List of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites in Connecticut

("Hazardous Waste Facilities" as defined by Section 22a-134f of the Connecticut General Statutes) The table linked below is a list of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites within Connecticut. This list represents the "Hazardous Waste Facilities," as defined in Section 22a-134f of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS). The list contains the following types of sites:
  1. Sites listed on the Inventory of Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites pursuant to CGS Section 22a-133c. These are sites identified by DEEP that pose or posed a threat to the environment or public health.
  2. Sites subject to the Property Transfer Act, CGS Sections 22a-134a through 134d, inclusive, which have transferred ownership and at which hazardous waste or hazardous substances have or may have been released to the environment.
  3. Sites at which underground storage tanks are known to have leaked.
  4. Sites at which hazardous waste subject to the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) were disposed on the land ("RCRA land disposal facilities").
  5. Sites that are included in EPA's Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Information System database (CERCLIS) - "Superfund" Sites in CERCLIS are sites at which hazardous waste may have been released to the environment.
  6. Sites that are the subject of an order issued by the Commissioner of DEEP that requires investigation and remediation of a potential or known source of pollution.
  7. Sites that have entered into one of DEEP's Voluntary Remediation Programs.
Also included with the list is a Key to Site Definitions, which provides additional information on the seven types of sites listed above and where additional information on regulatory programs may be found. Please note that the attached list may have a site or address listed more than once. This is due to the site having involvement with more than one program in DEEP. The list is sorted by address - first by Town/Village, then by street address. However, sites with only a street name (no number) appear at the end of the list and sites with no known street address appear at the top of the list.

Please be aware that this list includes only sites that DEEP is aware of. However, there are many potentially contaminated sites about which DEEP has no information and therefore do not appear on the list. DEEP will update this list quarterly.

You should also be aware that some of the sites on this list have been investigated and fully remediated while others may have very little information available about the environmental conditions at the site. Also, please note that any site’s presence or location on the list does not imply a degree of contamination or relative priority. To obtain more information about a particular site you may contact the Remediation Division at DEEP at 860-424-3705.  For information about leaking underground storage tanks you may contact the LUST Program at or 860-424-3376.  In addition, files related to the activities regulated by DEEP may be obtained for review at the DEEP file room.

Key to Site Definitions for List of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites 

List of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites in Connecticut 

Content Last Updated August 4, 2022