LEP Verifications

An environmental professional licensed pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) Section 22a-133v (LEP) may verify that an investigation has been completed in accordance with prevailing standards and guidelines and that all applicable releases at a specific property/establishment/release area/portion of a property have been remediated in accordance with the Remediation Standard Regulations (RSRs) . LEPs may verify under any law, regulation, order, permit, license or approval where the Commissioner has delegated such authority to an LEP.

A complete verification package consists of the following documents:

Verification Forms

Revised RSRs were adopted on February 16, 2021.  DEEP is revising the Verification Forms.  For forms that are not yet revised, please complete the Verification Addendum Form and attach it to the Verification Form

Infographic showing progress of updating verification forms

Verification Form Instructions

All yellow fields are mandatory.

Property Transfer Program
These prescribed verification forms are required pursuant to the Property Transfer Program.
Form I:
Form II:
Form III:

NEW! In consultation with our legal office, we have added more flexibility to the forms for the applicable date of the verification. LEPs may now select a date of verification that is:
*     Either the date the Form III was filed or the date the Phase II Investigation was completed, whichever is later. (unchanged from previous forms)
*     A date after the Form III filing and Phase II completion, up to and including the date the verification was signed by the LEP. (previously only allowed the date of the verification)

Form IV:

Voluntary Remediation Program
These verification forms are required pursuant to the Voluntary Remediation Program.
Brownfields Remediation & Revitalization Program
These prescribed verification forms are required pursuant to the Brownfields Remediation and Revitalization Program.
RCRA Corrective Action

This prescribed verification form is required pursuant to the RCRA Corrective Action Program.      


LEP Verification Audit Program

Content Last Updated June 23, 2023