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Home Energy Solutions – Income EligibleHome Energy Solutions – Income Eligible

Home Energy Solutions – Income Eligible offered by Energize CT is a program that provides customers who meet income requirements with a no cost in-home assessment and weatherization servicesLearn More







Weatherization Assistance Program

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is funded by the US Department of Energy and helps income-eligible customers minimize energy-related costs and fuel usage in their homes through energy upgrades and home improvement measures. Typical measures may include heating system tune-ups and repairs, blower door guided air-sealing, attic and sidewall insulation, and health & safety inspections. Learn More




Connecticut Energy Assistance Program

Connecticut Energy Assistance Program

Connecticut Energy Assistance Program is administered by the Connecticut Department of Social Services and provides winter heating cost assistance to more than 75,000 income-eligible households every year, regardless of their heat source. Learn More





Non-Profit Heating Assistance ServicesNon-Profit Heating Assistance Services

Non-Profit Heating Assistance Services provide year-round emergency utility and energy assistance to low-to-moderate-income households that don’t qualify for the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program. Every town in Connecticut is aided by Operation Fuel’s statewide network of local fuel banks. Learn More




Weatherization Barriers Remediation ProgramWeatherization Barriers Remediation Program

The Weatherization Barriers Remediation Program addresses health and safety issues, such as mold and asbestos, that inhibit the completion of residential weatherization and energy efficiency measures. This program will play an important role in connecting low-income families with services that improve the safety and comfort of their homes while stabilizing energy bills. Learn More




Equitable Energy Efficiency (E3) ProceedingEquitable Energy Efficiency (E3)

Equitable Energy Efficiency (E3) Proceeding is a collaborative initiative with the utilities, Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board, and other stakeholders to develop strategies for ensuring that the benefits of energy efficiency are shared equitably among residents and businesses. Learn More






Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR)Electric Vehicles Rebate Program (CHEAPR)

Electric Vehicles Rebate Program (CHEAPR) provides customers who participate in certain income qualified programs, with additional rebates when purchasing or leasing new eligible vehicle or a used eligible vehicleLearn More

PURA EV Charging ProgramPURA Electric Vehicle Charging Program

PURA Electric Vehicle Charging Program supports the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the state, focusing on equity and inclusion. This program provides rebates to residents and businesses for the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 
Learn More



Shared Clean Energy Facility ImageShared Clean Energy Facility (SCEF)

The Shared Clean Energy Facility (SCEF) Program was established by Public Act 18-50 Section 7(c) to support the deployment of renewable energy resources and provide on-bill electric savings for participating subscribers. Subscribers receive on-bill credits from clean energy facilities in the state without needing to spend their own money or install their own solar panels. Learn More

PURA’s Energy Storage Solutions ProgramPURA’s Energy Storage Solutions Program

PURA’s Energy Storage Solutions Program provides customers with upfront and performance incentive payments for energy storage installations at their home or business. 40% of the program’s upfront incentive levels are reserved for low-income and underserved customers. Learn More



PURA’s Residential Renewable Energy Solutions ProgramPURA’s Residential Renewable Energy Solutions Program

PURA’s Residential Renewable Energy Solutions Program allows customers to sell their generated power and renewable energy certificates (RECs) back to the grid. Additional incentives are available for customers with incomes below 60% of the state median income or if the solar installation is in an economically-distressed communityLearn More

Steps for Solar DevelopmentSustainable, Transparent, and Efficient Practices (STEPS) for Solar Development

Sustainable, Transparent, and Efficient Practices (STEPS) for Solar Development identifies policies, legislative actions, and best practices, particularly related to the procurement, siting, and permitting of ground-mounted solar systems in Connecticut. One objective of the initiative is to promote equity and environmental justice through community engagement. Learn More




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Content last updated June 2022