Used Carpet Shops (Big Bob’s New and Used Carpet of America, Inc.)  7/1996
Big Frog (Big Frog Custom T-Shirts, Inc.)  9/2018
Big Game in Town (The)  (Microplay Franchising America, Inc., under license)  7/1996
Bighorn Sheepskin Company  7/1991
Big League (Big League Barbers, Inc.) 11/2004
Big League Barbers (Big League Barbers, Inc.) 11/2004
Big O Tires (Big O Tires, LLC, by assignment)  6/2011
Big Smoke Burger (Big Smoke Burger Worldwide Holdings, LLC, under license)  1/2014
Bike Line  3/1993
Bikes 2 You (Bikes 2 You Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  8/2017
Bikram Yoga (Bikram, Inc., under license)  4/2009
Bin & Barrel (Bin & Barrel Franchising, Inc.)  10/1990
Bin There Dump That (Bin There USA, LLC, under license)  4/2011
Bingle Vet (BVC Franchise LLC, under license)  1/2019
Bio-One (Ringside Development Company, under license)  5/2019
Biosweep (Phocatox Technologies, LLC)  4/2013
Biotechs (Biotechs Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2019
Bird (Design) (LoadTraining, LLC, under license)  1/2008
Bitty & Beau's Coffee (B&B Worldwide, Inc., under license)  7/2021
BizCard Xpress (BizCard Xpress, LLC, by assignment)  8/2012
Bizzie (800 DC, LLC)  1/2015
Black Bear Diner (BBDI LLC [successor franchisor])  5/2016
Black Bear Diner (Black Bear Diners, Inc.)  10/2013
Black Dawg Sealcoat (Black Dawg Franchise Group, LLC, by assignment)  1/2012
Blackjack Pizza (Blackjack Pizza Franchising, Inc.)  8/1997
Black Rifle Coffee Company (Black Rifle Coffee Company LLC)  9/2021
Blaze Pizza (Blaze Pizza, LLC, by assignment)  4/2017
Blimpie (International Blimpie Corporation)  8/1983
Blimpie International, Inc. (Pasta Central Co.)*
Blink (Blink Fitness Franchising, Inc., under license)  9/2015
Blivot (The Blivot Golf Group, Inc.) 3/2003
Blo (Blo Blow Dry Bar, Inc., under license)  8/2010
Blockheads Burritos (Mexichise, LLC, under license) 4/2005
Blonder Franchise Systems, Inc.  4/1987
Bloomin Blinds (Bloomin' Blinds Franchise Corp.)  8/2018
Blue Chip Cookies Franchise Corporation 2/2000
Blue Nose (Blue Nose Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  5/2021
Blue Sky Creamery (Blue Sky Creamery, Inc., under license) 11/2005
Bluefrog Plumbing & Drain (Bluefrog Plumbing and Drain, LLC, by assignment)  1/2015

Board & Brush Creative Studio (Board and Brush Creative Studio Franchising LLC, under license)  1/2017
Boardwalk Fries (Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries, Inc., under license)  6/2011
Boardwalk Fries, Inc.  10/1987
Bob & Edith's Diner (Bob & Edith's Diner Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2020
BodyBrite (Simply HairFree Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2014
Body Logic MD (BodyLogicMD Franchise Corp., under license)  5/2010
BodyLogicMD (BodyLogicMD Franchise Corp., under license)  5/2010
Bogartgolf (Bogart Franchise LLC, under license)  7/2004
Bolla Market (Bolla Market Corp., under license)  11/2014
Bombay Palace Restaurants, Inc.*
Bombo Bar (Bombo Bar, LLC, under license)  6/2018
Bombshells (BMB Franchising Services, Inc., under license)  3/2016
Bonanza Restaurants (Restaurant Developments, Inc.) (L) 6/1987
Bonanza Steakhouse (Bonanza Restaurant Company [successor franchisor], under license)  3/2017
Bon Chon Chicken (BonChon Franchise LLC, under license)  1/2012
Bone Appetit (The Bone Appetit Bakery)  7/1998
Book By Owner (Book by Owner Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  3/2017
Book Rack (Book Rack Franchising Corporation)  1/1990
Boomer McLoud (In Stereo, LLC) 6/1998
Booskerdoo (Booskerdoo Franchise LLC, under license)  3/2021
Booster (Booster Juice Limited Partnership, by assignment)  6/2007
B.O.R. Restoration (BOR Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2020
Boss International (Time Plus)*
Boston Beanery Restaurant and Tavern (Boston Beanery Operations, Inc.)  3/1991
Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza (Boston Pizza Restaurants, LP, under license)  8/2014
Bounce! Trampoline Sports (BTS Franchises LLC, under license)  9/2017
BounceU (BU Management, LLC, under license)  2/2006
Bowl Master (Sportslife Enterprises)  4/1992
Bowl of Heaven (Bowl of Heaven Franchise Group LLC, under license)  9/2014
BoxDrop Mattress & Furniture Direct (BoxDrop, LLC, under license)  4/2020
Box Lunch (Sandwich Specialists, Inc.)  6/1997
BP Business Partner One-Stop Marketing (Business Partner Franchising, LLC)  3/2010
Bradens, Inc.  1/1987
Brad Sugars (Brad Sugars Action International (BSAI)) 11/2002
Brainhunter (Brainhunter Companies, LLC, by assignment)  7/2013
Brainobrain (MindsAhead Academy LLC, under license)  9/2010
Brake Centers of America (BCA Franchising, Inc.)  6/1993
Brake Shop (The)  5/1993
Brass Tap (The) (The Brass Tap Franchising Co., LLC, under license)  7/2011
Bread Basket (The)  7/1987
Breadeaux (Kitchen Investment Group, Inc. d/b/a Country Kitchen International under license from Breadeaux Pisa, Inc.) 4/2004
Breadeaux Pizza Original French Crust (Breadeaux Pisa, Inc.) 5/2004
Breadeaux Pizza Original French Crust (Kitchen Investment Group, Inc. d/b/a Country Kitchen International under license from Breadeaux Pisa, Inc.)  4/2004
Breadsmith (Breadsmith Franchising, Inc.) 3/2004
Breeze Freeze (Breeze Freeze, Inc.) 8/2005
Brewers of Artisan Beer Styles   Voodoo Brewing Co., LLC (Voodoo Licensing LLC f/k/a Voodoo Franchise Group LLC, under license)  3/2020; 6/2021
Brickhouse Cardio Club (Sprouse Fitness LLC)  4/2012
Brickhouse Cardio Club (Brickhouse Cardio Club, Inc., under license [successor franchisor])  12/2014
Bricks & Minifigs  Rebuild, Reuse, Reimagine! (BAM Franchising, Inc.)  3/2015
Bricks 4 Kidz (BFK Franchise Company LLC)  10/2015
Bride’s Club (The) (The Bride’s Club, Inc.)  5/1992
BridgeStreet (BridgeStreet Corporate Housing Worldwide, Inc., by assignment) 4/2005
Brilliance New York (Brilliance New York Franchise Corp., under license)  8/2013
Brilliant Sky Toys & Books (T T & B, Inc.)  1/2009
British Swim School (British Swim Centers Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2011
British Swim School (British Swim School Franchising, LLC [successor franchisor], under license)  7/2019
Brock Residence Inns, Inc.*
Broken Egg (Another Broken Egg of America, Inc., by assignment)  2/2015
Broken Yolk Cafe (BYC Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2018
Brother Jimmy’s (Brother Jimmy’s Franchising, LLC, under license)  12/2008
Brothers Est. 1967 (Brothers Franchising & Development, LLC)  4/2010
Brothers That Just Do Gutters (The) (The Brothers Franchising Corp., under license)  2/2018
Brow Art 23 (P.B. Art Franchise, Inc., under license)  3/2011
B-Sure Inspections (B-Sure Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  8/2013
BTone Fitness (BTone Fitness Development, LLC, under license)  11/2018
Bubble Bus (Bubble Bus Franchise LLC, under license)  4/2018
Bubble Tea (VIVI Holding Eastern Corp., by assignment)  4/2020
Bubbly Paws (Bubbly Paws Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2021
Bucket List Certified Coach (Bucket List Training, LLC)  12/2018
Bucqi (Bucqi USA, LLC, under license)  10/2017
Budget Blinds (Budget Blinds, Inc.)  11/2006
Budget Rent-A-Car*
Buff City Soap (Buff City Soap Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2019
Buffalo Philly's (Buffalo Philly's, Inc.) 2/2005
Buffalo Wild Wings (Buffalo Wild Wings International, Inc., under license)  12/2020
Bug Realty (Bug Realty USA, Inc., under license)  11/2006
Building Blocks – Building a Foundation for Learning (Building Blocks Franchise Corp.)  7/1996
Building Inspector of America, Inc. (The)  3/1987
Buildingstars (Buildingstars International, Inc., under license)  6/2010
Bull Chicks (Bull Chicks Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2012
Bullet Proof (Crestcom International, LLC, by assignment)  7/2008
Bullet Proof Manager; Bullet Proof (Crestcom International, Ltd.)  8/1997; 2/1993 (see Bullet Proof (Crestcom International, LLC) for successor information)
Bumper Doc Auto Reconditioning Center (Automotive Reconditioning Franchises, Inc., by assignment)  4/2012
Bumperdoc.  The Mobile Attention Your Bumper Needs (Automotive Reconditioning Franchises, Inc., by assignment)  4/2012
Bumper Man (Bumper Man, Inc.)  9/2014
Burger 21 (Burger 21 International, Inc., under license)  7/2012
Burger Exotic Village  Eat Organic  Live Healthy  Burger Village (Burger Village, LLC)  4/2019
BurgerFi (BurgerFi International, LLC, under license)  4/2012
BurgerFi (BurgerFi International, Inc., under license)  6/2021
Burgerim (Burgerim Group USA, Inc., by assignment)  5/2017
Burgers on the Side (BFC Development, LLC, under license)  8/2013
Burn Bootcamp  Fit Community of Moms (Kline Franchising, Inc., under license)  8/2016
Burney’s Sweets & More (DMG Burney Inc.)  4/2020
BurritoVille (Burritoville Franchise Systems, Inc. by assignment from Burritoville Systems, Inc.) 4/2004
Business Advisors, Inc. (The)  9/1989
Business Card Express (Business Card Express, Inc.)  11/1987
Business Digest (Business Digest, Inc.)  8/1986
BusinesStarters (BusinesStarters, Inc.)  5/1990
Busy Bees Pottery & Arts Studio (Busy Bees Franchise Systems LLC)  1/2014
Butlers Chocolate Cafe (Butlers Chocolate Cafe, under license) 9/2008
Butterfly Life (Butterfly Fitness, Inc.) 9/2005
Buyers Resource (Buyer's Resource, Inc.)  9/1993
Buzzed Bull Creamery, Alcoholic, Non-Alcoholic, Made-To-Order (The Buzzed Bull Holdings, LLC)  2/2019
Buzzed Bull Creamery, Alcoholic, Non-Alcoholic, Made-To-Order (Buzzed Bull Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  3/2021
Byers Restaurants (Byers, Inc.) (L) 10/1983
Byte Industries Incorporated*

C2 (Cambridge Educational Center, Inc.)  1/2007
CABI (CAbi, LLC)  5/2012
Cabinet Cures (Cabinet Cures, Inc., under license)  9/2010
Cactus Salon and Day Spa (Cactus Franchise Group, Inc., under license)  11/2008
Cafe Coco (Cafe Coco International, Inc.)  7/1986
Cafe D'Avignon (Pain Americain, LLC)  1/2020
Cafe La France (CLF Franchise Corporation)  6/1997
Caffe' Vergnano 1882 (Caffe Vergnano USA Corp., under license)  2/2011
Cajun Joe's (Cajun Joe's Development Corporation)  7/1989
Calexico (Mexicali Franchise Company, Inc., under license)  10/2011
Calibasil (Calibasil Franchise, LLC, under license)  12/2014
California Closet Company (California Closet Company, Inc.)  12/1986
Cambridge Suites (Candlewood Hotel Co., L.L.C.)  11/1999
Cambridge Suites by Candlewood (Candlewood Hotel Co., L.L.C.)  11/1999
Camel (Camel Franchise, Inc.)  4/1992
Camille Albane (C.Alb Franchising, Inc., under license)  6/2016
Camille's Sidewalk Cafe (Camille's Franchise System, LLC)  7/2008
Camp Bow Wow (Camp Bow Wow Franchising, Inc.)  9/2014
Camp BowWow A Dog Gone Good Time! (D.O.G. Development LLC, under license; merged out 8/16/14) 6/2011
Camp Transformation Center (The) (The Camp Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  1/2018
Candlewood (Candlewood Hotel Company, L.L.C.) 4/1997
Candy World (Jayragayu, Inc. d/b/a Candy World 10/2002
Canine Dimensions (Canine Dimensions Franchising, LLC, under license) 7/2008
Cannon (Cannon Hygiene Franchising (USA), Inc.) 9/2003
Canteen Vending Services*
Cap-A-Radiator Shops of America, Inc.  10/1986
Cape Cod (Eagle Snacks, Inc.; Electra Snacks Corporation)  10/1991
Cap Factory (Original Cap Factory, Inc.) 8/2001
Capital Bonding (Bail Bond Franchisors, Inc.) 4/2001
Caplus College Assistance Plus (College Assistance Plus, LLC)  8/2006
Capriotti’s (Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, Inc.)  8/2008
CAP Solutions (CAP Franchise System, LLC, under license)  11/2015
Captain D's (Captain D's, LLC, under license)  10/2010
Captain D's Seafood Kitchen Est. 1969 (Captain D's, LLC, under license)  10/2010
Cap't Loui (Loui Loui, LLC)  8/2019
Car Checkers of America (Car Checkers of America, Inc.)  4/1991
Car Phone Store (The) (Automotive Technologies, Inc.)  6/1997 (See Wireless Zone for successor mark)
Caravan Beads, Inc. (L) 7/1994
Carbon Recall (Carbon Recall, LLC)  7/2017
Cardillo (Cardillo Travel Systems, Inc.)  12/1984
Cardio Barre (Cardio Barre Franchise, LLC, under license)  10/2015
Card My Yard (Card My Yard Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2017
Card My Yard (CMY Franchising, LLC [successor franchisor], under license)  10/2020
Carebuilders at Home (Carebuilders At Home, Inc.)  8/2013
Careers USA (Careers Franchising, Inc.) 8/2001
Careers USA (Careers USA, Inc.)  11/1988
Care Patrol (CarePatrol Franchise Systems, LLC)  7/2013
Careshyft (Careshyft Technologies, Inc., by assignment)  1/2019
Caribbean C-L-E-A-R (Caribbean Clear USA, Inc.)  1/1990
Carmen Steffens (Lele Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2011
Carpet Max (Maxim Group, Inc. (The))  11/1991
Carsmetics (Carsmetics Franchises, Inc., by assignment)  10/2010
CarterQue (CQ Worldwide, LLC, under license)  7/2013
Cartridge World (Cartridge World North America, LLC, under license) 8/2005
CASI (Computer Amusement Systems, Inc.)  8/1989
Cat's Inn (The) (Cat Hospital, P.A.) 5/1999
Catalyft (Catalyft Success System, Inc., by assignment)  4/2019
Cathedral Directories (Cathedral Directors Franchises, Inc.)  7/1994
Cauldron Ice Cream (Cauldron Ice Cream, Inc.)  7/2016
Cauldron Ice Cream (Cauldron Capital Holdings, LLC [Successor Franchisor], under license)  9/2016
C CORE Commercial (CORE Group Restoration Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2020
C Cure Water Damage (The Cure Service Group Inc.) 10/2003
CD (Hanger Design) (Cleaners Depot Franchise, LLC, under license) 8/2005
Ceiling Master of New York  12/1982
Ceiling Pro International  4/1996
Celebree (Celebree Enterprises, LLC, under license)  12/2020
Cellairis (Cellairis Franchise, Inc., under license)  4/2008
Cellairis (Cellairis SNS, LLC, under license)  7/2015
Cena (Cena Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  2/2008
Central Bark (Barkley Ventures, Inc., under license)  4/2021
CEO Advisor (CEO Advisor Franchising, Inc., under license)  3/2013
Cereality (Cereality Franchising Corp., under license)  1/2007
Cereset (Cereset, LLC, under license)  8/2020
CertARoof (Cert-A-Roof International, LLC) 7/2004
Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network (Certified Restoration DryCleaning Network, L.L.C.)  12/2014
CFR (Leader Company of North America, Inc.)  5/1992; 9/1992
Chad's Rainbow, Inc.  7/1987
ChaiseFitness (ChaiseFitness Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2014
Champion's Martial Arts Ultimate (Champions Martial Arts International Inc.)  2/2019
Championship Martial Arts (The Center MMA Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2013
Chantel Ray Real Estate (Chantel Ray Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2016
Chao Cajun (Food Systems Unlimited, Inc.)  6/2012
Charisma (Charisma Franchise Systems Ltd.)  10/1991
Charley’s Steakery Grilled Subs & Salads (Gosh Enterprises, Inc.)  6/1996
Charter Fitness (Charter Fitness, Inc.)  3/2013
Chatime (Chatime USA, LLC, under license)  11/2018
Cheba Hut (Cheba Hut Franchising, Inc., under license)  8/2018
Check-X-Change (Check-X-Change Corporation)  3/1993
Chedd's (Chedd's Franchising Corporation, under license)  3/2007
Cheeburger Cheeburger (Cheeburger Cheeburger Restaurants, Inc., by assignment)  8/2016
Cheese Course (The) (The Cheese Course Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2011
Cheesy Street Grill (Cheesy Street Grill Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2020
Chem-Dry  12/1982
Chem Seal International, Inc.  9/1987
ChemStation (ChemStation International Inc.)  1/2012
ChemStation  Keeping It Clean! (ChemStation International Inc.)  1/2012
CherryBerry Self-Serve Yogurt Bar (CherryBerry Enterprises LLC, under license)  7/2011
CherryBerry Self-Serve Yogurt Bar (U-Swirl International, Inc., by 1/17/2014 assignment)  3/2014
Cherrybrook (Cherrybrook, Inc.)  2/1993
Chester's (Chester's International, LLC)  12/2005
Chicken Guy! (Chicken Guy (Franchisor), LLC, under license)  11/2019
Chickery (The)  Real Tasty Chicken & Sides (Chickery Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2016
Chick-fil-A (Chick-fil-A, Inc., under license)  8/2014
Chico's (Chico's International, Inc.)  2/1990
Childrens Lighthouse (Children's Lighthouse Franchise Company) 1/2003
Children’s School of Yoga (The) (The Children’s School of Yoga, Inc., under license)  3/2014
Chili's (Brinker International, Inc., under license)  10/2008
Chili's (Brinker International Payroll Company, L.P., successor franchisor)  7/2010
Chinese Mirch (Chinese Mirch, Inc., under license)  2/2008
ChipsAway (ChipsAway, Inc.)  8/1995
ChiroWay (ChiroWay Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2019
Chocolate Factory (The)*
Chocolate Works (Chocolate Works NY, LLC)  6/2014
Choice Seating Gallery (Choice Seating Franchise Corporation)  3/1989
Choices (Uni-Vite, Inc.)  11/1992
Chroma Copy Franchise of America, Inc.  6/1983
Chronic Tacos (Chronic Tacos Enterprises, Inc.)  4/2015
Chutney Joe’s Indian Diner (Chutney Joe’s LLC, under license)  5/2011
Chyten Educational Services (Chyten Franchising, Inc., under license)  1/2007
Ciao Bella (Ciao Bella Franchise Systems, LLC, under license) 12/2005
Cinch IT (Cinch Franchise LLC, by assignment)  3/2019
Cinnabon  12/1987
Cinnamonster (Cinnamonster Franchise Group, Inc.)  3/1996
Circle K (TMC Franchise Corporation, under license)  7/2015
City Saver (City Saver Franchising LLC, under license)  10/2011
CKO Kickboxing (Club KO Franchise LLC)  3/2010
Claflin Home Health Centers (Claflin Home Health Centers, Inc.)  5/1985
Classic Handyman Company (C.H. Franchising, Inc.) 7/2002
Classic Shine (Classic Shine Franchise Corporation)  12/1988
Classy Closets (CHRLS Enterprises, Inc., under license)  3/2008
Clean Air (Clean Air Lawn Care, Inc.)  11/2007
Clean Comedians (Clean Comedians, Inc.)  12/1996
Clean Cover (Sanitech Franchise Members Inc., under license)  7/2014
Clean Eatz (Clean Eatz Franchising LLC)  1/2020
Clean Juice (Clean Juice Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2017
Clean Serv  3/1992
Clean Smoke (Smokeless Planet, LLC, under license)  4/2014
Cleaner Options (Delivery, L.L.C.) 4/1997
Cleaner Spot (The) Drycleaning Shirts Tailoring (Spot Enterprises, LLC)  9/2008
Cleaning Authority (The) (The Cleaning Authority,  Inc. by assignment of Mighty Maids, Inc.) ;  4/2004
Cleaning Authority (The) (The Cleaning Authority, LLC, by assignment)  8/2020
Cleaning Authority (The) (The Cleaning Authority Franchising SPE LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  7/2021
Cleanmark (Cleanmark Corporation)  3/1987
Clear Lights (Clear Lights Franchising Corporation, under license)  9/2012
Clix (COMON Group, Inc.)  5/2006
Closet & Storage Concepts (Closets Unlimited of New Jersey, Inc.)  4/2012
Closet Factory (The Closet Factory Franchise Corporation, under license)  7/2013
Closets by Design (CBD Franchising, Inc., under license)  3/2018
Closet Tailors (Closet Tailors, LLC)  1/2008
Clothes Bin  Clothes & Shoes Recycling Bins (FLSC Recycling, LLC)  7/2021
Clovr Life Spa (Spa Acquisitions, LLC, under license)  6/2021
Club 50 (Club 50, Inc.) 6/2005
Club 50 Fitness Centers (Club 50, Inc.) 6/2005
Club Berlitz (Berlitz Franchising Corporation) 10/1997
[Design Symbol] (Club Pilates Global, Inc., under license)  10/2012
Club Sandwich (Club Sandwich Franchising, Inc.)  5/1993
Club Z! (Club Z! Inc.) 4/1999
Clubhouse Golf (Clubhouse Golf Franchise Limited Partnership)  8/1990
Clubstore Outlet (Clubstore Outlet, LLC)  9/2016
CMIT Solutions (CMIT Solutions, LLC, by assignment)  4/2020
Coastal Angler Magazine (Coastal Angler Magazine Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  10/2010
COBS Bread (Bakers Delight Holdings Ltd.)  10/2013
COBS Bread (COBS USA Inc. – successor franchisor to Bakers Delight Holdings Ltd.)  6/2014
Code Ninjas (Code Ninjas, LLC)  4/2018
Code Wiz (Code Wiz Franchise System LLC, under license)  9/2019
Coder School (The) (The Coder School San Francisco, LLC, by assignment)  2/2018
Cody's Original Roadhouse (Cody's Restaurant System, L.L.C., by assignment)  8/2015
Coffee News (Coffee News USA) 2/1998
Colbert/Ball (CB Tax Franchise Systems LP, under license)  6/2008
Colbrin Aircraft Exchange (Colbrin Franchise Systems, Inc.) 4/1987
Cold Stone Creamery (Cold Stone Creamery, Inc.) 4/2000
Cole's Backyard Grill (Cole's Backyard Grill Franchising, LLC)  3/2017
Collect America (Collect America, Ltd.)  10/2006
College Hunks Hauling Junk (CHHJ Franchising L.L.C., under license)  8/2010
College Nannies & Tutors (College Nannies & Tutors Development, Inc., by assignment)  6/2006
College Pro Painters (College Pro Painters, Ltd.)  11/1988
College Prospects of America (College Prospects of America, Inc.)  5/1990
Colony International Resort (Radisson Hotels International, Inc.)  5/1990
Colorall (Colorall Technologies International, Inc.) 8/1999
ColorCarpet (Color Tile, Inc.)  7/1993
Color Glo (CGI International, Inc.)  11/1984
Color Guard CG Peak of Protection (ColorGuard, Inc.)  11/1991
ColorsOnParade  The Original Bodyshop on Wheels (Total Car Franchising Corporation)  7/2018
Color Tile (Color Tile, Inc.)  7/1992
Color World Housepainting (Color World Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  10/2018
Comfort Keepers (CK Franchising, Inc.) 6/2000
Commission Express (Commission Express National, Inc.) 2/2005
Communications World (Communications World International, Inc.  8/1997
Communidyne (Communidyne Incorporated)  11/1988
Companion Connection Senior Care (Companion Connection Senior Care, Inc., by assignment)  10/2010
Complete Garage (The) (The Complete Garage, LLC, by assignment from Concrete Technologies, Inc.) 4/2004
ComplexCity (ComplexCity Spa, Inc., by assignment)  2/2018
Compressor World (World Air Solutions, Inc., under license)  9/2012
Compuchild (Compuchild Franchisor LLC, by assignment)  4/2020
Computerbay (Computers Unlimited of Wisconsin, Inc.)  3/1992
Computer Renaissance (Grow Biz International, Inc.)  11/1994
Computer Troubleshooters (Computer Troubleshooters USA, Inc., under license)  10/2011
Computer Tune and Lube (CTL Holding Company)  5/1994
Computer U for Seniors (Computer U Learning Centers, LLC) 10/1998
Concrete Technology, Inc.*
Coney Beach (Coney Beach Franchise System, LLC)  5/2008
Congress Rotisserie (Congress Rotisserie, Inc.)  12/1992
Conklin Company, Inc. (L) (Head Start; Luboil; Powersoak Rapid Roof; Rust Aside) 3/1986
Connected Office (The Utility Company Ltd.)  5/2010
Consignment Galleries (Whitehead, Ltd.)  5/1988
Consignment "Originals" (Consignco Franchise Corporation)  4/1995
Consultis (Consultis, Inc.) 1/2000
Con-Test Franchise Corp.  9/1993
Contours Express (Contours Express, Inc.) 3/2003
Contours Express (Contours Express, LLC, by assignment)  10/2006
Cookie Advantage (Cookie Advantage, Inc.)  6/2016
Cookie Cutters CC (Cookie Cutters Franchising Inc., by assignment)  4/2016
Cookies by Design (Cookie Bouquet Franchising Corporation)  9/1993
Cookies by Design (Designed Cookies, Inc., under license)  2/2008
Cool-de-Sac (CDS Concepts Group, LLC, under license) 5/2011
Copper Branch (Copper Branch Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2017
Cordially Yours (Cordially Yours, LLC) 10/2000
Core Progression (Core Progression Franchise, LLC, by assignment)  1/2018
CoreLife Eatery (CoreLife Eatery Franchisor, LLC, under license)  4/2019
Corner Performer (DJH Marketing, LLC)  3/2013
Cornwell Quality Tools Company, Inc.  7/1998
Cornwell Quality Tools, Inc.  8/1992
Corporate Caterers (Corporate Caterers Franchisor, LLC, under license)  9/2018
Corporate Cleaning Group (Corporate Cleaning Group Franchise Systems LLC) 10/2018
Corporate Investment Business Brokers, Inc.  7/1984
Cosi (Cosi Franchise Holdings LLC, under license)  4/2019
CosmaLite (CosmaLite Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2013
Costa Vida (Costa Vida Management, LLC, under license)  6/2012
Cottage Inn Pizza (Cottage Inn Carry Out and Delivery, Inc.)  2/2017
Count Junkula (Count Junkula Franchising LLC, by assignment)  9/2020
Country Clutter (Country Visions)  6/1995
Country Hearth Inn (Vantage Franchising, Inc., under license)  4/2015
Country Hearth Inn (Red Lion Hotels Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  5/2017
Country Kitchen (Kitchen Investment Group, Inc. d/b/a Country Kitchen International) 4/2004
Coustic-Glo International, Inc.*
Cowboy Chicken (Cowboy Chicken, Inc.)  11/1994
Coyote Canyon (Stockade Companies, Inc.) 5/2002
CP Anchor and Rope (symbol) (C.P. Franchising, Inc.) 9/2002
CPR123 (CPR123 Franchise, Inc., under license)  10/2016
CPU Computer Corporation*
CQ (Conquer Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2018
Crack Team Inc. (The) (Crack Team USA, Inc. under license) 10/2005
Crack Team USA (Crack Team USA, Inc., under license)  10/2005
Craft Beer Cellar (Craft Beer Stellar, LLC, under license)  10/2013
CRAVE Hot Dogs Barbecue Est. 2018 (CRAVE Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2019
Crawl Space Ninja (Crawlspace Ninja Franchising LLC, under license)  12/2020
Cre8 a Couch (Cre8 A Couch Franchise Systems, Inc., under license)  8/2015
Creatif (Creatif Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2021
Creative World School (Creative World Schools Franchising Company, Inc., under license)  10/2012
Crema Lita (CremaLita Franchising, LLC) 3/2003
Crepemaker (Oui Du Crepes, Inc., under license)  5/2007
CrepeMaker (Crepes Franchise LLC, under license)  3/2017
Crestcom (Crestcom International, Ltd.) 8/1997
Crestcom (Crestcom International, LLC, successor to Crestcom International, Ltd., by assignment) 7/2008
Crisp & Green (Crisp & Green Franchising LLC, under license)  6/2020
Crispy Banh Mi Sandwiches & Café (Crispy Franchisor, Inc., by assignment)  1/2020
Criterium Engineers (Coast to Coast Engineering Services, Inc.)  6/2015
Critter Control (Critter Control, Inc.)  8/1989
Critter Yard Cards (Critter Yard Cards Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2013
Crossings by GrandStay (GrandStay Hospitality, LLC)  3/2011
Crown Trophy, Inc.  9/1989
CruiseOne, Inc.  12/1993
Cruise Planners (C.P. Franchising, Inc.)*
Cruisin' Tikis (Cruisin' Tikis International, Inc., under license)  11/2018
Crumbl Cookies (Crumbl Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2020
Crunch (Crunch Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2010
Crushr (Smash Brothers, LLC, under license)  5/2021
Crystal Clean (Heritage Environmental Services, LLC) 10/2000
Crystal Clean Services, LLC*
CTI Concrete Technology Incorporated (Concrete Technology, Inc.)  1/1996
Cupcake Charlie’s (Cupcake Charlie’s Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2013
Cupcake Lane Bakery (Cupcake Lane Bakery Franchise, LLC, under license)  1/2009
Cups Frozen Yogurt - That's Hot (Cups, LLC)  5/2013
Current Meditation (Enlightened Ventures LLC)  6/2017
CurrentSafe (ABM Franchising Group, LLC, under license)  3/2014
Curry Up Now (Francun Inc., under license)  4/2018
Curves (Curves International, Inc.)  6/2007
Custard Beach (Custard Beach Franchise Corporation)  10/1996
Custom Signs Today (Custom Signs Today International, Inc.)  2/1989
CX Computer Exchange (CX Computer Exchange Franchising, Inc.)  7/1989

D & K Stores (Larchwood Retail Group, Inc.)  8/1992
D1 (D1 Sports Franchise, LLC, under license)  8/2016
Dae Gee (Dae Gee Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2021
Dance Vision (Dance Vision Franchise International, Inc., by assignment)  6/2021
Dans Un Jardin (Century Franchising Company, Inc.)*
Dapper Doughnut (The) (Chicago Doughnut Franchise Company LLC)  11/2017
Dashing Diva (Dashing Diva Franchise Corp.)  5/2008
Data Doctors (Data Doctors Franchise Systems, Inc. under license from Data Doctors, Inc. f/k/a Rx Systems, Inc.) 11/2004
Dave's Hot Chicken (Dave's Hot Chicken Franchise Co., LLC, by assignment)  9/2021
David's Cookies  12/1984
Day-Timer (Day-Timers, Inc.)  5/1998
Daz Bog Coffee Co. (Dazbog Coffee Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2012
Dazbog (Dazbog Coffee Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2012
DB (DB Companies, Inc.) 4/1998
DB Mart (DB Companies, Inc.) 4/1998
Ddsmatch (Ddsmatch Franchise, LLC, under license)  2/2020
Dealer Specialties (Dealer Specialties, Inc.)  7/1995
Deck Savers (Decksavers Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2015
Deck the Walls (Deck the Walls, Inc.)  4/1992
Deco Home Center (Deco Home Stores, Inc.)  2/1996
Decor & You (Decor & You, Inc., under license)  3/2010
Decorating Den (Decorating Den Systems, Inc.)  9/1989
Decorating Den Interiors (Decorating Den Systems, Inc.)  3/2013
Dedicated to Living Debt Free (Financial Control Associates, Inc.)  11/1993
Deka Lash (DL Franchising, LLC f/k/a MJ MK Enterprises, LLC, under license)  9/2019; 12/2016
DeLiceful (DeLiceful Franchise, LLC, under license)  2/2012
Delphi Stained Glass Centers, Inc.  9/1983
Delta Disaster Services (Delta Development Group, LLC, under license)  6/2018
Denino's (Denino's Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2016
DentalFix Rx  Service Supplies Equipment (DentalFix Rx, LLC)  6/2014
Dental Support Plus (Dental Support Plus Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2013
Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics (DLC Dermacare, LLC) 4/2006
Dermani MedSpa (dermani MEDSPA Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2020
Designated Drivers (Designated Drivers Franchising, Inc., under license)  10/2013
Designer's Eye (A) (ADE Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2007
Dessange (Dessange Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2016
Destination Athlete (Destination Athlete, LLC)  2/2020
Detail Garage (Detail Garage, LLC)  8/2016
Dial A Mattress (Dial-A-Mattress International, Ltd.)  6/1992
Dial & Dine (Dial & Dine Delivery Club, Inc.)  1/1996
Dialtronix (Dialtronix Corporation)  6/1996
Diamp (Diamp Network LLC, under license)  7/2008
Dickey's Barbecue Pit  Since 1941 (Dickey's Barbecue Restaurants, Inc., under license)  12/2016
Diet Institute, Inc.*
Digikids (DigiSafe Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  7/2011
Dine-In Delivery (Dine-In Delivery Licensing, Inc., by assignment)  5/2011
Dippin Dots - Ice Cream of the Future (Dippin' Dots Franchising) 11/1999
Disc Go Round (Grow Biz International, Inc.)  4/1996
Discovery Map  The Journey Starts Here (Discovery Map International, Inc.)  12/2017
Discovery Zone (Discovery Zone, Inc.)  4/1991
Dis-In-Fx (The Germ Experts LLC, under license)  9/2017
Diversified Expos (Diversified Marketing International) 7/1997
Division 10 (Winston Franchise Corporation)  3/1989
Dixie Cream (Dixie Cream Donuts Franchise System, LLC, by assignment)  6/2009
DKI (Disaster Kleenup International, Inc., under license)  6/2010
DKI (Disaster Kleenup International, LLC, under license)  5/2011
DM (Dairy Mart Convenience Stores, Inc.)  12/1985
Doan & Co. (Doan & Co. Franchising Corp.)  12/2007
Doan Group (The) (Woodland Capital Franchising, Inc., under license)  5/2020
Doc Popcorn (Doc Popcorn Development, Inc., under license)  10/2009
Doc Popcorn (Doc Popcorn Franchising L.L.C., under license) [successor franchisor]  9/2015
Doctors Express (Doctors Express Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2008
Doctors Express (DRX Urgent Care, LLC, under license)  4/2012
Doctors Express Urgent Care When You Need It (AFC Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  6/2013
Docuprocess (Docuprocess, Inc.)  1/2001
Dog Haus (Dog Haus Worldwide, LLC, by assignment)  4/2019
DogSmith (The) (DogSmith Franchise Services, Inc., by assignment)  6/2010
Dog Stop (The) (The Dog Stop Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  4/2017
Dogtopia (Better Together, LLC, under license)  7/2016
Dog Wizard Inc. (The) (The Dog Wizard Academy, LLC, by assignment)  6/2016
Dollar Castle – Where Everything is a Dollar! (Dollar Castle Franchise, LLC, under license)  2/2006
Dollar Rent-A-Car  3/1988
Dollar Rent-A-Car Systems (Dollar Systems, Inc.)  8/1990
DollarTrak (General Business Services, Inc.)  6/1993; 4/1990
Domestic Aide, Inc.  6/1987
Dominic's of New York (FoodNet Franchising, Inc.)  3/1998
Doner Kebab (GDK USA, Inc., under license)  4/2018
Donut Crazy  Hand-Forged X Crafted With Love (DonutCrazy LLC)  12/2017
Donut Inn  4/1992
DoodyCalls (DoodyCalls Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2007
DoodyCalls (DoodyCalls Franchising SPE LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  8/2021
Doorologist (Doorologist Franchising L.L.C., under license)  7/2011
Doubletree Hotel Systems  6/1995
Dough Life (Dough Boyz Franchise, LLC, under license)  11/2018
Doughnuttery (Doughnuttery Franchise, LLC, under license)  1/2019
Downsize Fitness (DSF Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2014
D.P. Dough (D.P. Dough, Inc.)  9/1996
Drama Kids International (Drama Kids International, Inc.) 4/2003
Dr. DecknFence (Dr. DecknFence Franchise Corporation, under license)  3/2010
Dr. DecknFence (Mr. Sandless Franchise LLC [successor franchisor], under license)  3/2017
Dreamcatcher Learning Centers, Inc. (Dreamcatcher Franchise Corp.) 2/1997
Dream Dinners . . . Life Just Got Easier! (Dream Dinners, Inc.) 5/2005
Driven Landscapes (Driven Landscapes Franchising Corporation, under license)  8/2016
Driverseat (Driverseat, Inc., under license)  2/2020
Driversnet (Drive 1, Ltd.) 8/2000
Dri Wash 'N Guard (Dri-Kleen, Inc.)  3/1994
Dr. Nick’s Transmissions (Nick’s System, Inc.)  3/1983
DRNK Coffee + Tea (DRNK Coffee + Tea Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2020
Drx Nick’s Transmissions (Moran Industries, Inc., by assignment)  5/2014
Drug Emporium, Inc.  9/1983
Dr X Motorworx Remanufactured Engine Installation Center (Motorworks, Inc.)  10/1993
Dry-B-Lo (Dry-B-Lo International, Inc.) 8/2000
DryClean-U.S.A. (DryClean-U.S.A., Inc.)  9/1989
Dry Cleaning To-Your-Door (Dry Cleaning To-Your-Door, Inc.) 8/2005
Dryer Vent Wizard (Dryer Vent Wizard International, LLC, by assignment)  6/2014
Dryer Vent Wizard (Dryer Vent Wizard SPV LLC [Successor Franchisor], by assignment)  4/2021
Dryject (Dryject Management, LLC, by assignment)  12/2018
Duck Donuts (Duck Donuts Franchising Company, LLC, under license)  6/2015
Duck Donuts (Duck Donuts Holdings, LLC [successor franchisor], under license)  10/2021
Ducklings Early Learning Center (J. Thompson Learning Centers, LLC, under license)  7/2020
Duff's Famous Wings (Duff's Franchise Group, Inc., under license)  4/2011
Dumpster Depot (The) (Dumpster Depot Licensing, LLC, under license)  1/2009
Dumpster Dudez (Dumpster Dudez Franchising LLC, under license)  1/2021
Duraclean (Duraclean International, Inc.)  1/1990
Dyematic (Professional Carpet System, Inc.) 7/2000
Dynamark Security Centers, Inc.*
Dynamex (Dynamex Domestic Franchising, Inc., under license)  11/2006
Dynamic Advisory Solutions (Global CFOs, Inc., under license)  1/2010
Dynamics, Inc.*
Dystopia Rising (Dystopia Rising LLC, under license)  8/2015

E Spider Squad The Internet Experts (The Internet Experts, LLC)  5/2008
EagleRider (EagleRider, Inc.)  4/2003
Eagle Shield Incorporated (Eagle Shield Franchise Group, Inc., under license)  3/2008
Eaglespeed (Eaglespeed, Inc.)  5/1987
Eagle Tax Service (Eagle Tax Services Group, Inc.)  8/2007
Earl of Sandwich (Earl of Sandwich (USA), LLC, under license)  5/2019
East Bay Deli (East Bay Deli Franchise, Inc., under license)  7/2014
East Coast Organic Mattress Store (The) (The East Coast Organic Mattress Store, Inc., under license)  5/2011
EasyVet (Easyvet Holdings LLC, by assignment)  7/2019
EasyVet (Easyvet Holdings Inc. [Successor Franchisor], by assignment)  12/2020
Eat at Joe’s (E.A.J. Franchising, Ltd.)  5/1990
Eat Maid-Rite  Since 1926 (Maid-Rite Corporation)  8/2009
Eat Right, Right Away! (Sandella's Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2007
Eat the Frog Fitness (ETF Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2017
Eatza Pizza (Eatza Pizza, Inc. f/k/a EP Food Services, Inc.) 4/2005
Eco Laundry Company (The) (Telcfran LLC, under license)  3/2019
Ecomaids (Ecomaids LLC, by assignment)  10/2019
Ecomat (Ecofranchising, Inc.) 1/1997
Ecowash Mobile (Master Franchise and Direct Franchise) (Ecowash Mobile USA, Inc., under license)  7/2010
Edgemaster Mobile Sharpening (Edgemaster Franchising, Inc.)  11/2009
Edible Arrangements (Edible Arrangements Franchise Group, Inc.) 6/2003
Edley's Bar-B-Que  A Tribute To All Things Southern (Edley's Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2017
EDSA Group (The) (The EDSA Group, Inc.) 8/1998
Edufit (Edufit Franchise, Inc., under license)  6/2009
Egg & I (The) (E&I Holdings, Inc., by assignment)  10/2010
Einstein Bros.(Einstein/Noah Bagel Corp. f/k/a Progressive Bagel Concepts) 4/1998
Einstein Bros. (Einstein and Noah Corp.)  2/2013
Einstein Bros. (Einstein Bros. Bagels Franchise Corporation, under license)  10/2016
Elements Therapeutic Massage (Elements Therapeutic Massage, Inc.)  4/2008
Elements Therapeutic Massage (Elements Therapeutic Massage, LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  4/2019
Elephant House (Elephant House, Inc.) 6/2000
Elephant In The Room Men's Grooming Lounge (Elephant In The Room Franchising Company, LLC, under license)  11/2018
Elephant's Trunk (The) (Tale of the Elephant's Trunk, Inc.)  8/1989
Elevation Burger (Elevation Franchise Ventures LLC, under license)  3/2008
El Pollo Asado (El Pollo Asado Franchising Corporation)  8/1986
Eliances (Eliances, LLC, under license)  10/2020
ElizaJ (International Finest Restroom Corporation, by assignment) 12/2004
eMaids Inc, Experience You Can Click On! (eMaids Franchising, LLC)  4/2017
Embroidery Concepts Plus (ECP Enterprises, Inc.)  3/1993
Emerald Green (EG Systems, Inc.)  6/1995
Emerald Green (Emerald Green, Inc.)  9/1986
Emergency Dental Care USA (Dental Care USA Franchise Services, Inc., by assignment)  6/2015
Energy Components & Associates, Inc.  6/1984
Energy Shear (Energy Shear of America, Inc.)  1984
Engage & Grow (Engage and Grow Global Pty Ltd.)  11/2018
Engel & Volkers (Engel & Voelkers N.Y. LLC, under license)  5/2011
Engel & Volkers (Engel & Voelkers North East LLC, under license)  4/2007
Engel & Volkers (Engel & Volkers U.S. Holdings, Inc., under license)  3/2006
Engineering For Kids (EK Franchising Company, under license)  5/2016
Entrees Made Easy (Entrees Made Easy Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2006
Entrepreneur's Source (The) (The Entrepreneur's Source, Inc.) 4/2000
Entrepreneur's Source (The) (TES Franchising, L.L.C.)  3/2019
Envirocare (Envirocare Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  5/2020
Enviro-Tech International (Enviro-Tech International)  3/1994
EOS (EOS Worldwide Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2021
Epcon (Epcon Communities Franchising, Inc. f/k/a Epmark, Inc.)  5/2014
Epcon (Epcon Communities Franchising, LLC [successor franchisor], under license)  2/2020
Epcon Communities (Epcon Communities Franchising, Inc. f/k/a Epmark, Inc.)  5/2014
Epmark (Epmark, Inc.) 8/1998
EPosterboard (EPosterboards Development, LLC, under license)  2/2020
EQ3 (EQ3 Franchise Holdings, Inc., under license)  4/2007
Equality (Equality Plus Telecommunications Corporation)  10/1993
Equipment Savers (Equipment Savers Franchising, LLC)  2/2006
ERC (ERC Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  8/2009
ERC Expense Reduction Consulting (ERC Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  8/2009
ERS (Employment Research Services Corporation)  4/1992
ERS (Restoration Specialties Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  4/2012
ERS Electronic Restoration Services (Restoration Specialties Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  4/2012
Escape Hunt (Escape Hunt USA Franchises Limited, under license)  7/2021
Escapology (Escapology LLC, under license)  4/2019
Esio (Esio Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2011
ESPN Zone (ESPN Enterprises, Inc., under license)  7/2006
Espresso Americano (Espresso Americano Franchise Corporation, under license)  2/2015
Espresso Italia (Espresso Italia Marketing, Inc.) 3/2004
Essential Care (Essential Care, LLC, under license)  4/2013
ETD Experience the Difference (Shell Oil Company)  11/1991
European Wax Center (EWC Franchise Group, Inc., under license)  3/2010
Evans (Evans Garment Restoration, LLC, under license) 8/2005
Even (Holiday Hospitality Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2014
Everbowl (Everbowl Franchise, LLC, under license)  1/2020
Everything Yogurt & Salad*
Eviction Guard (Keyrenter Franchise, LLC, under license)  11/2014
Excel (Excel Telecommunications, Inc., Dallas, TX) 2/2000
Excel Connections (Excel Communications, Inc., Dallas, TX) 2/2000
Execusystems, Inc.   12/1986
Executive Care Your Home Care Company (Executive Home Care Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2014
Exercise Coach (The) (Exercise Coach USA, LLC, by assignment)  10/2018
Exit (Exit Realty Corp. International) 3/1999
Exotic Tans (Exotic Tans International Inc.) 2/2010
Expense Reduction Analysts, Inc. (a subsidiary of Evercertain, Ltd.) 11/2002
Experimac (Experimac Franchising, LLC)  5/2016
Expressions (Expressions in Fabrics, Ltd.)  2/1993
Extra Innings (EI Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  4/2007
Extreme Pizza (OOC, Inc.)  12/2008
Eye Level (Daekyo America, Inc., under license)  1/2021
Eyesthere (EYESthere Franchising, Inc., under license)  11/2007
E-Z Legal (American Marketing Associates)  4/1996
EZ Pro Delivery (EZ Pro Delivery Franchising, Inc., under license)  10/2008

F2O (F2O Franchising Company, LLC, by assignment)  4/2011
F45 Training (F45 Training Incorporated)  11/2015
Fabulous Frocks (FF Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  7/2013
Faces365 (Faces365, Inc., under license)  12/2009
Fala Bar (Fala Bar Franchising, Inc., under license)  5/2017
Falafill (Falafill Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2014
Falls View Grill (Falls View Grill Franchise, Inc., under license)  1/2008
Family Affair (Family Affair, Inc.)  11/1983
Family Haircut Store (Rancar Corporation)  3/1988
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie (The) (Baystate Snacks II, Inc., under license)  2/1994
Famous Famiglia (Famiglia-DeBartolo Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  6/2010
Famous Recipe Fried Chicken*
Famous Toastery (Holiday Park Partners, LLC, under license)  6/2015
Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs (Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs and Grille, Inc., under license)  7/2006
Fan Fair Development Corporation*
Fannie May (Fannie May Franchise, LLC, under license)  1/2010
Fantastic Sam’s  4/1988
Fantastic Sams Cut and Color (Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporation)  2/2020
Farm Stores (Farm Stores Franchising, LLC, under license)  12/2017
Farr’s Fresh (Farr’s Fresh Franchising, Inc., under license)  9/2012
Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping (Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping, Inc., under license)  11/2007
Fast & Friendly Floorcare (F3 Franchisors, Inc.)  1/2007
Fas-Tes (Fas-Tes Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  5/2017
Fast-Fix Jewelry Repairs (Jewelry Repair Enterprises, Inc.)  5/1993
Fastrackids (Fastrackids International, Ltd.) 8/1999
Fastserv Medical*
Fastsigns (American Fastsigns, Inc.)  3/1988
Fastsigns (Fastsigns International, Inc.)  8/2019
Fast-Teks (Fast-Teks, Inc., under license)  11/2006
Fat Belly Deli (Fat Belly Deli, Inc.)  8/1987
Fat Patty’s (CSA Franchise, Inc., under license)  1/2015
Fat Sandwiches (Are U Hungry, LLC)  2/2009
Fat Shack (Fat Shack America, LLC, by assignment)  2/2015
Fax-9 (Faxline, Inc.)  6/1993
Fazoli's (Fazoli's Franchising Systems, LLC, under license)  8/2018
FCP Live-In (FCP Holdings LLC, under license)  7/2019
FedVan (FedVan Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2018
Fence Dynamics (Fence Dynamics Franchising, Inc., under license)  1/2018
Fetch! (Fetch! Pet Care, Inc., under license)  3/2010
F.H.O. For Homebuyers Only (F.H.O., Inc.)  3/1993
Fibrenew (Fibrenew USA, Ltd., under license)  2/2006
Fibrenew (Fibrenew International, Ltd.) 4/2003
Field of Dreams (Dreams Franchise Corporation)  7/1994
Field Trip Friends Parent-Child Educational Adventures (Field Trip Friends Franchise, Inc.)  8/2012
Fierce45 (Fierce45 Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  1/2020
Fiesta Insurance (Fiesta Insurance Franchise Corporation)  3/2010
Fifi's (Fifi Queen Enterprises, Inc., by assignment)  10/2011
Figaro's (Figaro's Italian Pizza, Inc.) 3/1998; 2/2004
FilesAnywhere (Officeware Corporation)  3/2020
Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions (The Filta Group Inc)  8/2010
Filtacool (The Filta Group Inc.)  8/2010
FiltaFry (The Filta Group Inc.)  6/2009
Financial Freedom Report (Financial Freedom Report, Inc.)  9/1993
Fine Designs (Fine Designs, Inc.)  5/1989
Fine Threads, Inc.  6/1988
FinishFirst Auto Appearance, Inc. (FinishFirst Auto Appearance, Inc.)  8/2010
FinishFirst The Auto Appearance Company (FinishFirst Auto Appearance, Inc.)  8/2010
Finn & Porter (Hilton Inns, Inc., under license)  11/2006
Fire & Rice (Fire & Rice Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2016
Firehouse Movers (Firehouse Movers U.S.A., Inc., under license)  3/2020
Firespring (Digital IMS, Inc.)  7/2008
Firestorm 24/7 (Firestorm 24/7, LLC)  12/2009
Firkin (Firkin Pubs, LLC, by assignment)  5/2006
First Choice Business Brokers (First Choice Business Brokers, Inc.)   4/2009
First Class Seats (First Class Seats Business Services, LLC, by assignment) 12/2004
First Contact (HR First Contact Franchising, LLC) 1/2003
First General Services (First General Services Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2010
First General Services (First General Services United States, Inc., under license)  3/2013
First Watch (First Watch Franchise Development Co., under license)  5/2008
Fish Window Cleaning (Fish Window Cleaning Services, Inc.) 6/2000
Fit 36 (Fit 36, LLC f/k/a Fit 36, Inc., by assignment) [Unit Franchise]  11/2015
Fit 36 [Area Director Franchise Program] (Fit 36, LLC, by assignment)  7/2016
Fit4Mom (Stroller Strides, LLC)  5/2018
Fit Body Boot Camp Unstoppable Fitness Formula (Fit Body Boot Camp, Inc., under license)  12/2011
Fitness Machine Technicians FMT (Proexco, LLC, under license)  10/2016
Fitness Revolution (Fitness Revolution International, LLC, under license)  7/2012
Fitwall (Fitwall Studio Systems, LLC, under license)  7/2014
Fitwize 4 Kids  The Fun That Fits Your Kids (Fitwize 4 Kids, Inc.)  12/2005
Fitzone for Women (Fit Zone for Women International, Inc., by assignment)  4/2006
Five Guys (Five Guys Enterprises, LLC, under license)  7/2008
Five Napkin Burger (Burger For Two, LLC, under license)  6/2013
Five Star Bath Solutions (Five Star Bath, LLC)  4/2017
Five Star Holiday Decor (Five Star Holiday Decor, Inc.)  7/2012
Five Star Painting (Five Star Painting, Inc., a Nevada corporation, under license)  10/2014
Five Star Painting (Five Star Painting SPV LLC, by assignment)  7/2021
FixRim (FixRim Mobile Wheel Repair, LLC, under license)  9/2010
FlannelJax's (KAM Sharp Franchising America Inc., under license)  7/2019
Flatbread Grill (Flatbread Grill Franchising Systems, LLC, under license)  10/2016
Fleet Clean (FW Fleet Clean, LLC, by assignment)  2/2019
Fleet Feet (Fleet Feet, Incorporated)  4/2005
Flip Flop Shops (Flip Flop Shops Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  1/2010
Flippin’ Pizza New York Style (Flippin’ Pizza International, LLC, under license)  3/2011
Flips (Flips Franchise, Inc., under license)  7/2013
Floor Club (The) (The Floor Club, Inc.) 5/2000
F-L-O-O-R Coverings International - The Carpet Store At Your Door (Floorcoverings International, Ltd.)  6/1994
Floor Fashion Center (Armstrong World Industries, Inc.)  4/1992 and 6/1986
Floors to Go (Floors to Go, LLC) 6/2002
Floral Image (Floral Image (USA), LLC, under license)  10/2017
Florian (Florian Excel Retail Network, Inc.) 2/1999
Flour Power Kids Cooking Studios (Flour Power Business Development, Inc., by assignment)  6/2021
Flowerama of America, Inc.  11/1986
Flower Tent (Flower Tent USA, Inc., by assignment)  3/2012
Floyd’s 99 (Floyd’s 99 Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2006
Fly Chix (Fly Chix Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2021
Flyfoe (Flyfoe, LLC, by assignment)  10/2019
Flying J. Franchise, Inc.  6/1988
Flying Locksmiths (The) (TFL Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  6/2015
Flying Tiger Copenhagen (Zebra A/S)  10/2017
Focused Tax Solutions (FTS Holdings, LLC, by assignment)  2/2015
Foliage Design Systems  Nature Outdoors . . . Nationwide (Foliage Design Systems Franchise Company, by assignment)  2/2016
FoodJets (FoodJets Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2018
Foot Efx (Foot Efx, LLC) 8/2005
Footprints Floors (Footprints Floors, LLC)  8/2018
Forever Fondue (Forever Fondue Corporate, Inc., by assignment) 6/2005
Forever Yogurt (Forever Yogurt FC, LLC, by assignment)  7/2013
Forever Yogurt (Forever Brands Operating Company, LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  8/2016
For Eyes (For Eyes Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2018
Fork & Salad (Lettuce Eat Maui, LLC, under license)  8/2018
Formu-3 International (Formu-3 International, Inc.)  6/1990
Forth Financial Network (Forth Financial Resources, Inc.)  4/1988
Fortune Management   Extraordinary Practice   Extraordinary Life (Fortune Practice Management, Inc., by assignment)  7/2019
Foster’s Grille – Home of the Charburger (Foster’s Franchise Concepts, LLC)  9/2008
Fosters Freeze (Fosters Freeze International, LLC, by assignment)  8/2021
Foumami (Foumami America, LLC, under license)  8/2017
Fourth R (The) (The Fourth R, Inc.)  6/1993
Fractured Prune (The Fractured Prune, Inc., by assignment) 2/2005
Fragrance Shop (The) (Fragrance Shop Services, LLC, under license)  11/2008
Framin’ Place (Framin’ Place Franchising, Inc.)  6/1989
Franchise Profits (L) 6/1983
Frank & Teressa's Anchor Bar  Home of the Original Buffalo Wing (Anchor Bar Franchise & Development, LLC, under license)  9/2016
Frankie's Fast Food (The Gourmet of) (Frankie's Franchise  Systems, Inc.) 7/1997; 7/2003
FranNet (FranNet, LLC)  4/2010
FranNet The Franchise Connection (FranNet Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2007
FranSave (FranSave LLC, by assignment)  4/2021
Frappier Acceleration (Acceleration Products, Inc. d/b/a Frappier Acceleration Sports Training)   10/2005
Fred Astaire Dance Studios (Princess, Inc.)  6/1986
Fred Astaire Dance Studios (FADS USA, Inc. f/k/a Megadance USA Corporation, under license)  10/2021
Fred Astaire Dance Studios (Fairfield Dance Promotions, LLC, under license)  10/2021
Freddy's Frozen Custard (Freddy's, L.L.C.)  7/2017
Fred Villari’s Studios of Self Defense  6/1993

Freeb!rds World Burrito (Freebirds Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2011
Freeway Insurance (Confie Franchise Services, LLC, under license)  9/2021
Freihofer’s (The Charles Freihofer Baking Company, Inc.)  1/1996
French Fry Heaven The Best Fries on Earth (FFH World Wide, LLC, under license)  2/2013
Frenchies (Frenchies, LLC)  11/2017
Fresh&Co (Fresh Franchise LLC, under license)  11/2018
FreshBerry (FreshBerry Franchise System, LLC, under license) 1/2009
Fresh Coast (Fresh Coast Franchise LLC, under license)  2/2020
Fresh Green Light (Fresh Green Light Franchise Partners LLC, under license)  10/2013
Fresh Healthy Vending (Fresh Healthy Vending LLC)  2/2013
Freshii (Freshii Development, LLC, under license)  10/2008
Friendship BBQ (Friendship Holding, LLC)  5/2021
Frontier (Frontier Adjusters, Inc.)  10/2011
Froyoworld, Frozen Yogurt Lounge, Indulge Yourself (Froyoworld Licensing, LLC, by assignment)  9/2011
Froyoworld, Frozen Yogurt Lounge, Indulge Yourself (Froyoworld Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2012
Frozen Ropes (Frozen Ropes Baseball Company, LLC, by license) 3/2005
Fro.Zen.Yo (Fro.Zen.Yo Franchising LLC)  8/2011
FRSTeam (FRSTeam LLC, by assignment)  2/2021
Fruitfull (Happy & Healthy Products, Inc.)  2/1995; 1/1996
Frutation (Frutation International, Inc., under license)  3/2007
Frutta Bowls (Frutta Bowls Franchising, L.L.C., under license)  12/2017
Frutta Bowls (SW - Frutta Bowls Franchising Co., LLC, under license)  5/2021
FSI (Filter Service International, Inc.)  7/1990
Fujisan (Fujisan Franchising Corp., under license)  1/2017
Full Circle Image (Ribbon Recyclers, Inc.) 2/1999; 8/1998
Fun Bus (Fun Bus Franchising Group, LLC, under license)  1/2019
Fun Bus Fitness Fun On Wheels (Fun Bus USA, Inc.)  6/2011
Fund America, Inc.  11/1993
Fun 4 US Kids (Fun 4 US Kids, Inc.)  4/2019
Fun Fieldz (Fun Fieldz Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2018
FURLA (FURLA Licensing (USA), Inc.) 5/2004
Furniture Weekend (Weekend Furniture, Inc.)  5/1993
Futurekids (FutureKids, Inc.)  2/1993
FutureTrim (Cote International, Inc.)  3/1990
Fuzziwigs (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. d/b/a Fuzziwig's Candy Factory)  2/1998
Fyzical (Fyzical, LLC, under license)  2/2014
Fyzical (Fyzical, LLC, by assignment)  3/2021

Galt Pharmaceuticals (Galt Phranchise Systems, LLC, under license)  4/2019
Game Force (Game Force Franchising, Inc.)  8/1997
Gamers Heaven (GH Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2021
Games2U (Games2U Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2010
Games2U (Games 2 U, Inc., successor franchisor to Games2U Franchising, LLC)  4/2012
Gamin’ Ride (Gamin’ Ride Franchise Systems, Inc., under license)  4/2009
Garage Force (Garage Force International, Inc., by assignment)  7/2016
Garage Living (Garage Living Franchise Systems USA, Inc., under license)  8/2017
Garage Tek (Garagetek, Inc.)  2/2013
Garage Town USA (Garage Town USA Franchise Services LLC, under license)  8/2008  Unclutter Your World (Garage Experts International, LLC, under license)  11/2013
Garbanzo (Garbanzo Franchising Co., LLC, under license)  8/2021
GatSplat (GatSplat Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2015
GBS (General Business Services, Inc.)  6/1993; 4/1990
G’Day! Pet Care (G’Day! Pet Care, LLC)  3/2011
Gecko Hospitality (Gecko Development Corp., by assignment) 9/2005
Geeks on Call (MMI-GOC, LLC, by assignment)  5/2012
Geese Chasers (GC Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2021
Geese Police (GPI, LLC) 2/2004
General Nutrition Center GNC (GNC Franchising, Inc.)  12/1992
Gentle Slim (Gentle Slim Franchising Corp., under license)  4/2014
GeoWash (Geo Wash, LLC, under license)  10/2012
Geraci's Pasta Seafood & Salad (Dining Concepts, Inc.)  7/1989
Germinator Mobile Sanitizing (Germinator Mobile Sanitizing Franchising Inc., under license)  3/2020
Get Air (Get Air Franchise, Inc., under license)  3/2019
Get in Shape for Women (Get in Shape Franchise, Inc., under license)  3/2010
GFG Cafe Cuisine (GFG Franchise LLC, under license)  9/2021
G-Force (G-Force Franchise Group LLC)  5/2021
GH (Red Lion Hotels Franchising, Inc.)  4/2017
Gibraltar Transmissions (Alliance Capital Design Group, Ltd.)  4/1993
Gibraltar Transmissions (Gibraltar Transmission Corp.)  10/1987
Gigi’s Cupcakes (Gigi’s Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2012
Gilbreath’s (Gilbreath’s Information Services, Inc.)  2/1989
Giorgio’s (Giorgio’s Enterprises, Inc.)  11/1988
Girelli's Sub Shop (Jerry's Systems, Inc.)  8/1987
G.J. Gardner Homes (G.J. Gardner Homes (USA) Pty Ltd., under license)  4/2013
Glamour Shots (Glamour Shots Licensing, Inc.)  11/1992
Glass Doctor (Synergistic International LLC f/k/a Synergistic International, Inc. [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
Glass Doctor (Glass Doctor SPV LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  6/2021
Glass Guru (The) (The Glass Guru Franchise Systems, Inc., by assignment)  10/2011
Glaze Teriyaki Grill (Glaze Teriyaki Franchise Co., LLC, under license)  10/2011
GlobalArt (Global Art & Creative USA, LLC)  7/2018
GlobalGreen Insurance Agency (Equity One Franchisors, LLC, under license)  3/2009
Global Pet Foods (CanAm Pet Foods, LLC, under license)  5/2012
Global Prevention Services (Global Prevention Services, Inc.)  2/2010
Globaltranz (Globaltranz Network LLC)  5/2007
Glory Days (Glory Days Franchising Company, under license)  4/2015
Glove Guy (The) - How's Your Glove Life? (The Glove Lady, LLC)  2/2008
Glove Lady (The) - How's Your Glove Life? (The Glove Lady, LLC)  2/2008
GMAC (GMAC Real Estate, LLC, under license)  4/2010
GNC General Nutrition Centers (GNC Holdings, LLC, by assignment)  2/2021
GNU Services Corporation  3/1988
Go Burrito! (Go Ventures, Inc., by assignment)  5/2019
GoCar Rentals (GoCar Franchise Services, Inc., under license)  8/2006
Goddard School (The) (Goddard Systems, Inc.) 7/2004
Gofer Ice Cream (Gofer Ventures Group, LLC, under license)  3/2007
Gofer Ice Cream (Gofer Franchise Systems LLC [successor franchisor], under license)  11/2019
Goga Studios (Goga Studios, Inc.)  4/2012
GoGo Party Bus (GoGo Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  7/2020
Goin’ Postal (Goin’ Postal Franchise Corporation)  6/2014
GoJoe Patrol (GoJoe Patrol Franchising LLC, by assignment)  7/2021
Gold's Gym (Gold's Gym Franchise LLC, under license)  4/2021
Gold’s Gym Franchising, Inc.  11/1996
Gold Seal (Sunward Corporation)*
Golden Heart Senior Care (Senior Care Business Investments, Inc.)  11/2013
Golden Heart Senior Care (Sarillian Management, LLC [Successor Franchisor], by assignment)  8/2016
Goldfather (The) (The Gold Buyers Franchising LLC)  5/2012
Goldfish Swim School (Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC)  9/2013
Golf Access (Golf Access, Inc.)  9/1992
Golf Etc. (Golf Etc. of America, Inc.) 2/2000; updated 7/2005
Golftec (GolfTEC Franchising, LP, under license)  5/2006
Gong Cha (Gong Cha Franchise LLC, under license)  5/2021
Good Feet (Good Feet Worldwide, LLC, under license) 7/2005
Good Feet Store (The) (Good Feet Worldwide, Inc.) 3/2003
Good Guy Vapes (Good Guy Franchise LLC, under license)  5/2018
Good Life Company (The) (American Sales Corporation)*
Good Stuff Eatery (Good Stuff Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2016
Goosehead Insurance (Goosehead Insurance Agency, LLC, by assignment)  10/2017
Go Roma (Go Roma Franchising, Inc., under license)  12/2011
"Gotcha Covered" (Gotcha Covered Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  4/2021
GoToBrazils (GoToBrazils Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2018
Gotta Grab A Grinder (Bellacino's, Inc.)  9/2005
GP Great Play (Great Play Franchising, LLC under license)  3/2009
Grade Power (Oxford Group International, LLC)  11/2012
Grade Results (Grade Results Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2010
Grandmaster Samane's Pro Martial Arts Karate (Pro Martial Arts Franchise Corporation)  10/2009
GrandStay (GrandStay Hospitality, LLC)  3/2011
Grand Welcome (Grand Welcome Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2020
Granite America (Granite America International, LLC, under license)  2/2014
Granite Transformations (Rocksolid Granit (USA) Inc.) 5/2003
Grasons Estate Sale Services (B & P Burke, Inc.)  4/2017
Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gym (The) (Rock Climbing Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2013
Graze Craze (Graze Craze Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  7/2021
Grease Monkey (Grease Monkey Franchising, LLC)  9/2006
Grease Monkey (Grease Monkey International, Inc.) 8/1997
Grease ‘N Go  12/1986
Great American Cleaners (The) (Great American Cleaners, Inc.)  3/1994
Great American Cookies (GAC Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2011
Great Frame Up (The) (The Great Frame Up Systems, Inc.)  3/1983
Great Greek Mediterranean Grill (The) (Great Greek Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  5/2018
Great Hotels Guests Love (Holiday Hospitality Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2019
Green Beans Coffee (Green Beans Coffee Company USA, LLC, under license)  10/2006
Green Home Solutions (JC Franchising Group, LLC, by assignment)  9/2019
Greene Turtle (The) (The Greene Turtle Franchising Corporation, under license)  3/2009
GreenForm (My GreenForm, LLC, under license)  7/2017
GreenHomes America (ABM Franchising Group, LLC)  1/2014
Greenlight Mobility (GLM Franchising, Limited Liability Company)  10/2018
Green Restoration   Restore and Clean While Staying Green (Green Restoration Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2020
Green Shine Worldwide Professional Ecofriendly Detailers (Green Shine Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  11/2018
Greenz Salads for Z’Adventurous (Greenz Franchise System, LLC, under license)  8/2009
Grimaldi's Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria (CBOP Domestic, Inc., under license)  4/2019
Griswold HomeCare (Griswold International, LLC)  11/2017
Ground Round (The) (Ground Round Independent Owners Cooperative, LLC f/k/a Independent Owners Cooperative, LLC, by assignment)  4/2006
Grounds Guys (The) (The Grounds Guys LLC [predecessor franchisor], by assignment)  6/2021
Grounds Guys (The) (The Grounds Guys SPV LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  6/2021
Grout Doctor (The) (Grout Doctor Global Franchise Corp.)  3/2008
Growler U (GrowlerU Franco, LLC, by assignment)  1/2015
Guaranteed Tune Up (Guaranteed Tune Up, Inc.)  9/1989
Guard-A-Kid Child ID Systems (Guard-A-Kid Franchising Corp., by assignment)  5/2010
Guardsman Woodpro (Guardsman Products, Inc.)  4/1996
GumBusters (GumBusters North America, Inc.) 4/2001
G-Vac (Gutter-Vac, LLC, under license)  11/2011
Gymguyz (Gymguyz Franchising LLC, under license)  12/2013
Gym On Wheels (GOW Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2014

Hair Club for Men (HCM Industries, Inc.)  10/1996
Haircolorxpress International, LLC (HCX Salons International, LLC) 10/2003
Hair Cuttery (Hair Cuttery Franchise, LLC under license)  1/2006
Hair Replacement Systems (Hair Associates, Inc.)  5/1985
HairSaloon (Hair Saloon Franchise Company, under license)  2/2019
Hair Sensations  11/1988
Hair Wizards (Hair Wizards Franchising LLC, under license)  11/2010
Halal Guys (The) (The Halal Guys Franchise, Inc., under license)  9/2014
Halloween Express (Halloween Express, LLC, by assignment)  9/2011
Hamburger Mary’s (Hamburger Mary’s International, LLC) 5/2005
Hampton Coffee Company (Hampton Coffee Franchising LLC, under license)  7/2017
Hand and Stone Massage Spa – Love Thyself for Less (Hand and Stone Franchise Corp.)  5/2006
Handyman Matters (Handyman Matters Franchise Corporation, under license)  7/2008
Handyman Network (Handyman Franchise Systems, Inc. under license)  12/2006
Handyman Pro  Go With the Pros! (Handyman Pro, LLC, by assignment)  7/2019
Hangers (Micell Technologies, Inc.) 10/2000
Hansel 'N Griddle (HNG Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2016
Happy Artisan (Zurko, LLC) 3/2001
Happy Cat Hotel (Happy Cat Hotel Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  4/2018
Happy Hall Xing Fu Tang (Xing Fu Tang, LLC, under license)  5/2020
Happy Tax (Happy Tax Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2015
Hard Exercise Works (HEW Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  1/2020
Hard Rock Hotel (Hard Rock Hotel Licensing, Inc., under license)  5/2018
Harmony Road (Harmony Road Music Courses, Inc.) 12/2000
Hassle Free Home Services, Inc. (Hassle Free Home Franchising LLC, by assignment)  5/2012
Hartley Tours (Hartley Vacation Centers, Inc.)  1/1990
Haunted Hayrides (Haunted Hayrides, Inc.)  4/1995; 4/1989
Have a Heart, Inc.*
Have Signs Will Travel (HSWT Franchise, Inc.) 8/2003
Hayes (The Local Handpiece Repair Center) (Hayes Handpiece Franchises, Inc.) 12/2000
HCS (Health Claims Systems, Inc.)  3/1993
Headshots (CWKR Investment Corporation)  1/1991
Health AtLast (Health AtLast, LLC, under license)  12/2014
HealthEHabitats (Habitats Environmental Associates, Inc., by assignment)  7/2020
HealthSource Chiropractic (HealthSource Chiropractic, Inc., by assignment) [Single Unit Clinic and Regional Developer Franchises]  4/2015
Healthy Animal (The) (LPF Consulting Group, Ltd.)  2/2019
Healthy Inspirations (Healthy Inspirations I.F.P., Inc. d/b/a Healthy Inspirations Weight Loss & Lifestyle Centers) 3/2004
Healthy Inspirations (Healthy Inspirations I.F.P., Inc.) 2/2005Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning (HB Franchises, LLC, by assignment)  4/2018
Heid’s of Liverpool (Heid’s Development Company, Inc.)  3/1994
Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli Est. 1994 (Naples Franchising Systems, Inc., under license) 6/2005
Heimer Enterprises, Inc.  6/1988
Heits Building Services Inc. (Heits Building Services, Inc., by assignment)  7/2008
Helen's Handbags Franchise Corporation*
Help-U-Sell (Help-U-Sell, Inc.)  12/1985
Help-U-Sell (Realty Information Systems, Inc.)  3/1997
Help-U-Sell (Infinium Realty Group, Inc., successor to Realty Information Systems, Inc., by assignment)  8/2009
Help Your Diabetes (JTT Health Management, LLC, under license)  6/2018
Herbal Life (Herbalife International, Inc.)  7/1993
HerLife (Her Life Magazine, LLC, under license)  5/2011
Herrell's Ice Cream (S. R. Herrell's Incorporated)  6/1997
Hi-5 ABA (Hi-5 ABA, Inc., by assignment)  12/2019
Hi-Five Sports Clubs (Hi-Five Sports Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2015
High Achievers (High Achievers Enterprises, LLC)  6/2019
High Tech Locating (Avante-Garde Associates Tech, Inc.)  9/2008
Hilda Demirjian (Hilda Demirjian Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2013
Hire Quest [HireQuest Franchise] (HQ Franchising Corporation, by assignment)  12/2020
HIT Center (The) (HIT Centers, Inc.)  10/2005
Hitting Academy (The) (The Hitting Academy Franchise, LLC)  6/2018
HNJ (HNJ Franchise Inc., under license)  12/2018
Hobby Quest (Hobby Quest Group, Inc., under license)  8/2015
Hobby USA (Hobbytown USA)  8/1993
Hogg Robinson (HRG Affiliates LLC, under license)  7/2008
Holberton School (Holberton International Inc., under license)  5/2019
Holidex (Holiday Hospitality Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2018
Home Buddies by Camp Bow Wow (D.O.G. Development LLC, under license; merged out 8/16/14)  6/2011
Home Buddies By Camp Bow Wow (Camp Bow Wow Franchising, Inc.)  9/2014
Home Care Assistance 1-866-4-LiveIn (HCAFranchise Corporation)  12/2007
Home Clean Heroes (Home Clean Heroes Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2018
Home Design & Decor (Urban Home Publishing, Inc.)  5/2017
Home2 Suites by Hilton (HLT ESP Franchise LLC, under license)  1/2010
Homegate Studios & Suites (HomeGate Franchising, Inc.) 8/1998
Home Health Mates – Because We Care (Home Health Mates L.L.C.)  8/2008
Home Helpers (H.H. Franchising Systems, Inc.) 6/1999
Home Instead (Home Instead Senior Care)  2/1996
Home is a Learning Zone Too - The Parent Connection (Information Marketing Group)  7/1997
Home Options (Home Options Network LLC, by assignment)  4/2014
Homeowners Concept (Homeowner Consultants, Inc.)  3/1985
Homesteader (1/1994; trademark registration canceled 9/11/2004)
Homesteader (The) (Homesteader Enterprises, Inc., under license) 11/2006
Homestory (Grand Mark Solutions, Inc.)  5/2013
Hometeam Inspection Service (The) (Hometeam Inspection Service, Inc.)  4/1994
HomeTowne Studios (HomeTowne Studios, LLC, under license)  2/2021
Hometrend (Hometrend, Inc.) (L)  7/1985
Homevestors (Homevestors of America, Inc.)  8/2009
Homewatch (Homewatch Corporation)  8/1997
Homewatch Caregivers (Homewatch CareGivers, LLC, by assignment)  11/2020
Homewatch Caregivers (Homewatch International, Inc. [predecessor franchisor]) 11/2020
Homewatch Caregivers (Homewatch CareGivers Franchising SPE LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  7/2021
HomeWell Senior Care (HomeWell Senior Care, Inc.)  5/2008
Hommati (Hommati Franchise Network, Inc.)  3/2018
Honest (Honest Hospitality Group LLC)  4/2019
Honest-1 Auto Care (H-1 Auto Care, LLC, by assignment)  2/2010
Honest Abe Roofing (Honest Abe Roofing Franchise, Inc.)  7/2021
Honey Dew (Honey Dew Associates, Inc.)  2/2010
Honey Do Service Inc. (The) (Honey Do Franchising Group, Inc.)  5/2012
Honore (Honore Franchise Systems, Inc.)  6/1985
Honor Yoga (Honor Yoga Management, LLC, by assignment)  11/2018
Hood Guyz (Tri-Way Cleaning Services, Inc., under license)  9/2015
Hook & Reel (Hook & Reel Franchise LLC, under license)  7/2019
Hooked on Driving (Performance Driving Programs, Inc.)  4/2010
Hooters (Hooter’s of America, Inc.)  10/1990
Hoss's Steak and Sea House (Hoss's Franchise Corporation, Inc.) 9/2001
Hostess Helper (Hostess Helper Franchising, Inc.)  6/1993
Hot Box (Hotbox Franchising LLC, under license)  4/2019
Hot Breads (Hot Breads Franchise LLC, under license)  4/2011
Hot Dog on a Stick (HDOS Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2014
Hotel Indigo (Holiday Hospitality Franchising, Inc., under license) 8/2005
Hotel RL (Red Lion Hotels Franchising, Inc.)  4/2017
Hot Harry's (Hot Harry's Fresh Burritos, Inc.)  4/2016
Hot Sam (Hot Sam Franchise Development, Inc.)  8/1994
Hots (Hots Franchise Group, Inc., under license)  1/2018
Hotworx (Hotworx Franchising, L.L.C., under license)  6/2019
Hot Yoga Spot (The) (The Hot Yoga Spot Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2020
Hounds Town USA (Houndstown, Inc.)  12/2009
Hounds Town USA (Houndstown, Inc.)  7/2017
House Doctors (H.D. Franchising Systems, Inc.)*
House Doctors (Saltire Brands LLC, by assignment)  2/2013
House Menders (House Menders, L.L.C.) 4/2001
House of Cupcakes (House of Cupcakes, LLC)  2/2014
House Power (Independent Properties Sales Corporation)  9/1987
HouseMaster (HMA Franchise Systems, Inc. f/k/a HouseMaster of America, Inc. [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
HouseMaster (HouseMaster LLC f/k/a DBR Franchising, LLC [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
HouseMaster (HM Services, LLC [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
HouseMaster (HouseMaster SPV LLC, by assignment)  6/2021
HouseSavvy (HouseSavvy USA, LLC)  11/2007
Housewarmers (Housewarmers II, LLC, by assignment)  1/2008
How To Video Source (The) (How to Video Source, Inc.)  3/1994
HQ Global Workplaces (HQ Network Systems, Inc.) 5/2003
HS HealthSource (HealthSource Chiropractic, Inc., under license) [Single Unit Clinic and Regional Developer Franchises] 6/2008
HT Hollywood Tans (Hollywood Tanning Systems, Inc.) 6/2004
HT Hollywood Tans (HT Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2007
H.U.M.A.N. (Human Healthy Vending, LLC, under license)  5/2013
Human Bean (The) (Casey Hawkins, Inc., by assignment)  10/2006
H.U.M.A.N. Helping Unite Man and Nutrition (Human Healthy Vending, LLC, under license)  5/2013
Hummus & Pita Co (The) (The Hummus & Pita Co. Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2017
Hummus Republic (Hummus Republic Franchising USA, Inc., under license)  7/2018
Hungry Howie’s (Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs, Inc.)  10/2009
Huntington Learning Center (Huntington Learning Centers, Inc.)  12/1986
Hurdy-Gurdy Americana Ices (Hurdy-Gurdy International, Ltd.)  3/1994
Hurts Donut Company (Hurts Donut Company, LLC, by assignment)  10/2020
Hut no. 8 (Goin’ Postal Franchise Corporation)  6/2014
Hyatt (Hyatt Place Franchising, L.L.C., under license)  11/2005
Hybrid Shop (The) (The Hybrid Shop, Inc., by assignment)  8/2015
Hygienic Home (The) (The Hygienic Home Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2008
Hy-Tech Weight Loss (Hy-Tech Weight Loss Inc.)  6/2007

IBT (Institute for Business Technology US, Inc.) 12/1998
I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt (I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt, Ltd.)  11/1994
Ice Cream Emergency (Ice Cream Emergency Franchising LLC, under license)  12/2016
I-Clean (I-Clean America LLC, by assignment)  6/2011
I Creatives (icreatives Franchising, LLC, under license)  12/2017
iCRYO (iCRYO Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  10/2018
Ideal Image (Ideal Image Development Corporation, by assignment)  7/2005
Ideal Image (I.I. Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2019
I Dream of Falafel (I Dream of Falafel Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2012
Ike's Love & Sandwiches (Ike's, The Franchise, Inc., under license)  5/2021
IKOR (IKOR USA, Inc., by assignment)  6/2013
Illy (espressamente illy Americas, Inc., under license)  10/2019 (ILKB LLC, under license)  5/2012
I Love My Puppy (Companion Professionals, Inc.)  6/1992
IM = X (The Xercize Studio, LLC, under license)  11/2010
Image360 (Alliance Franchise Brands LLC, under license)  4/2020
Image Studios 360 (Image Studios 360 Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2017
Image Auto Frontline Management (Image Auto Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  2/2010
Image Sun Tanning Centers! (TC Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  7/2006
Imagine Tomorrow (I to the Future, Ltd.)  1/1995
I.M. DRIPBaR (DRIPBaR Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2020
Impresa Modular (Express Modular Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2021
In A Pickle?  Call Thrifty Nickel!  Thrifty Nickel Handyman (Thrifty Nickel Franchise Holdings, LLC, under license)  10/2016
Incomnet (National Telephone Communications a/k/a NTC)  7/1994
Ink Well (The) (The Ink Well of America, Inc.)  9/1988
Insane Impact (Insane Impact, LLC)  4/2018
In Shape MD (InShapeMD Franchising, LLC by assignment)   6/2011
Inside Coup (The) (The Inside Coup Franchising Company, under license)  8/2015
Instant Imprints (Instant Imprints Franchising, Inc., under license) 5/2005
Instant Photo Corporation of America   6/1987
Instant Tax Service (ITS Financial, LLC d/b/a Instant Tax Service, under license) 6/2005
Instinct Dog Behavior & Training (Instinct Dog Training Inc., under license)  3/2019
In2It Nutrition & Fitness (In2It Franchising, Inc.)  4/2011
Intelligent Office (The) (The Intelligent Office System, LLC) 10/1999
Intelliturf (Pennington Golf Design Franchise, Inc., under license)  7/2008
InterlinkSupply (Interlink Supply Association, Inc., under license)  11/2008
International Aromas (Shaford Companies, Inc.) (L)  2/1983
International Coating and Chemical Co., Inc.*
International Connoisseur (The)  7/1988
International Flying Colors Franchising Corporation  7/1987
International Tours (International Tours, Inc.)  4/1986
International Traders (Mellinger Co. (The))  9/1992
International Voice Exchange  11/1989
International World of Weddings (An) (An International World of Weddings, Inc.)  5/1985
Interquest Detection Canines (Interquest Holding Company, Inc.) 1/2004
In the Raw (ITR World, LLC, under license)  5/2010
Intune Property Management (4 Brokers, LLC)  1/2020
Invest America (Invest America, Inc.)  9/1987
Investment Mortgage International, Inc. (L) 2/1984
InVite Health (InVite Health Franchising LLC, under license)  10/2014
I.N.V.U. (I.N.V.U. Inc.) 11/1998
In Your Face Big Mouth Advertising (Big Mouth Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2010
IPCM Ltd. - The International Poultry Company and Marketplace (The International Poultry Company)  7/1993
IPG (IPG Franchising, Inc., under license)  5/2017
IRA Store (The) (IRA Financial Services Co., Inc.)  6/1987
Island Empanada  Latin American Food  A Taste of the Islands In Every Bite  5/2018
Island Fin Poke Co. (Island Fin Poke Franchising LLC, under license)  1/2019
Island Ink-Jet (Island Ink-Jet Systems, Inc.) 12/2003
iSoldIt (iSoldIt, LLC)  7/2006
Italian Delight (Italian Delight Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2016
Italian Oven Pulcinella (The) (The Italian Oven, Inc., under license)  8/1995
Italian Pie (Italian Pie Franchise, LLC) 6/2003
Italian Place (The) (The Italian Place Ventures LLC, under license)  10/2019
iTAN Solariums (iTAN Franchising, Inc., under license)  4/2009
ITEX (ITEX Corporation) 6/2003
It's A Grind (IAG Coffee Franchise, LLC, under license)  4/2009
Ivan Ramen (Ivan Ramen Franchising LLC, under license)  9/2021
Ivonyx (Ivonyx, Inc.)  1/1992

Jacadi (Jacfran Corporation)  9/1992
Jack in the Box (Jack in the Box, Inc. f/k/a Foodmaker, Inc.) 7/2003
Jack's (H. Jack's Plumbing and Home Comfort Co.) 2/1999
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service  9/1995
Jake's Wayback Burgers (Jake's Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  1/2014
Jamba Juice (Jamba Juice Company)  7/2007
Jameson Inn (Vantage Franchising, Inc., under license)  4/2015
JamSpot (JamSpot Development LLC, under license)  5/2007
Jan-Pro (Jan-Pro Franchising International, Inc., by assignment) 10/2005
Jan-Pro (Fenway Franchise Group, Inc. (Unit Franchisor))  6/2014
Jan-Pro (Heslin Associates, LLC (Unit Franchisor)  6/2014
Jan-Pro (Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems, Inc.)  4/1994
Jan-Pro (Southern Connecticut Cleaning, LLC (Unit Franchisor))  9/2015
Jani-King, Inc.  2/1993
Jasneek Medical Staffing & Design (Jasneek Staffing Solutions, Inc.) 12/2001
Java Coast (Brice Group (The)  11/1994
JDog Carpet Cleaning (JDog Carpet Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2019
JDog Junk Removal (JDog Franchises, LLC, under license)  2/2015
J.D. Raffone & Associates*
Jeeves (Jeeves International Ltd.)  6/2015
JEI (JEI Self-Learning Systems, Inc., under license)  6/2019
JEI America, Inc. 2/2003
Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centres (Jenny Craig International, Inc.)  10/1989
Jerry’s Subs Pizza (Jerry’s Systems, Inc.)  1/2011
Jersey Mike's Franchise Systems, Inc.*
Jersey Mike's Subs (A Sub Above, LLC, by assignment)  1/2020
Jewelry Repairs by Us (Burt Cowit)  5/1990
J. Gumbo's (Stir the Pot, LLC, by assignment)  4/2012
J. Gumbo’s (JG Franchising, LLC, under license (affiliated franchisor))  5/2014
Jiffy Junk (Jiffy Junk Franchising LLC, by assignment)  5/2018
Jiffy Lube (Jiffy Lube International, Inc.) (L)  1/1983
Jimmy John's (Jimmy John's Franchisor SPV, LLC, by assignment)  5/2018
Jinya Ramen Bar (Jinya Franchise, Inc.)  4/2014
Joan M. Cable's La Femmina Beauty Salons (La Femmina Beauty Salons, Inc.)  9/1984
Joe Corbi's Wholesale Pizza, Inc. 1/2001
Joey Bag a Donuts (Joey Bag a Donuts Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  4/2012
Joey's Only (Joey's Only Franchising USA Ltd.) 1/2001
Johnnie's Dog House (Johnnie's Dog House Franchising LLC, under license)  6/2008
Johnny Carino's Country Italian (Kona Restaurant Group, Inc.) 10/2001
Johnny Rutherford Tune/Lube Corporation  4/1987
Johnny's Italian Steakhouse (JIS Franchising LLC, under license)  3/2013
Johnny's Lunch - Johnny's Hots, Burgers and Shakes Since 1936 (Johnny's Lunch Franchise, LLC)  1/2009
Jon'Ric (JRI Global Corporation, under license)  10/2017
Journey Healing Centers (JHC Franchise LLC, under license)  11/2012
JoyRide Cycling Studio (JoyRide Cycle Studio, LLC)  9/2013
JPAR (JPAR Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2021
JRI Jason Robert's Inc. Concrete Restoration & Resurfacing Specialists (Jason Robert's Inc.) 1/2003
J.T. Merchandise Services, Inc.  11/1989
J.W. Tumbles (J.W. Tumbles Licensing Corporation, under license)  10/2005
Judson Rees and Associates, Ltd.  3/1988
Jugglebox (Jugglebox Holdings, Inc., under license)  7/2012
Juice House (The) (The Juice House Franchise, LLC, under license)  8/2021
Juice It Up! (LLJ Franchise, LLC, under license)  11/2013
Jumpbunch (Jumpbunch, Inc.) 9/2002
Jumping Jack Taxes (Jack USA, LLC, under license)  1/2021
Jump On In (JOI Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2007
Junk King (Junk King Franchise Systems, Inc., by assignment)  4/2013
Junkluggers (The) (Junkluggers Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2013
Just-A-Buck (Just-A-Buck Licensing, Inc.) 6/2001
Just Between Friends (Just Between Friends Franchise System, Inc. by assignment)  12/2008
JustFalafel (Just Falafel Franchising U.S., LLC, under license)  7/2013
Justice Network (The) (The Justice Network Franchise Corp.)  8/1995
Just Moulding Experts in Decorative Moulding (Just Moulding Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2008

K & N Mobile Distribution Systems (K & N Mobile Franchises, Inc., under license)  4/2008
K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel (K-9 Resorts Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2011
K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel (K-9 Franchising, LLC [successor franchisor], under license)  4/2019
Kaddy Shack (Kaddy Shack, Inc.)  8/1997
Kalologie (Kalologie Spa Destinations, LLC, under license)  7/2011
Kalovita (American Sales Corporation)*
Kangaroo Express (TMC Franchise Corporation, under license)  8/2020
Kart Trax Formula Racing (Kart Trax Formula Racing, LLC) 3/2006
Kase (The) (The Kase Partners USA Inc., under license)  7/2015
keke's (K2 Restaurants, Inc.)  3/2016
Kelly's Roast Beef, Seafood, Sandwiches Since 1951 (Kelly's Roast Beef Franchising LLC, under license)  1/2020
Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club (Kennedy’s International Franchising LLC, by assignment)  12/2009
Kenny Rogers Roasters (Roasters Franchise Corp.)  7/1994
KeyGlee (KeyGlee Franchise, Inc., under license)  5/2020
Keylingo Translations (Keylingo Franco, LLC, under license)  3/2011  Your Space To Find A Place (Keyrenter Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2015
KFC (KFC US, LLC, successor franchisor to KFC Corporation)  6/2016
Kiddy Academy (Kiddy Academy International, Inc.)  2/1993
Kids At Heart (Kids At Heart Franchise Services, Inc., under license)  10/2006
Kids Blvd (Kids Blvd Franchising LLC, under license)  5/2015
Kids First (Kids First Franchise Company, Inc., under license)  5/2010
Kids Garden (Harvest the Garden, LLC, under license)  10/2017
Kids In Sports (Kids In Sports Franchising LLC, under license)  1/2014
Kids Kab (Kids Kab International Franchise Corporation)  3/1994
Kids ‘N’ Clay (Kids ‘N’ Clay Development, LLC, under license) 4/2005
Kids Nite Out Across America (Mesa Investments, LLC) 8/2004
Kids' Nite Out Across America (Infinite Ventures LLC, successor to Mesa Investments, LLC, by assignment)  8/2008
Kids’ Nite Out Across America (KNO Franchising Ltd., by assignment)  5/2011
Kids U (Kids U Franchising Services, LLC, under license)  2/2006
KidzArt (KidzArt LLC, by assignment)  5/2016
Kidzone (Kidzone Franchise Company, LLC, under license) 7/2006
Kika Stretch Studios (Kika Stretch, Inc., under license)  2/2020
Kimpton (IHG Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2018
Kinderdance (Kinderdance International, Inc.)  3/1989
Kitchen Solvers (Kitchen Solvers, LLC, by assignment)  3/2007
Kitchen Tune-Up (KTU Worldwide, Inc.)  6/2019
Kitchen Tune-Up (HFC KTU LLC [Successor Franchisor], by assignment) 1/2021
Kitchen Wise (Kitchen Wise, LLC, by assignment)  10/2019
KLA (KLA Franchise, LLC, under license)  7/2009
Knights Inn & Suites (Red Lion Hotels Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  4/2020
Knowledgepoints (KnowledgePoints, Inc.)  11/2007
Koala Center For Sleep Disorders (Koala Associates, LLC, under license)  5/2016
Koala Insulation (Koala Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2020
Koenig (Art Management Services, Inc.)    8/1984
Koibito Poke (Koibito Franchise, LLC f/k/a Koi Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2021
Koko (Koko FitClub, LLC, under license)  9/2008
Kona Grill (Kona Grill, Inc., by assignment)  8/2018
Kona Ice (Kona Ice, Inc.)  7/2012
KPOT (KPOT Franchise, LLC, under license)  8/2021
Krug’s Big and Tall  11/1994
Kumon (Kumon Educational Institute, Inc.)  5/1991
Kumon+ (Kumon North America, Inc.)  12/2019
Kung Fu Tea (KF Tea Franchising LLC, under license)  7/2015
Kure (Kure Franchise, LLC, under license)  11/2015
Kwik Farms (Getty Petroleum Marketing, Inc.; under license) 7/2004

L & L Hawaiian Barbecue (L & L Franchise, Inc.)  2/2011
La Bamba (La Bamba Franchise Services, LLC, under license) 3/2008
Lab Express (AdminaLab, Inc., under license)  1/2010
Labor Finders (Labor Finders International, Inc.) 3/2003
Labor World (Labor World of America, Inc.)  8/1995
LA Boxing (LA Boxing Franchise Corporation, by assignment)  11/2009
Ladies Who Launch (LWL Franchising, LLC, under license) 3/2010
Landscapers' Supply Corporation (Landscapers Supply Corp.) 8/2000
Lango (Lango, LLC, under license)  9/2011 [no longer offering franchises as of 2013]
Lapels (Next Step Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  4/2018
LaptopXchange (LaptopXchange Franchising, LLC)  3/2009
LaptopXchange (LX Enterprises, Inc.)  7/2010
La Quinta (La Quinta Franchising LLC, under license)  9/2012
La Salsa (La Salsa Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2015
Laserland (Laserland Corporation U.S.A.)  8/1987
Laser Lube (Lightning Lube, Inc.)*
LaserNation (LaserNation Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2008
LaserShare (LaserShare, LLC, by assignment)  9/2006
Lash Loft (The) (The Lash Loft Franchise LLC, under license)  11/2019
Las Vegas Discount Golf & Tennis (Los Vegas Golf & Tennis Inc) 6/1998
Las Vegas Discount Golf & Tennis (Sporting Life, Inc.)  8/1986
Launch Trampoline Park (Launch Franchising, LLC)  6/2014
LaundroLab (LaundroLab, LLC, under license)  10/2021
Laundry Locker (Laundry Locker Franchise Corporation, under license)  2/2011
Lazer Maze (Lazer Maze International, Inc.)  7/1987
Lazydaze Counterculture (Counterculture Brands, Inc., under license)  3/2020
Leader of the Pack Canine Institute (Pack Leader Enterprises, LLC)  1/2021
Leadership Management, Inc. (Leadership Management, Inc.)  2/1993
LeafSpring School (Prism, LLC)  5/2018
Leanfeast (Humbled Hustle Inc., under license)  10/2018
Learnng Experience (The) (The Learning Experience Systems, LLC, under license)  4/2008
Learning Express (Learning Express, Inc.)  6/1997
Lee Myles (Lee Myles Associates Corp.) (L)  11/1982
Lee's Famous Recipe (Famous Recipe Group, LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  4/2014
Legato Living (Legato Living Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2021
Legends Boxing (Be A Legend, LLC, by assignment)  1/2018
Legends Boxing (LB Franchising, LLC [successor franchisor], under license)  9/2019
Legends Sports Leagues (LSL Franchise, LLC, under license)  2/2019
Legends Sports Photography (Little Legends) (Legends Sports Photography, Inc.; Group Photographers Association, Inc.)  1/2000
LeMail (Le Mail, Inc.)  12/1989
Lemonshark Poke (Lemonshark Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2018
Lemon Tree (Lemon Tree Development, LLC)  7/2013
Leonardo’s Fresh Quality Pizza  Traditional Vegetarian Gourmet (Leonardo’s Franchise Company LLC, under license)  4/2015
Leros Point to Point (Leros Associates, Inc.)  4/1990
LeTip (LeTip World Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2020
Let’s Dish! (Let’s Dish! International, Inc., under license)  1/2006
Let Us Bring Your Cleaning to New Heits (Heits Building Services, Inc., by assignment)  7/2008
Leventi's (Leventi's Franchise International, Inc.)  3/1990
Lewis of London (Lewis of London Inc.)  5/1984
LewisStyle (LewisStyle Franchising Company, LLC, under license)  10/2008
Lexington (Vantage Franchising, Inc., under license)  4/2015
Lexington (Red Lion Hotels Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  5/2017
Liberty (Liberty Express Corporation)  6/1991
Liberty Fitness (Liberty Fitness Holdings, LLC, by assignment) 6/2005
Liberty Fitness Center A Woman’s Club (Liberty Fitness Holdings, LLC, by assignment) 6/2005
Liberty Tax Service (JTH Tax, Inc. d/b/a Liberty Tax Service) 6/2005
Lice Treatment Center (Lice Treatment Center Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  10/2014
Licebeaters (Licebeaters Franchise Corporation, under license)  2/2008
LienFactors (LienFactors National Franchise, LLC, under license)  2/2008
Lifecall (Lifecall Systems, Inc.)  10/1987
LifeSpring In-Home Care Network (LifeSpring In-Home Care Network, L.L.C. f/k/a WellSpring In-Home Care Network, LLC)  4/2014
Lifestyle Floors (Abbey Carpet Co., Inc.) 5/2000
Lifestyle Publications (Lifestyle Publications, LLC, a Missouri limited liability company)  1/2021
Lifestyle Restaurants, Inc.*
Life Systems Associates, Inc.*
Lightbridge Academy (Lightbridge Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  5/2017
Lighthouse Landscape Lighting (Lighthouse Franchise Systems, LLC, by assignment)  7/2015
Lighthouse Solar (Lighthouse Solar Franchising Company, LLC, under license)  11/2010
Lillians  The Hippest Shoppe in Town (Lillian Shoppes, LLC, under license)  6/2008
Lil’ Kickers (Lil’ Kickers LLC, under license)  6/2009
Lil' Livery (Lil' Livery Franchising, LLC) 10/2000
Lilly’s Gourmet Pasta Express (Team 21 Franchise Corp., by assignment)  2/2010
Lime Painting (LIME Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  3/2019
Line-X (Line-X Franchise Development Corporation) 10/2005
Line-X (Line-X Franchising LLC, under license) 2/2009
Line-X (Line-X LLC)  9/2021
Liquid Capital (Liquid Capital of America Corp., under license)  7/2006
Little Big Burger (LBB Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2018
Little Greek (Little Greek Franchise Development, LLC [Successor Franchisor])  4/2017
Little Greek Restaurant (Little Greek Franchising, LLC)  10/2009
Little Gym (The) (The Little Gym International, Inc.) 8/1999
Little King, Inc.  9/1995
Little Medical School (LMS Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2014
Little Nest Portraits (The Little Nest Group, LLC, under license)  6/2016
Little People’s Creative Workshop (Moonvision Enterprises, Inc.)  3/2009
Little Scoops (LS Franchise Corp., by assignment)  4/2006
Lite the Nite ((NiteLites Franchise Systems, Inc. by assignment) 10/2004
Live 2 B Healthy (Live 2 B Healthy Senior Fitness, LLC, under license)  7/2011
LM (LM Nursing Services, Inc.)  9/1986
LOA Fitness for Women (Lady of America Franchise Corporation)  1/2011
Local Door Coupons (The Local Door Coupons Franchise, Inc.)  8/2017
Logan's Roadhouse (Logan's Roadhouse Franchising II, LLC, under license)  9/2021
Lollipop Tree, Ltd. (The)  6/1988
Lomma Enterprises (National Golf Foundation)*
London Day School (The) (London Day School Franchising LLC, under license)  1/2015
Long Island Bagel Café (LIBC Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2019
Lookin' Good!  Hosiery A Great Fit Naturally (CNS Global, Inc.)  5/1995; 12/1993
Los Taxes Para Nuestra Gente (Los Taxes Franchise Corp., under license)  9/2016
Lotusea Wellness Group (Lotusea Franchising Group, Inc.) 6/2002
Loved Ones (Innovare Healthcare Holdings, LLC, under license)  7/2016
LoveSac (LoveSac Franchising, Inc.)  2/2006
Loving Cup (Loving Cup Franchise Company LLC, under license)  10/2017
Loyalty Business Services (Loyalty Business Services LLC, by assignment)  10/2020
LPG Sports Academy (LPG Sports Franchising LLC)  12/2016
Lube on Wheels (Automotive Concepts of America, Inc.)  2/1990
Luggage Express (Luggage Express Associates Program (LEAP), Inc., under license)  6/2007
LunchBOX (A Waxing Salon) (LunchBox Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2015
Luv4Marketing (Luv4Marketing LLC, under license)  9/2016
Luxury Bath Systems; Luxury Bath Liners (Luxury Franchise Corporation)  5/1998

Macayo (Macayo Mexican Restaurants, Inc.)  3/1986
Mace (M.A.P. Diversified Corporation)  5/1993
Macri’s Deli (Macri’s Deli Franchise, Inc.)  4/1987
mActivity (mActivity International LLC, under license)  9/2019
Mad Hatter Mufflers (Mad Hatter Mufflers International, Inc.)  9/1987
Mad Science (Mad Science Group (The), a division of 294 6033 Canada, Inc.)  2/1997
MADabolic (Madabolic Franchise System, LLC, under license)  7/2019
Made In The Shade Blinds & More (Made In The Shade Blinds and More LLC, by assignment)  7/2017
Magic of Travel (Magic of Travel, Inc.)  5/1994
Magicuts (Magicuts, Inc.)  4/1992
Magnifete (Jencol, Inc.)*
Magnolia Bakery (Magnolia Bakery International, LLC, under license)  10/2018
Maid Brigade*
Maid Easy (Maid Easy Franchise Corporation)  3/1988
Maid Right (Maid Right Franchising, LLC)  4/2014
Maid Right (G Squared LLC [Regional Master Franchisor], under license)  11/2016
Maid Right (Maid Right, LLC, by assignment)  7/2018
MaidPro (MaidPro Franchise, LLC, by assignment)  10/2020
Maids (The) (Maids International, Inc. (The))  8/1995
Mail Boxes Etc. USA (Mail Boxes Etc. USA, Inc.)  5/1990
Mailhouse, Inc. (The)  12/1988
Mainely Ticks (Mainely Ticks Franchise Development, Inc., by assignment)  11/2018
Mainstreet Alliance (The) (Ruff Network Marketing, Inc.)  8/1992
Maintenance Made Simple (Maintenance Made Simple, LLC, by assignment)  2/2006
Major Mom (Major Mom Franchise LLC, under license)  2/2019
Make Body (Makebody Franchising, LLC, under license)  12/2014
Maki of Japan (Food Systems Unlimited, Inc.)  6/2012
Malibu Magic (Malibu Magic Franchising Corporation)  5/1990
Mal-Wal (Mal-Wal, Inc.) 1/2001
Mama Fu’s (Mama Fu’s Noodle House, Inc.) 5/2005
Mama Fu's (Mama Fu's Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  12/2008
Mama Ilardo’s (American International Franchise, Ltd., under license)  7/2009
MA Modern Acupuncture (Unit Franchise) (ACU Development, LLC)  7/2017
Management Reports & Services (Management Reports & Services, Inc. d/b/a Marcoin Business Services)  11/1988
ManageMowed (ManageMowed Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  3/2021
Mandler’s The Original Sausage Co. (Fog, Inc., under license)  12/2006
Manduu (Manduu EMS, LLC, under license)  8/2018
Manduu (Manduu America, LLC, under license)  8/2018
Manhattan Bagel Company (Manhattan Bagel Company, Inc.)  8/1991
Marad Fine Art (Marad Fine Art (a Connecticut corporation))  5/2007
Marblelife (Union Carbide Marble Care, Inc.)  6/1991
Marco's Pizza (Marco's Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2019
Market America (Market America, Inc.) 12/1998
Mark Twain (Mark Twain Inns, Inc.)  10/1985
Marshall Face2Face (BGM Holdings, Inc., under license)  11/2010
M.A.R.S. International (Miracle Appearance Reconditioning Specialists International, Inc.)  12/2007
Martinizing (Martinizing International, LLC, by assignment)  9/2015
Marts Oil Service (Marts Oil Management Service, Inc., under license)  3/2009
Marugame Udon (MUSA Franchise Development, LLC, under license)  1/2021
Masala Wok (MasalaWok Franchise, L.P., under license)  7/2006
Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls (Masons Lobster Franchising, LLC, under license)  12/2018
Massage Envy (Massage Envy Limited, LLC) 9/2005
Massage Envy (Massage Envy Franchising, LLC, successor franchisor to Massage Envy Limited, LLC)  2/2010
Massage Green (Massage Green International Franchise Corp., under license)  5/2012
Massage Heights (Massage Heights Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2019
MassageLuxe (Massage Luxe International, LLC)  3/2009
Mastercare (Mastercare Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  4/2013
Masterpiece Mixers (Masterpiece Mixers Development, LLC)  4/2017
Mastertech Environmental (Mastertech Franchise Systems LLC, under license)  10/2018
Mastervoice (Mastervoice, Inc.)  7/1991
Matchmaker International Development Corp.*
Matco (Matco Tools Corporation)  1/1993
Math Monkey (Mobius Mathematics, LLC)  6/2009
MathWizard (MathWizard Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2014
Mattress Works (Mattress Works, LLC)  4/2008
Maui Tacos (Maui Tacos International, Inc.)  1/2011
Maui Wowi (Maui Wowi Marketing, Inc.) 5/2001
Maui Wowi (Maui Wowi Franchising, Inc., successor to Maui Wowi Marketing, Inc., under license)  8/2007
MAX Challenge (The) (MAX Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2017
MaximizedLiving (Maximized Living Health Centers, LLC)  9/2015
Max Muscle (also: M M Sports Nutrition) (Peak Franchising, Inc.) 10/2003
Maxx Fitness Clubzz (The) (MFC Franco LLC, under license)  8/2015
Mazzio’s (Mazzio’s, LLC, by assignment)  5/2011
Mazzio’s Italian Eatery (Mazzio’s, LLC, by assignment)  5/2011
Mazzio’s Pizza (Mazzio’s, LLC, by assignment)  5/2011
McAlisters Deli (McAlisters Management Corporation)  1/1997
McMaid, Inc.  5/1988
MD2 (MD2 International, LLC) 1/2002
Measure Masters (Measures Masters, Inc.)  4/1996
Meat House (The) Premium Meats Locally Owned Est. 2003 (Meat House Franchising LLC, under license)  5/2008
Meatballs Etc (Meatballs Etc, LLC)  3/2017
Medela (Medela, Inc.)  7/1992
Mediacentric (Mediacentric Franchise Corporation, under license)  7/2019
Mediapak (Mediapak USA, Inc.)  8/1985
Medi-Weightloss Clinics (Medi-Weightloss Franchising USA, LLC, under license)  3/2008
MedOffice (ClaimTek, LLC)  8/2009
Medstock (Medstock, Inc.)  4/2006
Melapower (Melaleuca, Inc.)  8/1992
Melt Mobile (Melt Mobile Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2016
Menchie's (Menchie's Group, Inc.)  9/2015
Men In Kilts (Men In Kilts US, LLC, by assignment)  10/2019
Men’s Hair House Haircuts for Dudes (Men’s Hair House Holdings, Inc., under license)  1/2014
Men’s Hair Now (MHN Franchising, Inc.)  6/1994
Merchant Gateway (Merchant Gateway Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2009
Mermaid Car Wash (Mermaid Marketing, Inc.)  10/1986
Merry Go Round Glass  6/1983
Merry Maids, Inc.  10/1986
Merzi (Manhas, LLC, under license)  10/2012
Metal Supermarkets  The Convenience Stores for Metal (Metal Supermarkets Franchising America Inc., under license)  12/2016
M Gallery  Memorable Hotels by Accor (Accor Franchising US LLC, under license)  3/2020
MHO Hotel (Membership Hotel Organization LLC)  6/2021
Miami Subs (Miami Subs USA, Inc.)  8/1992
Mia Za’s (Mia Za’s Café – Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2013
Miche (Miche Bag, LLC)  7/2010
Microplay (Microplay Interactive Franchising, Inc.) 5/2001
Microskin (Microskin USA, LLC, under license)  4/2009
Microtel (Microtel Franchise and Development Corporation)  8/1989
Microwave Clinic (MC Franchise Systems, Inc.)*
Midas (Midas International Corporation)  9/2013
Midas Touch (The) (Midas International Corporation)  9/2013
MidiCi (MidiCi Group LLC, by assignment)  8/2015
Midtown Sweeps (Midtown Chimney Sweeps Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2014
Mile High Karate (Mile High Karate, LLC)  1/2006
Milex (Milex of America, Inc. (MAI)) (L)  1/1983
Milex Complete Auto Care (Moran Industries, Inc.)  7/2012
Miller's Roast Beef (Miller's Restaurant Group, LLC, under license)  6/2018
Millicare Environmental Services (Sylvan Chemical Co., Inc.)  6/1997
Million Dollar Hole-in-One (AMK Service Corporation)  8/1995
MillionSnacks (Pretzel-Hut, Inc.)  4/2011
MiniCare (Dental Care USA Franchise Services, Inc., by assignment)  6/2015
MiniLuxe (MiniLuxe Development, LLC, under license)  5/2013
Minuteman Press (Minuteman Press International, Inc.)  3/1993
Miracle Eyebrows (ME Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2017
Miracle Method (Pistor & Associates, Inc., under license)  6/2020
Miracle Method Perfect Scents; Miracle Method of New England (Penny's Inc.)*
Mr. Delivery  What Will It Be?  (S2YD Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2016
Mister Sparky (Mister Sparky Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  7/2006
Mister Sparky (Mister Sparky Franchising SPE LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  8/2021
Mist Essentials (Mist Essentials Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  7/2016
Mobile Attic (The) (Mobile Attic Franchising Company, Inc., under license)  7/2006
Mobile Psychotherapy Services (Mobile Psychotherapy Services, Inc.)  4/2006
Mobility City (Mobility City Holdings, Inc.)  4/2019
Mobility Plus (Mobility Plus Systems, LLC, under license)  3/2021
Mobul (Mobul, LLC)  11/2016
Mocha Delites (Mocha Delites, Inc. by license) 10/2004
Modernistic ((Koppang Franchise Development Co., LLC; KJB III) 2/2000
Modern Market (Modern Market Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2020
Modern Pipe Renovation System (The) (ACE DuraFlo Systems, LLC, under license)  6/2006
MOD Pizza (MOD Super Fast Pizza Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2013
Mod-Spectrum (International Communications Services, Inc.)  10/1992
Moe's Southwest Grill (Moe's Southwest Grill, LLC) 10/2003
Mold Medics (Mold Medics Franchising LLC, under license)  6/2021
Molly Maid (Molly Maid, LLC f/k/a Molly Maid, Inc. [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
Molly Maid (Molly Maid SPV LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  6/2021
Mom Corps (Mom Corps Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  1/2009
Money Concepts Community Financial Center (Money Concepts International, Inc.)  3/1983
Money Mailer (Money Mailer of Connecticut and Central New Jersey  10/1986; 11/1987
Money Pages (Money Pages Franchising Group, LLC, under license)  2/2020 (Monitor, LLC)  5/2008
Monkey Joe’s (Monkey Joe’s Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  7/2010
Monkey Joe’s Parties Play (Monkey Joe’s Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  7/2010
Monkey Shine (Monkey Shine Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  7/2007
Monogram America, Inc.  8/1988
Monrovia (Monrovia Nursery Company)  6/2013
Monster Mini Golf (Monster Entertainment, L.L.C.)  4/2009
Monster Tree Service (Monster Franchise LLC, under license)  3/2014
Monster Tree Service (Monster New Franchisor LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  12/2020
Monster Tree Service (Monster Franchising SPE LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment) 7/2021
Montana Mike's (Stockade Companies, Inc.) 5/2002
Montana Mike's Steakhouse (Stockade Companies, Inc.) 5/2002
Montana Nights Axe Throwing (Axemen Franchise LLC, under license)  10/2019
Montessori Kids Universe (Montessori School Franchising, LLC)  7/2017; 2/2020
Mooyah (Mooyah Franchising, LLC [successor franchisor], under license)  6/2017
Mooyah Burgers and Fries (Mooyah Franchise LLC)  12/2009
Mopfrog (Mopfrog, Inc.)  5/2014
Morall Brake, Inc.  8/1987
Morgan's Forest (McGuigan Enterprises) 7/1998
Mosquito Authority (The) (Joseph Osborne d/b/a TMA Franchise System)  10/2009
Mosquito Hunters (Mosquito Hunters, LLC, by assignment)  7/2018
Mosquito Joe (Mosquito Joe Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2018
Mosquito Joe (Mosquito Joe SPV LLC [Successor Franchisor], by assignment)  4/2021
Mosquitonix (FEMO Franchise Systems LP, under license)  7/2007
Mosquito Shield (Mosquito Shield Franchise Corporation, under license)  7/2018
Mosquito Squad (Mosquito Squad Franchising, LLC f/k/a Mosquito Squad Franchising Corporation)  6/2021
Mosquito Squad (Mosquito Squad Franchising SPE LLC, by assignment)  6/2021
Moto Photo, Inc.  3/1987
Motor Camping America, Inc.   12/1984
Motto (Motto Franchising, LLC)  5/2017
Mountain Mike's (Mountain Mike’s Pizza, Inc.)  1/1989
Moving Solutions (Moving Solutions Franchise, LLC, under license)  1/2006
Mr. Appliance Expert Appliance Repair (Mr. Appliance LLC f/k/a Mr. Appliance Corp. [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
Mr. Appliance Expert Appliance Repair (Mr. Appliance SPV LLC, by assignment)  6/2021
Mr. Build  2/1991
Mr. Bulky’s Foods (Mr. Bulky Treats & Gifts, L.P. f/k/a Bulk International, Inc.)  2/1990
Mr. Dunderbak’s Bavarian Pantry (Rance, Inc.)  2/1987
Mr. Electric (Mr. Electric LLC f/k/a Mr. Electric Corp. [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
Mr. Electric (Mr. Electric SPV LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  6/2021
Mr. Fire Safety Fire Prevention Services (Mr. Fire Safety, LLC, under license)  12/2010
Mr. Handyman (Mr. Handyman International, LLC [predecessor franchisor]) 6/2021
Mr. Handyman (Mr. Handyman SPV LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  6/2021
MRI (Management Recruiters International, Inc., by assignment)  5/2018
Mr. Payroll (Mr. Payroll Corporation) 10/2005
Mr. Rent-A-Car, Mr. Lease-A-Car (Mr. Rent-A-Car, Mr. Lease-A-Car, Inc.)  8/1983
Mr. Rooter (Mr. Rooter LLC f/k/a Mr. Rooter Corporation [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
Mr. Rooter (Mr. Rooter SPV LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  6/2021
Mr. Sandless (Mr. Sandless Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2010
Mr. Sign Franchising Corporation  4/1987
Mr. Smoothie (Mr. Smoothie Franchises, Inc., under license) 6/2006
Mr. Transmission (Moran Industries, Inc.)  5/1991
Mugfactory (The) (Xpress Corporation)*
Mulberrys Garment Care (Mulberrys Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  10/2019
Multiple Listing Network (MLN, Inc.)  9/1992
Multi-Start (Battery Professionals, Inc.)  9/1985
Multistate Transmissions (Moran Industries, Inc., by assignment)  4/2013
Multivista (Multivista Franchise Systems LLC, under license)  2/2011
Murphy Business & Financial Corporation (Murphy Business and Financial Corporation)  2/2008
Murphy Business & Financial Corporation (Murphy Business & Financial Corporation, LLC) [Successor Franchisor]  7/2014
Musclemag (MuscleMag International Corporation (U.S.A.) 12/1997
Muscle Maker Grill (Muscle Maker Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  10/2012
Muscle Maker Grill (Muscle Maker Brands, LLC, under license) (successor franchisor)  5/2015
Museum of Illusions (RP Illusions, Corp., under license)  5/2019
Music Go Round (Grow Biz International, Inc.)  5/1995
Mutts Canine Cantina (Mutts Franchise, LLC, under license)  9/2021
MVS Pet Care (MVS Pet Care, LLC, by assignment)  10/2018
My Alarm (My Alarm, Inc., by assignment)  3/1989
MyBackyard (My Backyard Sports Franchise, LLC, under license)  9/2020
My Big, Messy Art Class (Kidville Franchise Company, LLC, under license) 9/2007
MyCityDaily (Rezconnect Technologies, Inc.)  9/2007
My Elder (DHH Group, Inc., under license)  11/2019
My Elder Advocate (DHH Group, Inc., under license)  10/2015
My Eyelab (M&D Optical Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2019
My Laundry Hamper (My Laundry Hamper Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2013
My Place (My Place Hotels of America, LLC, by assignment)  6/2020
My Place Economy Extended Stay (My Place Hotels of America, LLC)  12/2015
My Salon Suite (Suite Management Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2015
MyWay (MW Equity, Inc., by assignment)  1/2014

N2 Publishing (N2 Franchising, LLC, under license)  12/2016
Naf Naf (Naf-Naf Franchising LLC, under license)  9/2018
Naked Furniture (Naked Furniture, Inc.; Flanigan Furniture, Inc.)  12/1985
NAKEDpizza (nakedPIZZA North America Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  4/2010
Namaste Nail Sanctuary (Namaste Nail Sanctuary, LLC, by assignment)  9/2018
Naples Flatbread (Naples Flatbread, LLC, under license)  5/2012
Naples Tomato (Naples Tomato Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2010
Nardelli's Grinder Shoppe (Nardelli's Franchising, LLC, by license) 5/2004
National Air Technologies (National Air Technologies, USA, LLC) 4/2002
National Appeal (National Appeal Development Corp., Inc.) 11/2001
National Claims Service*
National Core Marketing  8/1987
Nationwide Information Services, Inc.*
Native Grill Wings  Est. 1979 (Native New Yorker Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2015
Native Grill Wings Est. 1979 (NGW, LLC, under license [successor franchisor to Native New Yorker Franchising, LLC]  6/2016
Native New Yorker (Native New Yorker Franchising, Inc., under license)  12/2005
Nature's Pro (Natural Systems Franchising, Inc.) 9/2000
Nature’s Table (Nature’s Table Franchise Company, by assignment)  2/2011
Nature’s Table Cafe (Nature’s Table Franchise Company)  2/2011
Nature's 10 (Nature's 10, Inc.) 9/1997
NC Dental U (NC Dental U Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  9/2021
Neal's Yard Remedies (Neal's Yard (Natural Remedies) USA, Inc) 8/1999
Neat Method (NM Franchise Operations, LLC, by assignment)  10/2017
Neighbor to Neighbor of America, Inc. (Neighbor to Neighbor of America, Inc.)  10/1994
Neo-Life (Neo-Life Company of America)  6/1983
Nerds On Site (Nerds On Site Franchising, Inc., under license)  4/2015
Nerds to Go (Nerds to Go Franchise Corporation, under license)  3/2006
Nerds to Go (GTN Capital Group, LLC, under license)  11/2016
Nest Realty (Nest Realty Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2017
Nest Seekers (Nest Seekers Affiliates LLC, under license)  2/2019
Network Business Services (Network Business Services, Inc.)  7/1991
Neurosculpting (Neurosculpting Institute Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2016
Nevada Bob’s (Nevada Bob’s Pro Shop, Inc.)  1/1990
New Again Houses (New Again Franchising, Inc., under license)  5/2019
New England Eyecare, P.C.  2/1988
New England Hotdog Company (New England Hot Dog Company, LLC)  10/2010
New Feet Store (New Feet Global Franchise, Inc., under license) 4/2010
Newk's Express Cafe (Newk's Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  4/2010
Newstop (Newstop Franchise Corp.)  5/1991
New York Carpet World (New York Carpet World, Inc.)  7/1993
New York New York Fresh Deli (New York NY Fresh Deli Franchise, Inc., by assignment)  5/2006
NexClean Specialty Cleaning Solutions (Healthcare Specialty Cleaning Solutions Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2018
NextGen Great Sealcoating (NextGen Great Sealcoating Franchise Group LLC, under license)  10/2020
NexGoal (NexGoal International, LLC)  11/2012
Nextage (Nextage Realty International, LLC)  5/2010
Next Day Access (Next Day Access, LLC)  3/2013
Nexterus (Nexterus Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2018
Nexthome (Nexthome, Inc.)  10/2019
Next Step Magazine (The) (Next Step Magazine, Inc.) 1/2000
NFP National Fundraising Partners (National Fundraising Partners, LLC, under license)  8/2011
NFP Sports (National Fundraising Partners, LLC, under license)  8/2011
NHance (Harris Research, Inc.) 7/2005
Nick-N-Willy’s (McJones, Inc.)  8/1997
Nick-N-Willy’s World Famous Take-N-Bake Pizza (Nick-N-Willy’s Franchise Company, LLC)  3/2006
Nifty Fifty's (Nifty Fifty's Franchising, Inc., under license)  4/2019
NIR Rooftop Maintenance (National International Roofing Corporation)  7/1993
Nite Lites (NiteLites Franchise Systems, Inc., by assignment) 10/2004
Nitsuj Martial Arts (Nitsuj Franchising, Inc., under license)  6/2020
Noble Roman's Pizza (Noble Roman's Inc.) 3/1999
Noodles & Company (Noodles & Company) 5/2003
Norrell (Norrell Services, Inc.)  6/1991
NorthStar Moving (NorthStar Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2015
Notasium (Noteworthy Franchises LLC, under license)  10/2019
No+Vello (No Mas Vello USA, Inc., under license)  2/2012
NovoNail (NovoNail Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  7/2016
NP (Northern Products Log Homes, Inc.)  6/1987
NSA (National Safety Associates, Inc.)  8/1988
Nurse Next Door (Nurse Next Door Home Healthcare Services (USA) Inc., under license)  6/2016
Nu Skin (Nu Skin International, Inc.)  2/1991
Nut Man Co. (The) (The Nut Man Company, Inc.)  8/1990
Nutmeg Pantry (Nutmeg Pantry, Inc.)   2/1990
Nutracore Nutrition (Total Nutrition Holdings LLC)  11/2013
Nutrishop (Nutrishop, Inc., by assignment)  8/2018
NuvinAir (NuVinAir Global, LLC, under license)  7/2020
NYLO (NYLO Franchising LLC, under license)  4/2009
NYS Collection (NYS Collection Eyewear, Inc., under license)  3/2011
NZ Nutrition Zone (Nutrition Zone Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  5/2015
N Zone Sports (NZone Sports of America, Inc.) 3/2014

O2 Emergency Medical Care Service (O2 Emergency Medical Care Service Corp.  6/1990
Oasis Senior Advisors (Oasis Senior Advisors Franchise Systems, LLC)  7/2014
Oat Meals (Oatmeals Franchising LLC, under license)  12/2015
Oath Pizza (Oath Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2019
Obee's (Obee's Franchise Systems, Inc.) 3/2003
Obeo (Obeo Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2013
OB O'Brien Budd, Inc. (O'Brien Budd, Inc.)  8/1990
Obstacle Warriors (Obstacle Warriors Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2017
O'Charley's (O'Charley's, Inc.) 3/2002
Odyssey Art Centers (Odyssey Art Centers, L.L.C.) 6/1997
Office Pride (Faith Franchising Company, Inc.)  4/2019
Officeland (Officeland, Inc.)  2/1990
OfficeZilla (OfficeZilla Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  11/2014
‘Ohana Bros. Island Style • Chips & Popcorn •  (‘Ohana Bros. Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  6/2014
Oh Deer Safe Solutions for Deer, Tick & Mosquito Control (Oh Deer Development Corporation, under license)  6/2012
Oil Lab 2000 (Top Source Technologies, Inc.) 5/1997
Oilerie (Oilerie USA, Inc., under license)  8/2007
Old Chicago (Old Chicago Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2011
Old Chicago (Old Chicago Franchising II LLC, under license)  8/2021
Old Chicago 110 Brews Pasta & Pizza (Old Chicago Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2011
Old Florida Bar-B-Q, Inc.  11/1987
Old West Wash House (Old West Franchising, Inc.)  6/1985
Oliveto (Oliveto Franchise LLC, under license)  9/2011
Omex International, Inc.  6/1992
O’Naturals (O’Naturals Franchising, Inc., under license)  2/2006
One Claim (Santiago Data Systems, Inc.)  3/1995
OneClick Cleaners (OneClick Cleaners, Inc.)  1/2014
One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating (One Hour Air Conditioning Franchising, L.L.C.) 5/2003
One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating (One Hour Air Conditioning Franchising SPE LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  8/2021
One Hour Parties (One Hour Parties, Inc., under license)  3/2010
Only Buyers - America (Only Buyers, Inc.) 3/1997
Onsight Solutions (OnSight Solutions International, LLC by assignment)  5/2011
On Target (On Target, Inc.)   3/1994
On Target Maintenance (OTM Franchising, Inc., under license)  7/2008
On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina (Brinker International, Inc., under license)  10/2008
On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina (OTB Acquisition LLC, by assignment)  5/2021
On the Run (TMC Franchise Corporation, by assignment)  8/2015
OpenWorks (O.P.E.N. America, Inc.)  5/2017
Optikleer (National Vehicle Systems Corp.)  9/1997
Orange Leaf (Orange Leaf Holdings LLC, by assignment)  4/2014
Orange Theory (Ultimate Fitness Group, LLC)  3/2012
OrderUp (LocalUp LLC)     4/2014
Organic Bronze Bar (OBB Franchising LLC, by assignment)  6/2021
Organicare (Frank Catalano d/b/a Organicare) 1/1999
Original Mr. Bee Pollen (The) (Jim Devlin Enterprises)  4/1987
Original (The) Mr. Miniblind - We're Not Just Miniblinds Anymore (Mr. Miniblind, Inc.)  8/1991
Original Pancake House (The)  12/1988
Original (The) Since 1919 - Kohr Bros Frozen Custard (Kohr Bros. Franchise Systems, Inc.)  2/1996
Original Soupman (The) (The Original Soupman, LLC, under license)  5/2018
Ori' Zaba's Mexican Grill (Ori' Zaba's Franchise Operations, LLC, under license)  5/2020
OrthoNOW (OrthoNOW, LLC, under license)  4/2018
Osim (Osim Enterprises, Inc.) 4/2003
OsteoArthritis Centers of America (RMG Rehabilitation Management Group, Limited Partnership, under license)  4/2012
Ouidad (Ouidad Franchising Corporation, under license)  5/2006
Our Town (Our Town America, A Franchise Corporation, under license)  5/2006
Out2 (Out2 Franchise Corporation, under license) 9/2005
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Franchise Corporation) 1/2003
Outer Banks Boil Company (Outer Banks Boil Company Franchising, LLC, under license) 7/2021
Oven 450° (Oven450 Franchise, LLC, under license)  12/2014
Oversize Clothing Franchise*
Overtime Athletics (Overtime Franchise LLC, under license)  5/2018
Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning (Oxi Fresh Franchising Co., Inc., under license)  3/2008
Oxymagic (Oxymagic Northeast Development Corp., under license)  8/2017

P3 Cost Analysts (P3 Cost Analysts Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2020
Pacific Lawn Sprinklers  The Leading Name in Irrigation (Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise LLC, under license)  2/2015
Paciugo Italian Gelato Renaissance Antelucrum Nomen (Paciugo Franchising LP, under license)  8/2004
Package Express Center, Inc.  3/1988 
Packaging Plus Services - We Wrap - We Pack - We Ship (Packaging Plus Services, Inc.)   1/1990
Pack It. Store It. Move It Now (Six Franchise Group, Inc.)  9/2010; 9/2011
Pack Rat (1-800-Pack-Rat, LLC, under license)   9/2005
Padgett Business Services (Padgett Business Services, Inc.)  11/1986  Renew Your Space.  Renew Your Life (Stratify, LLC, under license)  1/2020
Painting With A Twist (Painting With A Twist, L.L.C., by assignment)  6/2013
Paisano’s (Paisano’s Franchise System, Inc., under license)  1/2014
Pak Mail (Pak Mail Centers of America, Inc.)  8/1997
Palm Beach Vapors (Chandy Enterprises LLC)  1/2014
Palm Beach Vapors (Palm Beach Vapors Corp. [Successor Franchisor], under license)  10/2016
Palmer Video Stores (Palmer Video Corporation)  10/1986
Panchero’s (Panchero’s Franchise Corporation)  1/1997
Panda Express Chinese Fast Food (Citadel Panda Express, Inc., under license) 10/2005
Panera Bread (Panera, LLC, under license)  9/2021
PangeAir (PangeAir Corporation)  5/2006
Papa Bello (Papa Bello Enterprises, Inc.)  8/2008
Papa John's (Papa John's International, Inc.)  11/2020
Papa John's (Papa John's Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2021
Papa Murphy's (Papa Murphy's International, Inc.) 9/2002
Papa-N-Son’s (Papa-N-Son’s, LLC)  1/2009
Papaya King (PKNY IP & Franchise, LLC, by assignment)  5/2017
Papyrus (Papyrus Franchise Corporation)  9/1992
Papyrus (Papyrus Franchise Corporation)  11/1994
Paramount (Paramount Franchising, LLC, a Florida entity, under license)  6/2017
Paramount (Paramount Franchising, LLC [successor franchisor], a Utah entity, under license)  10/2019
Paramount Fine Foods (Paramount Foods IP Inc., under license)  11/2017
Paris Baguette (Paris Baguette Family, Inc., under license)  5/2021
Parisi Speed School (Parisi Franchise Systems, Inc., by assignment)  6/2013
Parker-Anderson Learning Centers (Parker-Anderson Enrichment, Inc., under license)  6/2015
Parmasters (Shawsheen Golf, Inc., under license)  12/2005
Parties by Terrye (ARTE Corp., under license)  4/2006
Party Cloths, Inc.  8/1988
Party Harty (Party Harty, Inc.)  10/1989
Party Princess Productions (Party Princess International LLC f/k/a Party Princess USA LLC, by assignment)  8/2017
Party Princess Productions (Party Princess USA LLC, under license)  3/2015
Partytown U.S.A. (Party Town U.S.A., Inc.)  10/1990
Passion For Fitness (Passion For Fitness Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  5/2014
Pasta Central - It's Time to Eat! (Blimpie International, Inc.) 3/2001
Pastalini (Pastalini Restaurant Group, Inc., under license)  11/2017
Patch Boys (The) (Patch Boys Franchising Corporation, under license)  7/2017
PatchMaster (PM Franchising, LLC, a Utah LLC, by assignment)  10/2017
Patrice & Associates (Patrice & Associates Franchising, Inc., under license)  4/2009
Pat’s International, Ltd.  9/1986
Patty-Cakes (Patty-Cakes International, Inc.)  1/1997
Paul Green School of Rock Music (The) (Paul Green School of Rock Music Franchising LLC, under license)  4/2006
Paul Davis Systems (Paul W. Davis Systems, Inc.)  2/1990
Paula Moynahan, M.D. (Paula Amelia Moynahan, M.D. Enterprises, Inc.)  6/1993
Paws & Remember (Paws & Remember LLC, by assignment)  3/2008
Paymore Electronic Buyers & Recyclers (Paymore Enterprises, LLC, under license)  11/2019
Payrollmatters (United Data Licensees, Ltd.) 4/2004
Payroll Vault (Payroll Vault Franchising, LLC, under license)  12/2017
P.B. Loco (P.B. Loco Holdings Inc.) 8/2005
PBSI (Parson Bishop Services, Inc.)  6/1992
PDA We're With You (Property Damage Appraisers, Inc.) [Supplemental Filing]  5/2018
PDA (Property Damage Appraisers, Inc.)  6/2021
Peace of Mind (Westland Services Corporation)   11/1993
Pearle (Pearle, Vision Inc.)  6/1990
PedalPub (PP Development, LLC, by assignment)  6/2018
Penn Station (Penn Station, Inc.)  4/2014
Pep Planner (Institute for Business Technology US, Inc.) 12/1998
Perfectly Frank An Original Hot Dog Joint (Perfectly Frank Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2006
Perma Cream Enterprises, Inc.*
Perma-Jack Company  3/1988
Permanent Weight Control*
Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria (Persona Pizza Holdings LLC)  11/2014
Personal Best Karate (Personal Best Karate, Inc.)  7/2006
Personal Efficiency Program (Institute for Business Technology US, Inc.) 12/1998
Personalized Weight Control Programs (Personalized Weight Control Programs, LLC) 4/1998
Personal Safety (Nationwide Marketing Corporation, under license from Personal Safety Corporation)  3/1995
Pestmaster (Pestmaster Franchise Network Incorporated)  1/1995; updated 4/2018
Pestmaster (Pestmaster Franchise Network, LLC, by assignment)  10/2020
Pet Butler  America's Pet Waste Cleanup Service (Pet Butler, LLC, under license)  10/2017
Pet Depot (Labrador Franchises, Inc., under license)  1/2009
Pet Evolution (Pet Evolution Franchising LLC, by assignment)  3/2021
Pet Passages (Pet Passages Franchising, Inc., under license)  12/2016
Pet Supplies Plus*
Petbar Inc. (PB Franchise, LLC, under license)  10/2019
Pets Are Inn (Pets Are Inn, Inc.)  6/1993
PetAssist (One Tail Enterprises, Inc., under license)  10/2014
Phenix Salon Suites (Phenix Salon Suites Franchising LLC, under license)  7/2018
Philly Grill (Philly Grill Franchises, LLC, by assignment)  9/2019
Philly's Own Soft Pretzel Bakery (Philly's Own, LLC)  2/2008
Photoland (Photo Images, Inc.) 10/1999
Photovideo Network  8/1996
Physical Therapy Provider Network (Physical Therapy Provider Network, Inc.)  3/1993
Physician's Weight Loss Centers of America (L) 10/1982
Physique 57 (Physique 57 Franchising LLC, under license)  11/2018
Piara Pizza (Piara Franchise Group, Inc., under license)  10/2019
Pickles & Ice Cream (PIC Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  1/2006
Pier 1 Imports (Pier 1 Imports of Georgia, Inc.)  3/1985
Pigmenta Permanent Cosmetics (Omnicos, Inc., under license)  6/2021
Pillar to Post Professional Home Inspection (Pillar to Post Inc.)  2/1997
Pilot Air Freight (Pilot Air Freight Corp.) 1/2005
Pinch or Pound, Inc.  1/1987
Pinot’s Palette (Pinot’s Palette Franchise LLC, under license)  1/2013
Pinot's Palette (Pinot's Palette Franchise LLC, by assignment)  5/2019
PIP Printing (Postal Instant Press, Inc., a California corporation)  5/2021
Pirtek (Pirtek USA, LLC) 4/2003
PISP Partners In Sound Productions (Partners In Sound Productions USA, LLC, under license)  5/2018
Pita Pit (Pita Pit, Inc.) 6/2002
Pizza Cat (Pizza Cat Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2021
Pizza Colore (Pizza Colore Franchising, Inc., under license)  8/1997
Pizza Hut (Pizza Hut, LLC, by assignment)  5/2016
Pizza Pie-er  4/1992
PizzaRev (PizzaRev Franchising LLC, under license)  11/2013
Pizzeria Regina (Boston Restaurant Associates International, Inc.)  12/1997
Pizzeria Uno Corporation  1/1989
P.K.G.’s Incorporated  4/1987
Plan America (CUNA Mutual Financial Services Corporation) 3/1992
Planet Ballroom (Planet Ballroom International, Inc., under license)
Planet Bark (WAG Enterprises, LLC, under license)  11/2010
Planet Beach (Planet Beach Franchising Corporation, under license)  9/2019
Planet Cash (Planet Cash, LLC) 10/2003
Planet Fitness (Pla-Fit Franchise, LLC, under license)  9/2008
Planet Fitness (Planet Fitness Franchising LLC, by assignment) [successor franchisor]  9/2018
Planet Wings Out of this World (Planet Wings Enterprises, Inc.) 9/2005
PlanetSwirl (The Planet Group, LLC, under license)  4/2013
Plato's Closet (Winmark Corporation)  5/2008
Playa Bowls (Playa Bowls Franchisor LLC, under license)  8/2018
Play It Again Sports (Play It Again Franchise Corporation)  11/1993
Playorena (Playorena, Inc.)  12/1989
Play Street Museum (PSM Worldwide, LLC, under license)  1/2020
Playtime Piano Instruction (Playtime Piano Corps, LLC) 8/2002
Plumbing Pro  Latest Technology  Trusted Service (SystemForward America, Inc. [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
Plumbing Pro  Latest Technology  Trusted Service (SystemForward America, LLC [successor franchisor, by assignment])  6/2021
Pokeatery (Pokeatery Restaurant Group LLC, under license)  5/2017
Pokemoto (Poke Co Holdings, LLC, under license)  11/2018
Poke Works (Beyond Franchise Group LLC, under license)  6/2018
Pollo Campero (Campero USA Corp., under license)  11/2020
Pollo Inka Express (Inka Franchise Corp., under license)  3/2016
Ponderosa Steakhouse (Ponderosa Franchising Company, under license)  3/2017
Pool Scouts (Pool Scouts Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2018
Poop 911 (Hounds Mounds, Inc.)  11/2012
Pop-A-Lock (SystemForward America, Inc., by assignment)   
Pop-A-Lock "Trusted Locksmith" (SystemForward America, LLC, by assignment)  6/2021
PopBar (Pop Bar Franchising LLC, under license)  11/2011
Popcornopolis (Pop Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2010
Pop-Ins (Pop-Ins, Inc.) (L)  7/1984
Port City Java (PCJ Franchising Company, LLC, by assignment) 4/2004
Portas (Portas Deutschland Folien GmbH & Co. Fabrikations KG) 4/2003
Portrait Avenue (MOTO Franchise Corporation)  5/2008
Portrait Avenue (Portrait Avenue, LLC)  5/2009
Posh Tomato (PizzaMen Franchising Group, LLC, under license)  9/2014
Positive Changes Hypnosis (Lifestyle Improvement Centers, LLC, by assignment) 2/2005
Positive Image (Positive Image Personal Training, Inc.) 8/2003
PostalAnnex+ (Annex Brands, Inc.)  1/2011
Postal Connections (Blue Stamp Franchise Company)  6/2016
Postal Instant Press (Postal Instant Press, Inc., a Delaware corporation)  5/2021
PostNet (PostNet International Franchise Corporation, by assignment)  3/2015
Potomac Garage Solutions (Potomac Garage Solutions Holding Corp.)  9/2008
Power Hydrodynamics (Power Hydrodynamics, Inc.)  7/2011
PRA (PRA Destination Management, Inc.)  2/2008
Practical Energy Company (The) (Energy Automation Systems, Inc.)  9/2009
Precision (Precision Holdings of Brevard, Inc.) 8/2005
Precision (Precision Door Service SPV LLC [Successor Franchisor], by assignment)  4/2021
Precision Concrete Cutting (Precision Concrete Cutting, Inc.) 8/2013
Precision Door Service (Precision Door Service, Inc.) 12/2001
Precision Door Service (Precision Door Service SPV LLC [Successor Franchisor], by assignment)  4/2021
Preferred Care At Home (Help at Home Franchise Service, LLC, under license)  12/2017
PremierGarage (PremierGarage Systems, LLC)  9/2006
Premier Pools & Spas (Premier Franchise Management LLC, by assignment)  9/2021
Premier Rental-Purchase (Premier Rental-Purchase, Inc., under license) 5/2007
Premier Service (GMAC Real Estate, LLC, under license)  4/2010
Preserve Services (Preserve Services Franchise Systems, LLC)  7/2021
President Baking Company*
Press-A-Print (Press-A-Print, Inc.)  2/1997
Press Box News, Inc.  11/1989
Pressed 4 Time (Pressed 4 Time, Inc.)  3/1991
Pretzelmaker – World’s Best Soft Pretzel (Pretzelmaker, Inc.)  8/1997
Pretzelmaker (PM Franchising, LLC, a Delaware, LLC, under license)  1/2011
Pretzel Mill (Pretzel Mill, Inc.) 10/1997
Pretzel Time (Pretzel Time, Inc.)  10/1993 (Praxis S-10, LLC, under license)  2/2017
Pridestaff (Pridestaff, Inc.)  12/2005
Prime IV Hydration & Wellness (Prime I.V. Hydration and Wellness, Inc.)  7/2021
PrimoHoagies (PrimoHoagies Franchising, Inc.)  5/2013
Primrose; Primrose Schools (Primrose School Franchising Co.) 4/2002
Princeton Energy Partners, Inc.*
Print Shack (Print Shack, Inc.)  10/1986
Printsource (Print Source Corporation)  11/1990; 6/1993
Pritikin (Pritikin ICR LLC, under license)  9/2013
Private Label Specialties (Unique Brands Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2011
Private Party Cars (Private Party Cars Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  1/2007
Pro Energy Consultants (PEC Holdings, LLC)  6/2009
Pro Energy Consultants (MMI-PEC, LLC, successor franchisor to PEC Holdings, LLC, by assignment)  12/2011
Professional Carpet Systems (Professional Carpet Systems, Inc.) 7/2000
Professional Home Staging and Design (Professional Homestaging and Design Franchise, L.L.C., under license)  12/2010
Professionals (PINV, LLC, under license)  4/2013
Professionals Global (Professionals Global USA, LLC)  6/2012
Professionals Realty Group (PINV, LLC, under license)  4/2013
Pro Finish  5/1992
Profitec (Profitec Franchise Systems, Inc.)  6/1993
ProfitPlus Accounts (ProfitPlus Accounts, LLC, under license)  7/2015
Profit-Power Systems (Profit-Power Systems Marketing LLC)  4/1997
Profit-Tell International, Inc. (Profit-Tell International, Inc.) 6/2003
Pro Image (The) (The Pro Image, Inc.)  6/1991
Prolift Garage Doors (Pro-Lift Doors Franchise, LLC)  7/2017
Pro Martial Fit (Pro Martial Fit, LLC)  4/2021
Promentum (Promentum, LLC) 8/1999
Property Damage Appraisers, Inc.* (PG Group CA LLC, under license)  6/2021
Property Management Inc. (Property Management Incorporated Franchise, LLC, under license)  4/2017
Pro President's Resource Organization (Pro President's Franchise Corp.) 4/2002
Prose (Prose Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2018
Proshred (Proshred Franchising Corp., under license) 6/2005
Pro-Tect (Pro-Tect Franchising, Inc.)  8/1996
Protect Painters (Protect Painters Development, LLC, by assignment)  7/2006
Protege Sports (Protege Sports Franchise, LLC, under license)  10/2009
Protocol (Protocol, LLC) 11/1998; 6/2000
Prove (Prove Consumer Reporting Services)  5/1990
PRstore (PRS Franchise Systems, LLC, by assignment)  5/2008
PR Store (PRS Franchise Systems, LLC) 6/2003
[Design Symbol] (PSquared Franchising, Inc., under license)  8/2012
PTI Personal Training Institute (Personal Training Institute Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2008
PTP It's Personal (PTP Franchise, LLC, under license)  4/2008
Puckmasters (Puckmasters Hockey Training Centre Inc.)  10/2008
Pudgie’s (Trufoods, LLC, by assignment)  3/2013
PuffCity (Puff City Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2018
Puppy Hut Fast Food for Fido (The) (Puppy Hut Franchising, Inc.)  9/1994
Purchase Plus (Purchase Plus Buyer's Group, Inc.) 2/2000
Pureflo Yoga (Pureflo Yoga Franchising, LLC)  7/2021
Pure Power Boot Camp (Pure Power Boot Camp Franchising Corporation, under license)  10/2006
Purofirst (Purofirst International)  5/1991
P.Volve (P.volve Development, LLC, under license)  1/2021
PWC Permanent Weight Control (Permanent, Inc.)  7/1992

QC Kinetix (QC Franchise Group LLC, under license)  12/2020
Qdoba Mexican Grill (Qdoba Restaurant Corporation) 10/2002
Qdoba Mexican Grill (Qdoba Restaurant Corporation, a Colorado corporation [successor franchisor], by assignment)  3/2020
Qualicare (Qualicare of America, Inc., under license)  10/2020
Qual Krom (Qual Krom Franchising, Inc.) (L)  2/1986
Quick Lane (Quick Lane Franchising LLC, under license)  12/2018
Quik-Set (Quik-Set Fastening Systems, Inc.)  2/1997
Quizno’s  12/1995
Quizno's (Quizno's Corporation (The))  8/1997
Quorum (Quorum International Ltd.)  3/1993
Qwench Juice Bar (DRNK Coffee + Tea Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2020
Q-X (QX International)  8/1996
Q-Zar Franchising, Inc.  10/1996

R Real Property Management (Property Management Business Solutions, LLC, under license) 3/2009
R Real Property Management (Real Property Management SPV LLC, by assignment)  7/2021
Rachel's Kitchen (RDR, Inc., by assignment)  1/2019
Radiance Medspa (Radiance Medspa Franchise Group, PLLC)  3/2006
Radiator King (Radiator King of America Corporation)  1/1987
Radisson (Carlson Hospitality Group, Inc.)  1/1984; 5/1986
Radisson Hotels International (Radisson Hotels International, Inc.)  8/1989
Radisson Red (Radisson Hotels International, Inc.)  4/2017
RAH Staffing Services (Right at Home, Inc.) 4/2001
Rainbow International (Rainbow International LLC [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
Rainbow International (Rainbow International SPV LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  6/2021
Rainbow Station (Rainbow Station, Inc.) 9/2003
Rainbow Station (Prism, LLC, under license)  5/2016
Rain Pro (Englert, Inc.)  9/2017
Rakkan (Rakkan USA Franchise, LLC, under license)  4/2019
Ralph Rotten’s Nut Pound (Ralph Rotten’s Nut Pound, Inc.)  5/1987
Ralph's Famous Italian Ices (Ralph's Famous Italian Ices Franchise Corp.) 9/2003
Rapid Realty (Rapid Realty Franchise LLC, by assignment)  11/2010
Rapid Recovery (RapRec Franchising, Inc., under license)  5/2008
Rapid Refill Ink (Rapid Refill Ink International Corp., by assignment) 6/2005
RapRec (RapRec Franchising, Inc., under license)  5/2008
Raspbery Junction (R.J. Ventures, Inc.) 9/1997
Rational Recovery   8/1995
Reach (Reach Publishing Systems, Inc.)  6/1996
Ready for a Real Meal? (Kitchen Investment Group, Inc. d/b/a Country Kitchen International) 4/2004
REALean (Evolve Real Estate Group, LLC)  6/2021
Realief (Biolyst, LLC)  7/2012
Real Life Ninja (Real Life Ninja Academy Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2017
Real Living (Real Living Network Services, Inc., under license)  5/2007
Real Producers (N2 Franchising, LLC, under license)  12/2017
Realty Direct (Realty Direct Franchise Corporation)  8/2006
Realty Executives (Realty Executives Intl. Svcs. LLC, by assignment)  5/2017
Realty One Group  A Team of Professionals (Realty One Group Affiliates, Inc., under license)  11/2017
Re.Bath (ReBath, LLC d/b/a Re-Bath, LLC, by assignment)  2/2013
Rebounderz (Rebounderz Franchise and Development, Inc.) 6/2014
Receptions Plus (Diamond "D" Enterprises U.S.A. Inc.)  3/1986
RedBox+ (Red Box +, LLC, under license)  6/2017
Redefy Real Estate (Delectus, Ltd, under license)  11/2015
Red Arrow (The) (Red Arrow 24 Hr. Franchising, Inc., under license)  8/2010
Red Hot & Blue (Red Hot & Blue International, LLC, under license)  6/2011
RedKnight Marketing (RedKnight Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2021
Red Lion (Red Lion Hotels Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  4/2017
Red Roof (The Red Collection, LLC, under license)  9/2018
Red Rover (Easy Moves Holdings, LLC)  9/2020
Red Shoe Rescue (Red Shoe Rescue Franchise, LLC, under license)  4/2021
Red Tower (Red Tower II, Inc.)  9/1996
Regal Maid Service (The Royal Maid Enterprises, Inc., by assignment)  6/2017
Regal Nails Salon & Spa (Regal Nails, Salon & Spa, LLC)  10/2007
Regency Senior Care (Regency Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  3/2009
Regus (RGN-USF, LLC, under license)  5/2018
Reis & Irvy's (Reis & Irvy's, Inc., by assignment)  4/2016
Relax the Back (Relax The Back Corporation)  1/1997
Re/Max (Re/Max International, Inc.)  5/1992
Remedy (Remedy Intelligent Staffing, LLC, under license)  5/2017
Renew Crew (Renew Crew, LLC, by assignment)  6/2020
Renovation Realty (Renovation Realty Franchising, Inc., under license)  10/2012
Renovation Sells (Renovation Sells Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2021
Rent4U (Nexus Franchise, LLC, under license)  4/2017
Rent-A-Center (Rent-A-Center Franchising International, Inc., under license)  8/2013
Rent-A-Husband (Rent-A-Husband, LLC, under license)  7/2006
Renue (Renue Systems Development Corp., Inc., under license)  12/2014
RenuKrete (RenuKrete Franchising, Inc., under license)  11/2019
Repicci's Real Italian Ice (FDR Enterprises, Inc.)  4/2009
Reruns (Reruns Marketing, Inc.)  3/1994
Rescuecom (Deft Computers Solutions, Inc.) 11/2000
Respond First Aid Systems (Respond Franchise Corporation)  11/1985
Restoration 1 (Restoration 1 Franchise Holding, LLC, under license)  2/2010
Restoration 1 (Restoration 1 Franchise Holding, LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  5/2020
Restore Cryotherapy (Restore Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2019
RestorFX (RestorFX Automotive, Inc., under license)  11/2018
Retrofit Companies (The) (The Retrofit Companies International, Inc.)  9/2008
Retro Fitness (Retrofitness Corp., under license)  4/2007
Retrofitness (Retrofitness, LLC, under license)  1/2011
Rex’s Chicken (Rex’s Franchise System, LLC)  7/2013
R G Rangoli Grill   Our Food, Your Art. (Rangoli Grill Franchises, LLC, under license)  4/2016
R-House, Inc.  7/1990
Rib City (Rib City Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2010
Rib City Barbecue (Rib City Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2010
Rib City Grill (Rib City Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2010
Richard Young, Inc.  4/1987
Right One (The) (PAFCO International, Inc.) 11/1998
Riko's (Riko's Franchise Corporation, under license)  7/2018
Rita's Ice Custard Happiness (Rita's Franchise Company, LLC, by assignment)  2/2017
Ritter’s Frozen Custard (Trufoods, LLC, by assignment)  12/2012
R.J. Moore Associates (R.J. Moore & Associates Inc.)  7/1987
RKO Warner Video - America's Premiere Video Stores (RKO Warner International, Ltd.)  6/1991
RMIT (RMIT, Inc., under license)  11/2008
Road Kill (Caldaho Brothers, Inc.; Caldaho Snacks, Inc.)  4/1995
Roast Beast (Roast Beast Franchise System, LLC, under license)  1/2016
Roasted and Toasted (BritishBulldog Holdings LLC, under license)  10/2020
Robeks (Robeks Franchise Corporation, under license)  1/2006
Rock & Brews (Rock & Brews Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2017
Rock and Roll Daycare (Rock and Roll Daycare Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2019
Rock Bottom (Old Chicago Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2011
Rock Bottom Restaurant Brewery (Old Chicago Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2011
Rocket Fizz (RPM Summit Group, LLC, under license)  6/2013
Rockin’ Jump (Rockin’ Jump Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2013
Rockn’ Joe (Rock N’ Joe Franchise Systems Corporation)  7/2008
Rockn’ Joe Coffeehouse & Bistro (Rock N’ Joe Franchise Systems Corporation)  7/2008
Rock Underground (The) (The Rock Underground Franchisor Incorporated, under license)  11/2013
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc.)  8/1997
Rodizio Grill (Phoenix Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  8/2011
Roll On In (ROI Franchising, Inc., under license)  12/2018
Roll Store (The) (Abbey Carpet Co., Inc.) 2/2001
Romano’s Macaroni Grill (Brinker International, Inc., under license)  10/2008
Romp n' Roll (Romp n' Roll Franchise Development, LLC, under license)  2/2017
Roosters, Ltd.*
Roosters (Roosters M.G.C., Inc., by assignment) 3/2005
Roosters Mens Grooming Center (Roosters M.G.C., Inc., by 3/2005 assignment)
Rooter-Man (A Corp.)  6/1997
RowZone (RowZone USA LLC, by assignment)  4/2011
Royal Guard (Henry R. Parente d/b/a Royal Guard Fish & Chips)  6/1988
Royal Keys (Royal Keys International, LLC, under license)  5/2009
RSVP (Alliance Franchise Brands LLC, under license)  4/2020
RSVP (RSVP Development Corp.) 2/2002
RSVP Home & Living (Allegra Network LLC, under license)  5/2019
R Taco (Rusty Taco, Inc.)  7/2016
Rubbish Truck - We Remove Rubbish (Rubbish Truck Holdings, LLC)  2/2009
Ruby's Diner (Ruby's Franchise Systems, Inc., under license)  8/2016
Rug Doctor (Rug Doctor, Inc.)  8/1987
Rug Doctor Pro (Rug Doctor Pro, Inc.)   6/1993
RunningBoards (RBM Franchising Corp., under license)  11/2019
Rush Bowls (Rush Bowls Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2021
Russell Watergardens (Russell Watergardens Franchise Corp., under license)  1/2009
Russo's New York Pizzeria (New York Pizzeria, Inc.)  2/2018
Rx2Live (Rx2Live, LLC)  4/2018
Rytech (Rytech Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  3/2017

S [stylized; USPTO Reg. No. 1,177,670] (Sonesta Franchise Corporation, under license)  7/2009
S [stylized; USPTO Reg. No. 4,076,527] (Single Cylinder Repair Franchising Corp., under license)  7/2013
S Saladarity (Green: Fine Salad Franchise Company, LLC)  9/2013
S & C Franchise Opportunity, Inc.*
Sadkhin Complex (The) (Sadkhin Franchising Company LLC, under license)  10/2008
Safeguard (Safeguard Franchise Sales, Inc., under license)  12/2016
Safeguard (Safeguard Franchise Systems, Inc., under license)  9/2007
Safe Lawns (Safelawns International LLC, under license)  1/2008
Safe Ship (SSFC LLC, under license)  6/2009
Safe-Stride (Safe-Stride International, Inc.)  6/1995
Safety Mart (Safety Mart Franchise Systems, Inc.) 12/2003
Sailways (Sailways, Inc.)  8/1990
Saint Cinnamon (Saint Cinnamon Bakery USA Ltd, under license)  8/1995
Saladcraft  Eat More Greens (Saladco Holdings, LLC, under license)  3/2021
Salad Creations Fresh is Fabulous (Lett-us Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2006
Salad House (The) (Salad House Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2021
Saladworks (Saladworks, LLC)  7/2018
Salon Professional Academy (The) (Salon Professional Education Company, LLC)  8/2014
Salons By JC (J 'N C Real Estate Development, LLC)  6/2021
Salsa Fresca Mexican Grill (Salsa Fresca Franchises, LLC, under license)  2/2018
Salt Suite (The) (Salt Suite Franchising L.L.C., by assignment)  1/2020
Salty Paws (Stay Salty, LLC, under license)  4/2020
S.A.M Seriously Addictive Mathematics (Seriously Addictive Learning Center USA LLC, under license)  1/2019
Sandella's (Sandella's LLC f/k/a Sandella's, Inc.) 6/1999
Sandella's (Sandella's Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2008
Sandler Sales Institute (Sandler Systems, Inc.)  5/1992
Sandonna’s (Sandonna’s Franchising Corporation) 12/2004
Sandy Deck's Parties! (Sandy Deck's Franchising Corporation) 10/2003
Sanford Rose Associates (Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc., by assignment)  8/2017
Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc.  12/1988
San Gelato Cafe (San Gelato Cafe Franchising Group, LLC, under license)  11/2009
Sano (Sano Steam Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2018
SarahCare (Sarah Adult Day Services, Inc., under license)  9/2016
Satisfaction Services, Inc. (Satisfaction Services FLC, Inc., under license)  7/2006
Savannah Beach Grill (Quattlebaum Restaurants Franchising Inc) 9/2000
SCA (SCA Franchising Corporation, under license)  6/2009
SCA Appraisal Company (SCA Franchising Corporation, under license)  6/2009
Scales ‘N Tails (Scales ‘N Tails Franchising, LLC)  2/2012
Scales ‘N Tails Exotic Reptile Pet Shop (Scales ‘N Tails Franchising, LLC)  2/2012
Schlotzsky’s (Schlotzsky’s, Ltd.) 3/2005
Schlotzsky’s  9/1993
Schmizza (Schmizza International, Inc., by assignment)  3/2021
Scholz Master Builders, Inc. (L) 2/1984
School of Rock Music (School of Rock Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2011
Scotts (EG Systems, Inc.) 7/1999
Scout Guide (The) (Scout Guide, LLC, under license)  9/2021
Screenmobile (The) (The Screenmobile Corporation)  3/1995
Seal-Master (Sealmaster Franchise Group, Inc.)  6/1992
SearchPath (SearchPath Global, Inc., by assignment)  8/2021
Seasons Of (Seasons Franchises, LLC, under license)  1/2014
Secure (Personal Safety Corporation)  3/1995
Security Alliance Corporation (The)  7/1985
Sedona Taphouse (DJB Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2015
Seller’s Home; SHN Sellers Home Network (SHN, Inc.) 3/2004
SellSmart (SellSmart Real Estate, Inc.)  12/2005
Send Me A Trainer (Send Me a Trainer Franchising LLC, under license)  3/2021
Senior Helpers (SH Franchising, LLC)  3/2008
Seniors' Answer (The) (The Seniors' Answer Franchise Systems, Inc.)  4/2019
Seniors Blue Book (Seniors Blue Book Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2021
Sensible (Sensible Car Rental, Inc.) 2/1995
Sensible (Affiliated Car Rental, L.C.) 9/1999
Serafina (FV Franchising USA Inc., under license) [Successor Franchisor]  7/2018
Serafina Restaurant (Serafina Management PR L.L.C., under license)  10/2014
Serendipity Labs (Serendipity Labs Franchise International, LLC, under license)  3/2014
Sermac (Sermac Industries, Inc.)  7/1984
Ser-Vent (Service Ventilation Corp.) 9/2003
Service Center (Service Center, Inc.)  1/1993
Serviceland (Serviceland, Inc.)  6/1985
ServiceMaster Company, L.P. (The)  7/1987
Service One Rep Local Service Representative 1 (Service One Cleaning Consultants & Management Company, Inc.)  9/1994
Settle Inn & Suites (Red Lion Hotels Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  4/2017
SEVA Brow Shaping · Waxing · Threading (SEVA Beauty, LLC, under license) 3/2011
7-Eleven (The Southland Corporation) 7/1997
7-Eleven Now (7-Eleven, Inc.)  5/2018
Sewer Man (A Corp., under license from Sewer-Man, Inc.)  6/1997
Sewers Drains Plumbing Eco Solutions Citywide Sewer & Drain Smart - Neat - Fast - Economical (City Wide Development Group, Inc.)  5/2012
Shady Lamp (SL Franchises, Inc.) 10/2000
Shake A Paw (Shake-A-Paw Associates, Inc.)  12/1997
Shake’s Frozen Custard (Shake’s Frozen Custard, Inc.) 2/2005
Shapes Brow Bar (D & D Beauty Care Company, Inc.)  4/2009
Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids (Sharkey’s Franchise Co., LLC, under license) 7/2005
Sharks Fish & Chicken (Sharks Franchising LLC, under license)  4/2014
ShelfGenie (ShelfGenie Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  3/2009
ShelfGenie (ShelfGenie SPV LLC [Successor Franchisor]), by assignment)  4/2021
Shepherd's Guide (The) (Shepherd's Guide USA LLC, under license)  2/2017
Sheridan's Frozen Custard (Sheridan's Franchise Systems, Inc.) 2/2002
Shilo Inns (Shilo Franchise International, LLC, under license)  5/2015
Shine-A-Blind (Super Sonics, Inc.)  9/1994
Shine Window Care (Shine Development Inc., under license)  5/2018
Shipping Connection (Shipping Connection, Inc.)  8/1996
Shoebox New York (Shoe Box Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2011
Shoes by Lara (Lara's Franchise Company, Inc.)  12/1985
Shoes-N-Feet (The Toe Box, LLC, under license)   10/2005
Shoot 360 (Shoot 360 Nation, LLC, by assignment)  4/2021
Shoreline Modular Homes Incorporated (Shoreline Modular  Homes, Incorporated)  3/1989
Short Stop (International Shortstop, Inc.)  5/1992
Show Me PCs (Show Me PCs, Inc.) 10/2001
Show Place (The) (Rowe Franchising, Inc.)  4/1992
Show-Pop (Show Pop USA, Inc.)  3/1994
ShredStation (ShredStation Express, LLC, under license)  8/2009
ShredStation Express (ShredStation Express, LLC)  8/2009
Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar (Shuckin Shack Franchising LLC)  5/2021
Shula’s 2 Steak & Sports (Shula’s Steak Houses, LLLP)  4/2015
Shula’s 347 Grill (Shula’s Steak Houses, LLLP)  4/2015
Shula’s On The Beach (Shula’s Steak Houses, LLLP)  4/2015
Shula’s Steak House (Shula’s Steak Houses, LLLP)  4/2015
Side Pockets (Side Pockets Franchise Systems, Inc.) 8/2002
Siegal Weight Management (U.S. Medical Care Holdings, L.L.C., under license)  1/2006
Signal 88 Security (Signal 88 Franchise Group, Inc., under license)  5/2011
Signal Graphics (SAMPA Corp.)  2/1998
Sign-A-Rama (Speedy Sign-A-Rama, USA Inc.) 5/2000
Signature (Red Lion Hotels Franchising, Inc.)  5/2020
Signature Inn (Red Lion Hotels Franchising, Inc.)  4/2020
Sign Express Inc.  7/1988
Sign Me Up Signs & Advertising (PBJ Productions, Inc., under license)  3/2019
Sign Stop (SignStop, Inc.)  9/1989
Signforce (SF Franchising International LLC, under license)  2/2017
Signs & Graphics Nationwide (Sign & Graphics Operations, LLC, under license)  9/2018
Signs By Tomorrow (Signs By Tomorrow – USA, Inc.)  1/2011
Signs by Tomorrow (Alliance Franchise Brands LLC, under license)  4/2020
Signs Now (Alliance Franchise Brands LLC, under license)  4/2020
Signs on Site (Signs on Site, Inc.) 8/1999
Silbar Security (Silbar Franchise Group Corporation, under license)  2/2015
Silk Plants Etc. (Silk Plants Etc. Franchise Systems, Inc.)  11/1986
Simoniz (Jiffy Shine USA, Inc.)  3/1993
Simple Greek (The) (The Simple Greek, LLC)  4/2016
Simply Done (Simply Done Management, Inc.)  1/2007
Sir Bouncealots (Sir Bouncealots Franchising LLC, under license)  11/2007
Sir Speedy (Sir Speedy, Inc.) 1/2001
SirVent (SirVent Franchising LLC, under license)  9/2015
Sit Means Sit (Sit Means Sit Franchise, Inc., under license)  6/2013
Sitter4Paws (Sitter4Paws Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2016
Sitters Etc. (Sitters Etc. Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2014
Six Disciplines (Six Disciplines Franchise Corporation, under license)  2/2007
Six-Twelve Convenient Mart, Inc.  2/1988
Sizzling Black Rock Steakhouse (Sizzling Black Rock Steak House Franchising, Inc., under license)  8/2014
Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control (Skedaddle Franchising LLC, under license)  9/2017
skinnyPIZZA (Skinnypizza Franchise Systems LLC, under license)  3/2014
Skin Type Solutions (Skin Type Solutions Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  3/2015
Skrimp Shack (Skrimp Shack LLC)  1/2019
Skyhawks (Skyhawks Franchise Group, Inc., under license)  8/2015
Skyhawks (Skyhawks Franchise Group, LLC [Successor Franchisor], under license)  10/2019
Sky High Sports Trampoline Park (Sky High Sports Network LLC, by assignment)  8/2018
Skyrobics (Sky Zone Franchise Group, LLC f/k/a SkyZone Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  7/2011
Sky Zone (Sky Zone Franchise Group, LLC f/k/a SkyZone Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  7/2011
Slapfish  A Modern Seafood Shack (Slapfish Franchise, LLC, under license)  1/2014
Slender Lady (Slender Lady, Inc.)  6/2006
Sliders Grill & Bar (Sliders Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  2/2015
Slim and Tone (Slim and Tone, L.L.C.)  2/2006
Sloan’s (Sloan’s Franchise, LLC, under license)  4/2012
Smallcakes A Cupcakery (Smallcakes Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  7/2012
SMART (Smart Franchise LLC, by assignment) 7/2021
Smart Cow Yogurt Bar (Smart Cow Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2013
Smart Start (Smart Start, Inc., Irving, TX) 1/2001; 5/2001
Smart Tax (Smart Tax Franchise Group LLC, under license)  9/2010
Smarter Toddler (SCA Management, LLC, under license)  8/2011
SmartView (Moran Industries, Inc.)  7/2012
Smashburger (Smashburger Franchising LLC, under license)  8/2021
Smash My Trash (Smash Franchise Partners, LLC, under license)  4/2020
Smoke's Poutinerie (Smoke's Poutinerie US Franchising, Inc., under license)  4/2013
Smoothie Island (Maui Tacos International, Inc. d/b/a Smoothie Island Co.) 4/1999
Smoothie King (Smoothie King Home of The Muscle Punch  Franchises, Inc.)  3/1996
Snaggle Foot (Snaggle Foot, LLC, by assignment)  4/2019
Snap Fitness (Snap Fitness, Inc.)  7/2006
Snapology (Snapology, LLC, under license)  2/2016
Snap-on (Snap-on Tools Corporation)   12/1990
SNC Telecom Problem Solvers*
Snelling (Snelling Franchising, LLC) 2/2005
Snellingsearch (Snelling Franchising, LLC) 2/2005
Snooze (Snooze International LLC, under license)  9/2021
Snowdays Shaved Cream Co. (Snowdays Franchise, LLC, under license)  2/2018
SoBol (Acai Industries, Inc., under license)  9/2019
Soccer Post (The) (Elite Sports Enterprises, Inc.) 8/2004
SoccerGemz  SG (SoccerGemz Franchising LLC, by assignment)  3/2017
Socom (Basin Franchising, LLC)  3/2021
Sodamix (The) (The Sodamix Franchising LLC, by assignment)  3/2021
Softmart, Inc.*
Soil to Sun (Energy Conservation Opportunities, Inc., under license)  5/2012
Sola Salon Studios (Sola Franchise Corporation, under license)  5/2015
Soldierfit (Soldierfit Franchise, LLC, under license)  10/2014
SOLID (Solid Holdings, LLC)  11/2015
Something Superior for Your Interior*
SoNapa (SoNapa Franchising LLC, under license)  4/2010
Sonesta (Sonesta Hotels and Resorts Franchise) (Sonesta RL Hotels Franchising Inc., under license)  9/2021
Sonesta (Sonesta Select Franchise) (Sonesta RL Hotels Franchising Inc., under license)  9/2021
Sonesta (Sonesta Simply Suites Franchise) (Sonesta RL Hotels Franchising Inc., under license)  9/2021
Sonesta ES Suites (Sonesta RL Hotels Franchising Inc., under license)  9/2021
SonicYoga (Sonic Yoga, Inc., by assignment) 10/2004
Sonus (Sonus-USA, Inc., by assignment)  1/2010
Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine (SCCF, LLC, under license)  4/2013
SOS Success on the Spectrum (SOS Franchising LLC, under license)  10/2018
Soul de Cuba Cafe Cuban Cuisine and More (Soul de Cuba, Inc., under license)  11/2010
Soulstice Inspiring Wellness (Soulstice Franchises, Inc., under license)  4/2016
Sound Lion (Sound Lion Franchising, LLC, under license)  12/2014
Soup Exchange  10/1988
Soup Man (The) (Kiosk Concepts, Inc., under license)  6/2008
Soup ‘N Juice (Naples Franchising Systems, Inc., under license) 6/2005
Southern Tsunami (Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp. a/k/a A.F.C. Corporation)  3/2004
Southwest Greens; Southwest Greens 1 (Southwest Putting Green Technologies, Inc.)  4/2004
Sovita Chiropractic Center (Sovita Chiropractic Offices LLC, under license)  5/2017
Spa Capsule (Mall Spa Creations, Inc., under license)  5/2006
Space Options*
Spaghetti Jack’s (Spaghetti Jack’s, Inc.)  10/1995
Sparkle Wash (Sparkle International, Inc.)  7/1993
Sparklicious (Sparklicious LLC, under license)  3/2019
Sparks Tune-Up*
Spaulding Decon (Spaulding Decon Industries, Corp., under license)  11/2017
SPAVIA (SPAVIA International LLC, by assignment)  4/2020
Special Strong (Strong Kingdom, LLC, under license)  4/2021
Spectra Professional Search (L) 8/1983
SpeeDee Oil Change (SpeeDee Worldwide, LLC f/k/a SpeeDee Worldwide Corporation)  9/2013; 6/2020
SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune Up (SpeeDee Worldwide, LLC f/k/a SpeeDee Worldwide Corporation)  9/2013; 6/2020
Speedpro (SP Franchising LLC, under license)  5/2016
Speed Queen (Speed Queen Laundry Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2021
Speedy Auto Glass (Speedy Auto Glass Franchising Systems, Inc.) 6/1991

Spectrum Home Services (SHS Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  8/2006
Spenga (Spenga Holdings, LLC, under license)  7/2021
Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates (Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates, LLC, under license)  12/2017
Sperry Van Ness (Sperry Van Ness International Corporation)  4/2009
Spherion (Spherion Staffing, LLC, by assignment)  4/2016
Spice Merchants (Spice Merchants Entities Corp., under license) 10/2013
Spicy Pickle (Spicy Pickle Franchising, LLC) 12/2004
Spiffy (Spiffy Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2020
Spike's (Spike's Junkyard Dogs) 10/1999
SpinalAid Centers of America (Spinal Aid Centers of America, Inc.)  12/2007
Spoon Me (Spoon Me Franchising LLC, under license)  5/2012
Sportball (Sportball Systems USA, LLC, under license)  4/2019
Sports Fantasy Marketing, Inc.  11/1987
Sports Image (Sports Image Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2009
Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp.  2/1986
Sprinkles Cupcakes (Sprinkles Franchise Group LLC, under license)  2/2021
SP Studio Pilates International (Studio Pilates International USA Corp., under license)  12/2018
Spuds Pommes Fries (Spuds Pommes Fries Corp., under license)  2/2019
Squealers (Top-Notch Restaurants, L.L.C., under license)  1/2011
Squeeze (Squeeze Franchising Corporation, under license) 8/2005
Squid Lips (SLE Hospitality Group, LLC, under license)  1/2010
Squisito Pizza & Pasta (Squisito Franchise Enterprises, Inc., under license)  3/2017
Sriracha House (Sriracha House Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2019
Stadium Wrap (Stadium Wrap America, LLC, by assignment)  11/2009
Staff Training Centre Pty., Limited  11/1986
Stagecoach (Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools Limited) 3/2003
Stained Glass Overlay, Inc.   5/1985
Stair Fitter (Stair Fitter Franchising, LLC) 5/2017
StarCycle (StarCycle Franchise, LLC, by assignment)  9/2017
Start Now (Creative Asset Management, Inc.)  3/1990
Starz Program (Starz Program Worldwide LLC, under license)  7/2018
Steamatic, Inc. (L) 3/1982
StearClear (StearClear USA Holdings, LLC, by assignment)  4/2015
Stein-Way Dog Training (Stein-Way Dog Training Enterprises Inc) 3/2002
Stem for Kids (SFK Franchising Inc., under license)  3/2019
Stemtree (Stemtree Franchising LLC)  3/2017
Step-Saver (Step-Saver Data Systems, Inc. f/k/a Continental Data Systems, Inc.)  12/1986
Steri-Clean (Steri-Clean, Inc.)  11/2018
Stewart’s (Frosted Mug Holdings, LLC, by assignment) 8/2005
Stewart's (Stewart's All American Corp., by assignment)  3/2018
Sticks-N-Stones (Sticks-N-Stones, Inc.)  2/1997
Sticky Rice (Sticky USA, Inc., under license)  8/2011
S.T.O.P. (Service Team of Professionals, Inc.) 7/2003
Stop ‘N Pop (Robot Vending Corporation)  7/1994
STOP Service Team of Professionals (STOP Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  11/2020
STOP Service Team of Professionals (STOP Franchising SPE LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  7/2021
Storage Authority (Storage Authority, LLC, by assignment)  6/2016
Strategic Living (Strategic Living International, Ltd.)  12/1991
Stratis (Stratis Business Centers, Inc.) 8/2000
Stratus Building Solutions (SBS Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  3/2016
Stratus Building Solutions (Stratus Franchising, LLC (Franchisor), by assignment; Paladin Services of Connecticut, LLC (Master Franchisee), under license)  7/2008
Stratus Building Solutions (Paladin Capital Partners, LLC (Master Franchisee), under license)  5/2010
Stratus Building Solutions (Partha Services LLC, under license) 9/2010
Street Corner News (McColla Enterprises, Ltd.)  1/1996
StretchMed (StretchMed Franchise LLC, by assignment)  8/2021
Stretch Smart (Stretch Smart International Franchise, LLC, by assignment)  6/2018
Stretch Zone (Stretch Zone Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2019
StrollerFit (StrollerFit, Inc.) 2/2005
Stroller Strides (Stroller Strides, LLC)  4/2006
Strout-America (Strout American Realty, Inc.)  5/1986
Studebaker’s of America, Inc.  6/1986
Studio Barre (Studio Barre Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2014
Stumpy's Hatchet House  A Social Throwdown  Est. 2015 (Woody's Backyard Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2019
Style Encore (Winmark Corporation)  11/2013
Styles on Video (Styles Servicing, Inc.)  7/1994
Sub Primo (Sub Primo, Inc.) 4/2001
Sub & Stuff (Stoico Food Services, Inc.)  10/1995
Sub Station II (Sub Station II, Inc.)  6/1992
Submarina (Submarina, Inc., a California corporation)  7/2006
Submarina California Subs (Submarina, Inc., a Nevada corporation)  10/2009
Suburban Cylinder Express (Suburban Franchising, Inc. under license from Suburban Propane L.P.)    5/2004
Sub Zero Ice Cream (Sub Zero Franchising, Inc., by assignment) 1/2014
Succentrix Business Advisors (Succentrix Business Advisors, Inc.)  1/2019
Sugar Plum Parties (Sugar Plum Franchising, LLC, under license)  8/2016
Sugar Sugar (Sugar Sugar Franchise Systems, LLC, under license)  12/2019
Sugaring NYC (Nartov Ventures LLC, under license)  7/2019
Sukhadia's (Sukhadia Parivar, LLC, under license)  4/2013
Sullivan and Cogliano (S & C Franchise Opportunity, Inc.)  3/1989
Sunbeam Bread Distributors (L) 9/1994
Sunbelt Business Brokers (MMI Business Brokers, LLC, by assignment) 10/2011
Sunbelt Business Brokers (Sunbelt Business Brokers Network, Inc. [predecessor entity], by assignment) 10/2011
Sundae Spa (mark includes illustration) (Sundae Spa Franchise, LLC, under license)
Sunflora (Your CBD Stores Franchising LLC, under license)  7/2020
Sunshine Pack & Ship (Sunshine Shipping & Business Services, Inc.) 10/2002
Sunstone Yoga (Sunstone Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2006
Sun Tan City (STC Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2012
Sunup (Sunup Insurance Services Inc., under license)  3/2017
Sunwize (Sunwize Technologies, Inc., a Delaware corporation)  5/2009
Super Club for Kids (Driggs Fitness Associates, Inc.)  8/1995
Super Coups (Super Coups, Inc.) 2/1999
Super Soccer Stars (Super Soccer Stars Franchising Corporation, under license) 5/2005
Super Suppers - Your Answer To . . . "What's for Dinner?" (The Culinary School of Fort Worth, LLC)  7/2007
SuperGlass Windshield Repair (SuperGlass Windshield Repair, Inc.)  7/2018
Supergreen Solutions  Energy Efficient Products (Legacy Environmental Solutions, Inc., by assignment)  3/2021
Superior Fence & Rail, Inc. (Superior Fence & Rail Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2021
Superior Mosquito Defense (Legg SMS Franchising Inc., under license)  5/2018
Superior Mosquito Defense (ANC Green Solutions I, LLC, by assignment)  10/2020
Superior Walls (Superior Walls of America, Ltd., by assignment)  3/2016
Superior Wash (Superior Wash, Inc. of USA)  6/2008
Superior Wash (Tri-County Mobile Wash, Inc., by assignment)  4/2013
Superior Wash The Truck Wash People (Tri-County Mobile Wash, Inc., by assignment)  4/2013
Superwall (Bestway Basements Franchising, Inc., under license) 9/2014
Supper Thyme USA (Supper Thyme USA Franchise Services, L.L.C.) 12/2005
Supporting Strategies (Supporting Strategies Partners, LLC)  9/2013
Surface Experts on Call (Surface Experts Franchising LLC)  7/2019
SurfaceQuest (SurfaceQuest International, LLC) 3/2004
SureStay Hotel Group (SureStay, Inc., under license)  4/2017
Surface Specialists (Surface Specialists Systems, Inc.)  12/2014
S.W.A.T. Environmental (SWAT Franchise Development, LLC, by assignment)  12/2012
Sweatheory (The Sweatheory Group, LLC, under license)  3/2019
Sweet Creams Unlimited (Sweet Creams Unlimited, Inc.)   8/1987
SweetFrog (SFF, LLC, under license)  4/2012
Swensen's (Swensen's, Inc.) 5/2001
Swirls and Twirls Frozen Yogurt With A Twist (Swirls and Twirls USA, LLC)  1/2013
Sylvan Learning Corporation  2/1985
SYNLawn (SYNLawn, LLC, under license)  6/2009
System4 (DiBro Holdings, Inc. d/b/a System4 S.N.E., under license)  1/2007
System4 (System4, LLC)  1/2007
Systems Paving (Systems Paving Franchising, Inc.) 12/2001

Table for Eight (Synchrony, Ltd)  11/1998
Taboonette (Taboonette Franchise Corp., under license)  6/2018
Taco Bell (Taco Bell Franchisor, LLC, under license)  5/2016
Taco John's (Taco John's International, Inc., under license)  5/2020
Taco Maker (The) (The Taco Maker, Inc.)  4/1994
Taco Taco Cafe (Norteno Enterprise, LLC, under license)  5/2011
Taffer's Tavern (Premier Taverns LLC, under license)  7/2021
Tailored Living (Tailored Living, LLC f/k/a Closet Tailors, LLC)  5/2011
Takeout Taxi (Takeout Taxi Franchising Systems, Inc.)  7/1991
Talem Home Care (Talem Home Care Franchising, LLC)  6/2019
Tan Company (The) (The Tanco, Inc.) 9/2002
Tan Republic (Tan Republic Franchise Company, LLC)  9/2021
Tan World (TWI Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  1/2008
Tap Into (Tap Into, LLC, under license)  5/2019; 6/2014
Tap Into (Tap Into Local LLC, under license)  5/2019
Tapout (TOGyms, LLC, under license)  11/2015
Taste Buds Kitchen (Taste Buds Kitchen International, LLC, under license)  8/2021
Taste of Mediterranean (USA Franchise LLC, under license)  9/2013
Tastings A Wine Experience (Tastings Franchise Company, Inc.)  12/2007
Taxback (Taxback, LLC)  12/2006
TaylorMarie’s (TaylorMarie’s Franchising Company, LLC)  4/2015
TCBY Yogurt (TCBY Systems, Inc.)  9/1985
TC Tax Care Inc. (Tax Care Franchise Group, Inc., by assignment)  7/2013
TC Total Care Good Health for Your Home (Total Care of North America, LLC, under license)  10/2007
TeamLogicIT (TeamLogic, Inc.)  5/2018
TechKnowHow (TKH Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  2/2013
Teed & Brown (Teed & Brown Franchising, Inc.)  11/2005
Teeth Tomorrow (Teeth Tomorrow, LLC, under license)  2/2016
Tekkeez Tech Repair (Franchise Qualification Plus, LLC)  4/2018
Temperature Pro  Latest Technology  Trusted Service (SystemForward America, Inc. [predecessor franchisor])  6/2021
Temperature Pro Latest Technology  Trusted Service (SystemForward America, LLC [successor franchisor, by assignment])  6/2021
Temper-Sensor (Temper-Sensor, Inc.)  5/1987
Tempositions (Tempositions, Inc.)  10/1986
Tempur (Tempur Franchising US, LLC, under license)  7/2021
:10/ Minute Manicure (10MM Franchising LLC, under license)  5/2008
Ten Spot (The) (The Ten Spot Ltd., under license)  1/2021
Tenzing & Pema (T & P Franchise Corporation)  4/1994
Texas Roadhouse (Texas Roadhouse Development Corporation, under license)  6/2013
TGA Premier Sports (TGA Franchise Sports Holdings, LLC, under license)  2/2019
T.G.I. Friday's (TGI Fridays Franchisor, LLC, by assignment)  3/2017
The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel (The Art Franchising, LLC by assignment)  5/2021
The Center Mixed Martial Arts (The Center MMA Franchise, LLC, under license)  4/2012
The Dog Wizard  It's Not Magic. It's Dogtraining Done Right (ITK9 Franchise, LLC, under license)  5/2020
TheHomeMag (TheHomeMag Franchising, LLC, under license)  1/2009
The Joint . . . The Chiropractic Place (The Joint Corp.)  5/2018
The Malted Barley (The Malted Barley Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  9/2017
The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. (Brooklyn Water Bagel Franchise Co., Inc., under license)  4/2012
The Original Frameless Shower Doors (Frameless Franchises, Inc., under license)  11/2017
Thermapure (Thermapure, Inc., by assignment)  6/2012
Thermocrete (Thermocrete Chimney Lining, Inc.)  12/1984
Thinkertots (Thinkertots Franchise, Inc., under license)  6/2008
This Can't Be Yogurt*
Thomas Sweet (Thomas Sweet Franchise Corp.) 10/1985
Thousand Points of Knowledge (A) (A Thousand Points of Knowledge, Inc.) 10/2000
Thrillz High Flying Adventure Park (Thrillz Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2019
Thriveworks (Thriveworks Franchising LLC, under license)  8/2013
Tide Dry Cleaners (Agile Pursuits Franchising, Inc.)  10/2017
Tierra Encantada (Tierra Encantada Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2019
Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts (TSK Franchise Systems, Inc.)  4/2018
Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts (TSMA Franchise Systems Inc. [Successor Franchisor], under license)  4/2020
Tikiz Shaved Ice & Ice Cream (Tikiz Franchising, LLC)  7/2021
Tilden (Tilden Associates, Inc.)  5/1998
Tilford's Wood Fired Pizza (Tilford's Franchise, LLC)  11/2016
Tilted Kilt (Tilted Kilt Franchise Operating, LLC, under license)  5/2006
TimePlus (Time+Plus, Inc.)   5/1995
Tin Drum Asian Kitchen (Tin Drum Asiacafe, LLC)  8/2021
Tink-A-Tako (Tink-A-Tako Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  11/2017
Tio Juan’s Margaritas Mexican Restaurant & Watering Hole (Margaritas Franchising Corp., under license)  4/2011
Toad's Place (World of Toads Development Corporation) 4/1998
Toastique Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar (Toastique Holdings, LLC, under license)  10/2020
Today’s Temporary (Today’s Business Services, Inc.)  7/1986
Today’s Window Fashions (Today’s Window Fashions, Inc., by assignment)  7/2006
Toddle House Diner (American Diners, Inc.)  3/1992
Together (Together Management Group, Inc.) 8/1999
Tom+Chee Grilled Cheese Tomato Soup (Tom and Chee Worldwide, LLC, under license)  7/2013
Tommy’s Coal Fired Pizza (TCFP, LLC, under license)  6/2011
Tommy's Express Car Wash (Tommy's Express, LLC, by assignment)  9/2016
Tom’s Foods, Inc.  12/1985
Tom's Urban (Tom's Urban Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2015
Tom's Urban 24 (Tom's Urban Franchising LLC, under license)  2/2015
Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza (TSP Management Group, LLC)  2/2013
Too Hotties (Too Hotties, Inc.)  10/2006
Top Ten  Buy From The Best For Less (TTP Franchising, Inc., under license)  7/2014
Top Value Muffler Shops (Top Value Exhaust Systems, Inc.)  12/1996
Toro Taxes (Toro Tax Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  7/2019
Tossed (Tossed Franchise Corporation)  9/2010
Tossed The Fashion of Salads (Tossed Franchise Corporation)  9/2010
Total Golf Adventures (Total Golf Adventures Franchise, LLC, under license)  1/2007
Totally Kool (Totally Kool Franchise Corporation)  5/1996
Totally Nutz (Totally Nutz Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2016
Total Nutrition Sports Nutrition. Weight Loss. Vitamins (Total Nutrition Holdings LLC)  11/2013
Touching Hearts (Touching Hearts, Inc.)  6/2013
Tough Mudder (Tough Mudder Bootcamp Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2017
Tough Mudder Bootcamp (TM Bootcamp Franchising, LLC [successor franchisor], under license) (Unit and Area Representative franchises)  6/2019
Tournaments in Green  11/1995
Tower Cleaning Systems (Tower Cleaning Systems, Inc. f/k/a Metro Building Maintenance, Inc.)  9/1992
Tower Clearing [sic] Systems a/k/a Select Maintenance Systems, Inc.  8/1994
Town Planner (Town Planner Franchising, Inc., under license)  12/2007
Tox (The) (The Tox Franchising Group, LLC, under license)  3/2021
Tra-Hans Candies, Inc.*
Training Bites (Promentum, LLC) 8/1999
Transblue (Transblue Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  1/2020
Transworld (Transworld Business Advisors, LLC, under license)  4/2012
Travel Agents International, Inc.*
TravelHost  3/1987
Traveling Chic Boutique (Traveling Chic Boutique Franchise Systems LLC, under license)  4/2016
Travelodge; Thriftlodge (Forte Hotels, Inc.)  4/1994
Travel Network (Travel Network, Ltd.)  2/1986
TRC (The Retrofit Companies International, Inc.)  9/2008
Trent Realty (Trent Realty Franchise Corp., under license)  7/2008
Tres Carnes (Tres Carnes 391 8th Avenue LLC, under license)  6/2015
Triad (Triad Equipment Maintenance Systems, Inc.)  3/1991
Tribos Peri Peri (TPP Express, LLC)  2/2021
Trimark Publishing Company, Inc.*
Trinom (Trinom International, Inc.)  1/1991
Tri-Steel Structures (L) 3/1985
Tropical Smoothie Café (Tropical Smoothie Franchise Development Corporation)  7/2008
Tropical Smoothie Café (Tropical Smoothie Café, LLC, by assignment)  10/2012
Tropical Sun Tan Center (TST, Inc.)  10/1986
Tropicalaser (T.L. Medical Enterprises, LLC, under license)  5/2012
Tropik Sun Fruit & Nut (Diversifoods, Inc., by assignment)  3/1996
TruePresence (TruePresence, LLC)  8/2006
True Rest (True Rest Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  6/2016
Truly Nolen (Truly Nolen of America, Inc.) 4/2002
Trustegrity (Connect, Confide, and Collaborate LLC, by assignment)  6/2020
T Tumbles  The Learning Playground (Tumbles LLC)  4/2021
Tupperware (Tupperware Worldwide)  6/1992
Turfscape (Turfscape Franchise, Inc., under license)  1/2015
Tutor Doctor (Tutor Doctor Systems, Inc., under license)  9/2012 (Reg. No. 3,160,318 canceled 5/24/13)
Tutoring Center (The) (The Tutoring Center Franchise Corp., under 8/8/06 license; later acquired by assignment dated 6/3/13)  8/2011
Tutoring Club (Tutoring Club, Inc.) 1/2001
Tutor Time (Tutor Time Child Care Systems, Inc.)  6/1992
Tutti Frutti (ILTF, Inc.)  12/2015
TV Facts (TV Facts of North America, Inc.)  9/1989
TV Scene, Inc.  6/1987
TV Tempo (T.V. Tempo, Inc.)   10/1987
Twin Stop (Twin Franchising Systems, Ltd., by assignment)  6/1989
Two 4 One (Two 4 One Concepts, Inc.)  2/2006
Two Men and a Truck (Two Men and a Truck/International Inc.) 9/1997
TW Tire Warehouse (Tire Warehouse Central, Inc.)  8/1995

UBuildIt (UBuildIt Holdings, LLC)  8/2018
U Design (U-Design, Inc.)  12/1986
UFood Grill (Healthy Acquisitions Corp., by assignment)  6/2015
UK Ulmer Kolius (Ulmer Kolius International, Inc.)  9/1985
Ultimate Skin Protection (The) (Benchmark Enterprises, Inc.) 10/1993
Ultimate Staffing (Ultimate Staffing Franchise Group, LLC) 4/2003
Uncle Louie G Homemade Gourmet Italian Ices & Ice Cream  Feel Like a Kid Again! (Uncle Louie Gee I, Inc., under license)  7/2016
Uncle Tony’s Pizza (Food Concepts Development Corp.)  10/1990
Uniforce Temporary Personnel, Inc.  12/1987
UNIGLOBE Travel (Northeast), Inc.  6/1984
UNIGLOBE Travel (Tri-State), Inc. (L) 2/6/1985
UniKWax Center (UKW Franchising Company, LLC, under license)  11/2010
Unishippers (Unishippers Global Logistics, LLC, by assignment)  3/2011
Unishippers Association USA (Unishippers Association, Inc.) 4/2001
United Check Cashing (United Check Cashing Company, Inc.)  3/1994
United Snack Group (United Snack Group, Inc.)  4/1992
United Soccer Leagues (United Soccer Leagues, LLC)  9/2014
United States Basketball League (United States Basketball League, Inc.)  4/1996
United States Interregional Soccer League (USISL, Inc., by assignment)  9/1996
United Studios of Self-Defense*
United Surgical Centers (USC Corporation, under license)  12/1982
United Water Restoration Group (United Franchise Holdings, LLC, under license)  6/2017
Units (Units Franchising Group, Inc., under license)  5/2006
University Painters (University Painters, Inc.)  5/1994
Upstairs Circus (Ringmaster Society LLC, under license)  8/2018
Utopia Descending (Utopia Descending, LLC)  6/2018
Urban Flats (Hip Urban Brands, LLC, under license)  9/2006
Urban Float (Urban Float Opportunities, LLC, under license)  4/2019
USA Baby (Baby’s Room USA, Inc.)  8/1998
USA Baby (USA Baby, Inc., by assignment) 1/2005
USA Capital (USA Capital, LLC f/k/a USA Leasing, LLC) 10/1999
USA Insulation  Comfort & Savings Guaranteed! (USA Insulation Franchise Corporation, under license)  6/2008
USAMDT (USA Mobile Drug Testing, LLC)  10/2010
USA Mobile Drug Testing (USA Mobile Drug Testing, LLC)  10/2010
USA Ninja Challenge (USA Ninja Challenge Franchising, LLC)  6/2017
U-Save Auto Rental (U-Save Auto Rental of America, Inc.)  3/2005
U-Save Car Sales (U-Save Car Sales, Inc., under license)  3/2006
U.S. Lawns (U.S. Lawns, Inc.)  11/2014
US Tax Recovery Partners (US Tax Recovery Partners, LLC, under license)  3/2014
U-Swirl (U-Swirl International, Inc.)  4/2009
Utopia (M & A Franchising, Inc., under license)  1/2015

V's Barbershop (V's Barbershop Franchise, LLC, by assignment)  4/2007
V2K (Vision 2000 Window Fashions, Inc.)  6/2002
Vaccine Center and Travel Medicine Clinic (The) (Vaccine Center Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  11/2016
Valbridge Property Advisors (Valbridge Property Advisors Franchising Systems, LLC, under license)  12/2013
Valenta BPO (Valenta Franchise, LLC)  6/2020
Value Added Benefits (Value Added Benefits, Inc., under license)  3/2007
Value Place (Value Place Franchise Services LLC, by assignment) 6/2005
Vanguard Cleaning Systems (Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc.)  5/2008
Vanishing Breeds (Vanishing Breeds International, Inc.) 8/1999
VaporFi (VaporFi Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2017
Vehicare (Vehicare Franchising Corp.)  8/1990
Vehicle Tracking Solutions (Vehicle Tracking Solutions, LLC)  4/2009
VelocityHUB (VelocityHUB Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2017
Velocity Sports Performance (Velocity Sports Performance Franchise Systems, LLC)  3/2004
Velofix (Velofix Holdings USA, Inc., under license)  7/2017
Vendlink (Vendlink, a division of Compass Group USA, Inc., by assignment) 10/2004
Vend-Mart VM The Way Ahead (Russell Thomas)  7/1994
Venture X (Venture X Franchising, LLC, by assignment)  6/2016
Verizon Wireless (Cellco Partnership, under license)  7/2007
Verizon Wireless (Miracon Wireless, LLC, under license)  11/2007
Veronica's Insurance (Veronica's Insurance Franchise, LLC, under license)  3/2020
Verticals Etc. Factory Outlets (Verticals Etc., Inc.)  7/1995
VHA Physician Services, Inc.  1/1988
Viamark Advertising (TRW Marketing Solutions, Inc.)  12/2013
Vicini’s New York City Pizzeria (Vicini’s New York City Pizza Development, Inc.)  8/2011
Vicky Bakery  The Original Since 1972 (Vicky Bakery Franchising, LLC, under license)  7/2021
Victory International, Inc.  1/1986
Vida-Flo (Hydration Station USA Franchise System, LLC)  5/2018
Video Connection (The) (Video Connection of America, Inc.)  12/1985
Video Update (Video Update, Inc.)  11/1985
Vietnamese BONMi NYC Kitchen Sandwiches & Bowls (BONMI Franchise, LLC, under license)  6/2017
Viking (Viking Cooking Schools, LLC, under license)  5/2011
Villa La Paws (Villa La Paws, LLC, under license)  1/2012
Villa Pizza (Villa Enterprises Management Ltd., Inc.)  6/1994
Vincent's Clam Bar (VCB Management Group LLC, under license)  6/2018
Vintage Market Days (Vintage Market Days, LLC)  3/2019
Vintner's Circle (Vintner's Circle Franchising, LLC)  8/2009
VIO Med Spa (VIO Franchise Group, LLC)  1/2020
VIP Companion Care (V.I.P. Companion Care, Inc.)  8/1989
Visible Link (Visible Link, LLC)  2/2014
Visible Systems (Visible Systems, Inc.)  4/1992
Visiting Angels (Living Assistance Services, Inc.)  6/2009
Vital Care (Vital Care, Inc.)  7/2018
Vital Care (Vital Care Infusion Services, LLC [successor franchisor], by assignment)  1/2021
Vito & Michael's (Mr. VJM Ltd.)  7/1992
voco  An IHG Hotel (Holiday Hospitality Franchising, LLC, under license)  4/2021
Voice-Tel (Voice Enterprises, Inc.)  3/1988
VOLOFIT (VOLOFIT Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2021
Voortman Cookies, Ltd.*
Vootu (Vootu World Franchise Inc., under license)  4/2017
VR Business Brokers (VR Business Brokers, Inc.)  1/1989
Vue (Vue Franchise Development, LLC, under license)  1/2008

W Worldwide Refinishing Systems (Worldwide Refinishing Systems, Inc.)  2/1993
Waffle Cabin (Atomium, Inc., under license)  8/2013
Wag N Wash (Healthy Pet Partners, LLC under license)  5/2017
WAKA (WAKA Franchising, LLC, under license)  3/2011
Walk On’s Bistreaux & Bar (Walk-On’s Enterprises Franchising, LLC, under license)  6/2015
Wall of Books (Gottwals Franchising, Inc.)  5/2020
Wallpapers to Go (Wallpapers to Go, Inc.)  11/1991
Wall St. Deli (Trufoods, LLC)  3/2013
Watch Dog Home Inspectors (Watchdogs Home Inspectors, Inc., by assignment)  9/2017
Waterway (Waterway Franchise, LLC, under sublicense)  3/2008
WaveMax (WaveMAX Franchise LLC)  6/2017
Waxing the City (Waxing the City Worldwide, LLC, by assignment)  4/2013
Way Inc. (The) (The Clean Way, LLC, under license)  8/2014
WCC World Champion Center (WCC Franchise, Inc., under license)  1/2014
WCH Service Bureau  We Can Help (WCH Service Bureau Franchising LLC, under license)  4/2021
Weatherbilt Homes, Inc.  12/1985
Weathersby Guild (Weathersby Guild, Inc., under license) 4/2005
Weather Store (The) (The Weather Store Franchise Corp., under license)  4/1993
Website Closers (Website Closers Franchise Company, LLC, under license)  12/2020
We Care Hair (John F. Amico & Co.)  8/1995
Wedding Pages (The) (Wedding Information Network, Inc.) (L)  10/1989
Wedding Wagon (WWFC, LLC)  9/2014
Wedgcor, Inc. (L) 7/1983
We Do Lines .... Parking Lot Striping (We Do Lines USA, Inc.)  3/2011
Wee Win Toys and Accessories, Inc. (L) 4/1986
Welcomemat Services Inc. (Welcomemat Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2010
Wendy’s  Quality Is Our Recipe (Quality Is Our Recipe, LLC, by assignment)  7/2015
We Renovate. We Sell. You Profit. (Renovation Realty Franchising, Inc., under license)  10/2012
We're the People ... People (Ahead Human Resources Franchise Corp. 6/2000
We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym (We Rock the Spectrum, LLC, under license)  1/2014
Westaff (Remedy Intelligent Staffing, LLC, under license)  5/2017
West Coast Video Enterprises, Inc.  4/1987
We the People Forms and Service Centers USA, Inc. (We the People Forms and Service Centers USA, Inc.)  4/2001
Wet Willie's (Wet Willie's Franchise Corp., under license)  8/2016
Wetzel's Pretzels (Wetzel's Pretzels LLC)*
We Worship the Ground You Walk On (Systems Paving Franchising, Inc.)  12/2001
Where Jocks Buy and Sell Their Gear.  Jock (JockSale, LLC)  6/2013
Whizard Academy for Mathematics & English (Academy for Mathematics & English (USA), Inc. 8/2005
Whole Donut (The) (Whole Donut Franchise Systems, Inc.) 1/1989
Wholesome Tummies (Wholesome Tummies Franchise, LLC, under license)  1/2010
WhoZaGood (WhoZaGood America, Inc., under license)  7/2012
Wicks 'N' Sticks  11/1991
Wild Bill's (Wild Bill's Soda Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2016
Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.  12/1987; 8/2014
Wild Wing Cafe (Wings Over America Franchising, Inc.) 7/2000
William Raveis (William Raveis Affiliates, Inc.) 4/2002; 5/2013
Window Genie (FOR Franchising, LLC)  10/2016
Window Genie (Window Genie SPV LLC [Successor Franchisor], by assignment)  4/2021
Window World (Window World, Inc., under license)  11/2011
Windpath (Windpath Sailing, Inc.)  4/2007
Winfree Business Growth Advisors Results Guaranteed (Winfree Systems, LLC, under license)  7/2007
Wingate Inn (Hotel Franchising Limited Partnership) 3/1997
Wing It On! Wings – Burgers – Salads – Wraps (Wing It On Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2015
Wing-Stop (Wingstop Restaurants Inc.)  6/2015
Wing Wagon (Wing-It of Watertown, Inc.)  9/1989
Wing Zone (WZ Franchising Corporation) 2/1999
Wings (Matcal, Inc., under license) 7/2005
Wings Over (Wings Over, Inc., under license)  8/2018
Wings to Go (Wings to Go, Inc.)  5/1994
Wings W to Go (Wings to Go, Inc.) 2/2004
WIN Home Inspection (World Inspection Network International, Inc., an Alabama corporation)  4/2014
Winning Results (Tenn-Cal, Inc.) 3/2000
Winzer (Winzer Corporation) 1/1992
Wireless Toyz (Wireless Toyz Franchise, LLC) 10/2003
Wireless Zone (Automotive Technologies, Inc.)  7/2008
Wirth Business Credit (Winmark Corporation)  12/2007
Wolfnights (Wolfnights Ventures LLC, under license)  1/2020
Women at Large Systems, Inc.  8/1987
Women's Health Boutique (Women's Health Boutique Franchise System, Inc., under license)  8/1995
Woodcraft (Woodcraft Franchise, LLC, under license)  4/2007
Woodcraft; Wood River (Woodcraft Franchise Corp.)  3/1997
Wooden Toy (The)  - Where Finding the Perfect Toy is Child's Play (The Wooden Toy Franchise, Inc.)  5/1991
Woodhouse Day Spa (The) (The Woodhouse SPAS Corporation)  7/2006
WoodSpring Suites (WoodSpring Hotels Franchise Services LLC)  6/2017
Woofie's (Woofie's Pet Ventures, LLC, under license)  6/2019
Woops! (Woops! Franchise LLC, under license)  5/2018
Workenders - America's Home Cleaning Specialists (Workenders, Inc.)  1/1993
Workplace Essentials (WE Franchise Management Corporation, under license)  9/2006
Worksmart (Worksmart International, Inc.) 2/1998
World Golfs (World Golfs LLC)  10/2006
World Gym (T.R. World Gym, LLC, under license)  10/2008
World Gym (World Gym International, LLC, successor to T.R. World Gym, LLC, under license)  7/2009
World Inspection Network (World Inspection Network International, Inc., a Washington corporation)  3/2007
World of Beer (World of Beer Franchising, Inc. f/k/a WOB Franchising, Inc.)  10/2010
World of Decorating (A)  4/1994
World Options (World Options, Inc.)  10/2017
World Pizza (A) - Foodee's Great Pizza Crust Co. (Foodee's, Inc.)  7/1993
Worldrate One (Excel Telecommunications, Inc., Dallas, TX) 2/2000
World TeamTennis (World TeamTennis Franchise, Inc., under license)  10/1994
World Trade Network, Inc. (World Trade Network, Inc.)  5/1995
Worldwide Express (Worldwide Express Operations, LLC, by assignment)  1/2011

X-Bankers (X-Bankers Express, Inc.)  11/1993
XGolf (X Golf Franchise Corporation, under license)  4/2020
Xpose Fitness (Xpose Franchising, LLC, under license)  2/2006
XpresSpa (XpresSpa Franchising USA, LLC, under license)  1/2018
Xscribe Corporation*
XXpress Dry Kleaning (McKleans, Inc.)  4/1987

Yard Cards, Inc.  4/1988
Yellow Jacket (Yellow Jacket Franchising Corp.) 3/1999
Yipes Stripes Franchise  6/1988
Yoforia (Yoforia Franchise, LLC, under license)  4/2012
Yogen Fruz (Yogun Fruz U.S.A., Inc.)  8/1989
Yogurt & Such Franchising Systems, Inc.  3/1994
Yogurtini (YHI, Inc., under license)  3/2010
Yogurtini (U-Swirl International, Inc., successor franchisor, by assignment)  7/2013
YorCMO (YorCMO Franchising LLC, under license)  5/2021
YO! Sushi (YO! Sushi Americas, Ltd., under license)  4/2012
Young Chefs (Young Chefs International LP, by assignment)) 5/2005
Young Chefs Academy (YCA Franchising, Inc.)  9/2021
Young Masters (Young Masters, LLC)  1/2009
Young Rembrandts (Young Rembrandts Franchise, Inc.)  4/2010
Your Imagine, Inc.*
Your Office USA (Leesburg Group, LLC) 7/2000
Your Profit Systems, Inc.*
You've Got to be Beading! (BG Franchise Systems, Inc., under license)  4/2008
YTB (YTB Franchise Services, Inc., under license)  1/2010

Zab's (Zab's Development Corporation)  10/1984
ZAGG (ZAGG Retail, Inc., under license)  4/2012
ZavaZone (Zava Zone LG, LLC, under license)  5/2017
Z-Coil (Z-Tech, Inc.) 12/2004
Zenex Synthetic Lubricants, Inc.*
Zen Massage (Zen Massage Franchising, Inc., by assignment)  11/2008
Zerorez (Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc.)  4/2016
Zero's Mr. Submarine (Zero's Subs) 10/1999
Ziebart (Ziebart Corporation, under license)  4/2019
Zinga (Zinga Franchise Group, LLC, under license)  7/2012
Zinger Digital Signs (Zinger Digital Signs Franchises, LLC, under license)  4/2018
Zio’s (Zio’s Italian Kitchen Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2009
Zio’s Italian Kitchen (Zio’s Italian Kitchen Franchising, LLC, under license)  5/2009
Zippy Shell (Zippy Shell USA, LLC, by assignment)  3/2015
Zippy Shell (Zippy Shell Incorporated [successor franchisor])  7/2015
ZIPS (ZIPS Franchising, LLC, under license)  11/2011
Z Land (NAMG, Inc.) 10/2003
Zooga (Zooga Yoga Enterprises, Inc., under license)  7/2016
Zoomin Groomin (ZG Enterprises, LLC, under license)  9/2007
Zoom Room (Zoom Room, Inc., under license)  9/2009
Zoup! (Zoup! Systems, LLC, under license)  5/2010
Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt (Zoyo Franchising, LLC, under license)  9/2012
Zurco, Inc.*
Zzaam! Fresh Korean Grill (Zzaam Franchising, LLC, under license)  10/2015

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