Voluntary Remediation Programs

There are two voluntary remediation programs in Connecticut under Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) sections 22a-133x and 22a-133y. Both programs are an elective process for property owners who wish to expedite the remediation of polluted property, thus enabling them the advantage of a remediated site should they ever decide to sell the property. The Voluntary Remediation Program under CGS section 22a-133x is available to any person for any site.

Voluntary Remediation Program 133x Fact Sheet

In order to be eligible under CGS section 22a-133y, real property which has been subject to a spill must be located in an area where the groundwater is classified as GB or GC and the site must not be subject to any order, consent order or stipulated judgment issued by the Commissioner of the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection regarding that spill.

Voluntary Remediation Program 133y Fact Sheet


The ECAF and Instructions were revised in March 2023.  ECAFs are required to be on the new form after May 31, 2023.

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