List of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites in Connecticut

Data is gathered from various sections of DEEP and EPA to compile this list. Sites, therefore, may be listed more than once. The list is split into four segments and arranged alphabetically by town, then site name. Some sites have been fully cleaned up while others have very little information about the environmental conditions. The list includes only sites that been reported to DEEP or EPA.

Key Terms used in the List- defines terms used in the list, describes the sources of the site information, and the DEEP/EPA programs that have information on the sites.

List of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites in Connecticut: 

Sites on this list originated from:

  • Property Transfer Program sites
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank sites
  • Sites in one of DEEP's Voluntary Remediation Programs
  • EPA's CERCLIS list, now called Superfund Enterprise Management System
  • Inventory of Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites
  • Hazardous Waste Land Disposal Notifiers list (RCRA land disposal facilities)
  • Sites issued a DEEP Order requiring investigation and remediation of pollution

Additional site information is available at DEEP Document Online Search Portal. (Remediation file scanning is being done in 2022-23. Some information may be temporarily unavailable.)

For information about leaking underground storage tank sites, contact the LUST Program at or 860-424-3376

To obtain more information about Remediation sites, contact the Remediation Division at DEEP at 860-424-3705.

Content Last Updated March 9, 2023