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Wildlife Highlights
Connecticut Wildlife Magazine
Main Wildlife Page
Main Hunting and Trapping Page
Junior Hunting
Aspira Get Conservation ID
Aspira Registration for classes
Forestry Main Page
Pollinators in Connecticut
Coastal Access
Living with Black Bears
Community Science
Advanced Hunter Education
Public Hunting Areas
Service Forestry Program
Help Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade
Main Fishing Webpage
Trophy Fish Award Program
Endangered Species Review/Requests
CARE marketing page
Youth Fishing Passport
Aspira Licensing website
Report a Wildlife Sighting
Commercial Fishing
Forest Action Plan
Fishing Guide webpage
Freshwater Fishing Guide
Saltwater Fishing Guide
Park ConneCT
CT Lake Watch
Long Island Sound Water Quality
Stream Riffle Bioassessment by Volunteers (RBV) Program
Volunteer Stream Temperature Monitoring Network
Aquatic Invasive Species
Urban Forestry Grants
Contact Connecticut DEEP
CT Outdoor Guides 
Main Fishing License webpage 
Environmental Justice - CEEJAC
NDDB Request
Restore CT State Parks
Grants and Financial Assistance



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Abandoned Boats
Accessibility in Parks
Adopt A State Park
Advisory Groups


Air Compliance Assurance
Air Line State Park Trail
Air Permit Information

Air Quality Index

Air - Section 176a Petition
American Legion State Forest
Angler's Guide (Fishing Guide)
Angler's Guide Photo Contest
Anti-Idling Efforts in CT
Aquatic Invasive Species
Aquifer Protection
Aquifer Protection Permit and Registration Application Forms
Asian Longhorned Beetle
Backpack Camping
Bait and Tackle Shops
Bald Eagles
Barn Island Wildlife Management Area
Bashan Lake Dam (repair)
Beckley Furnace Industrial Monument
Bedrock Core Repository
Belding Wildlife Management Area
Bennett's Pond State Park
Biennial Hazardous Waste Report
Bigelow Hollow State Park
Biomedical Waste
Black Bears
Black Rock State Park
Blue-green Algae Blooms
Bluff Point State Park
Boater's Guide
Boat Launches


Boating Accident Reporting Form
Boating - Approved Education Providers
Boating - Safe Boating Classes
Boating - Transient Boater Facilities
Boating - Weather
Bobcat Fact Sheet
Bonus Striped Bass Fishing Program
Brownfields - Siting Renewable Energy on Brownfields
Burr Pond State Park
Bypass and CSO Map
CARE (Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education)
CT Wildlife Magazine
Calendar of Events
Camp Columbia State Park/Forest
Campbell Falls State Park


Centennial Watershed State Forest
Chatfield Hollow State Park
CHEAPR - Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate

Clean Marina Program

Clean Vessel Act Program

Clean Water Fund
Climate Change
Climate Change - 2014 Progress Report
Climate Change - Menu of Municipal Climate Actions and Resources
Coastal Access Guide
Coastal Hazards
Coastal Management
Cockaponset State Forest
Collis P. Huntington State Park
Combined Sewer Overflows
Commercial Fishing
Commercial Fishery Possession and Landing Limits
Community Fishing Waters Program
Compact Fluorescent Lamps
COMPASS - Hazardous Waste Compliance Assistance Program
Composting - Office Food Scrap Composting at  CT DEEP Headquarters
Comprehensive Energy Strategy
Comprehensive Materials Management Strategy (CMMS)
Connecticut's Alliance for Fish and Wildlife
Connecticut Diesel Reduction Initiatives
The Connecticut Hospital Environmental Roundtable (CHER)
Connecticut Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)
Connecticut Toxic Users Map
Connecticut Valley Railroad State Park
Connecticut Weatherization Assistance Program
Construction and Demolition Materials Management
Construction Contractors - Information Resources
Contact Us
Coyotes (Living with)
Crayfish Atlas
Day Pond State Park
Declaratory Rulings
Demarcation Lines Between Inland and Marine District
Dennis Hill State Park
Devil's Hopyard State Park
Dinosaur State Park
Directions to DEEP Facilities
Disaster Debris Management Preparedness
Discover Outdoor CT
Duck Stamp
Eagle Landing State Park
Earth Day


Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions - EVConnecticut

Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

E-Waste Drop Off Locations
Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Emergency Response and Spill Prevention

Emerging Contaminants
Employment/Jobs - Seasonal

Endangered Species

Energy Conservation, Efficiency and Alternative Fuels
Energy Filings
Environmental Conservation Police
Environmental Justice
Environmental Quality Records File Room
Environmental Tips (for Earth Day and Every Day)
Eolia Mansion (Harkness State Park)
Equine Advisory Council
Executive Order 59 - Resource Assessment
FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Requests
Farm River State Park
Farmington Canal State Park Trail
Ferry Landing State Park
Financial Assistance
Fishing - Recreational Marine Regulations Summary
Fishing Classes
Fishing Guide
Fishing Line Recycling
Fisheries Declarations
Fisheries Licenses & Permits
Fishing Licenses -Sportsmen Licensing System
Flood Management
Foliage Report
Food Residuals Mapping Study
Food Waste Reduction and Recovery
Forest Action Plan

Forest Fire Danger

Forest Management Plans
Forest Practitioner Certification
Forest Practitioner Directory


Forestry - CT Grown Producers
Forestry - Primary Processors
Forestry - Trees and Urban Forests
Forestry - Urban Tree Laws
Fort Griswold State Park
Fort Trumbull State Park
Freshwater Fishing
GAC Filter Information
Gardner Lake State Park
Gay City State Park
Geographic Information Systems

George D. Seymour State Park
GIS Data


Geology of CT State Parks
Gillette Castle State Park

Goodwin Forest Conservation Education Center

Governor's Council on Climate Change
Green Cleaning
Green Gardening
Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development
Green Lodging
Green Plan
Green Remediation
GreenCircle Award Program
Gypsy Moths
Haddam Meadows State Park
Haley Farm State Park
Hammonasset Beach State Park
Harbor Masters
Harkness Memorial State Park
Haystack Mountain State Park
Hazardous Waste
Hazardous Waste Advisory Committee
Home Heating Oil Tanks
Hop River State Park Trail
Hopeville Pond State Park
Housatonic Meadows State Park
Household Hazardous Waste

Hunting & Trapping

Hunting - Advanced Hunter Education
Hunting Area Maps
Hurd State Park
Ice Fishing
Ice Safety
Idling is Fuelish (Anti-Idling Efforts)
Impervious Land Cover Studies
Indian Well State Park
Industrial Wastewater
Injured Wildlife
Inland Water Resources Permit Applications
Inland Wetlands and Watercourses
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Integrated Resource Planning

Integrated Water Quality Report

Integrated Water Resource Management
Intervening in the Hearing Process (Environmental Protection)
Invasive Species
John A. Minetto State Park
Junior Hunter
Kellogg Environmental Center
Kent Falls State Park
Kettletown State Park
Lake and Pond Water Quality Monitoring
Lake Waramaug State Park
Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant Program
Landscape Stewardship
Larkin State Park Trail

Laws & Regulations

Lead By Example
LEAN Initiative
Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) Board
Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) Program
Lifeguard Program

Long Island Sound

Long Island Sound Blue Plan
Long Island Sound Blue Plan Comment Form
Long Island Sound Blue Plan FAQs
Long Island Sound Blue Plan Inventory
Long Island Sound Blue Plan Policy
Long Island Sound Blue Plan Significant Areas
Long Island Sound Blue Plan Videos
Long Island Sound License Plate Program
Long Island Sound Permit Applications
Long Island Sound Water Quality
Lovers Leap State Park
Macedonia Brook State Park
Machimoodus State Park
Managing Environmental Compliance Newsletter
Mansfield Hollow State Park
Marine Fisheries Information Circular
Mashamoquet Brook State Park
Massacoe State Forest
Mattatuck State Forest
Mattress Recycling
Medication Disposal Info
Millers Pond State Park
Mobile Sources
Mohawk State Forest/Mohawk Mountain State Park
Mount Tom State Park
Municipal Primer
Municipal Recycling Resource Center
Municipal Stormwater
Municipal Wastewater
Mute Swan
Natchaug State Forest
National Archery in the Schools Program
National Estuarine Research Reserve for Long Island Sound
Natural Diversity Data Base Review Request
Natural Resources 150th Anniversary
Nehantic State Forest
Newsletter Subscription
Nipmuck State Forest
Nitrogen Control Program
No Child Left Inside
Nonpoint Source Pollution Program
Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator
Office of Energy Efficient Businesses
Office Food Scrap Composting
Old Furnace State Park
Open Burning

Open Space

Organic Land Care
Organics Mapping
Organics Recycling Law
Osbornedale State Park

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Wood Furnaces
Outdoor Wood Furnaces - Incentive Program
Pachaug State Forest
Passport to the Parks
Path to Clean Fuels and Vehicles
Paugnut State Forest
Pawcatuck River Watershed Nutrient Study
Penwood State Park
P2 View - Pollution Prevention Newsletter


PFAS Task Force
People's State Forest

Permits & Licenses


Pheasant Hunting
Phosphorus (water quality issues)
Pit Stops Fact Sheets
Pollinators in Connecticut

Pollution Prevention

Public Notices
Public Use and Benefit Land Registry
Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
PURA Docket Search
Pumpout Directory
Purple Martin
Putnam Memorial State Park
Quaddick State Park
Quinnipiac River State Park
RCRA Financial Assurance


Rail Trail Explorer
Rapid Bioassessment in Wadeable Streams & Rivers by Volunteer Monitors (RBV)
RBV Story Map
Recreational Trails Program (Connecticut)
Recreational Trails Program (National)
Recycling - Colleges/Universities
Recycling Paint (Managing Leftover Paint)
Recycling at Work

Recycling Laws and Regulations

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Regulating Waste Storage, Treatment, Transportation & Disposal
Release Reporting Advisory Committee
Remediation/Site Clean-up
Remediation Permit Applications
Remediation Roundtable
Remediaton -Comprehensive Evaluation and Transformation of Connecticut’s Cleanup Laws
Remediation - Significant Environmental Hazards
Remediation Standard Regulations
Renewable Portfolio Standard
Report Environmental Problem/Concern
Resident Curator Program
Residential Home Heating Oil Tanks (UST)
Resource Recovery Task Force
River Highlands State Park
Rocky Neck State Park
Safe Waterskiing Endorsement
Salmon River State Forest
Salt Rock State Campground
Saltwater Fishing
Saltwater Fishing Resource Map
Seaside State Park Planning Process
Selden Neck State Park
Sessions Woods WMA
Seth Low Pierrepont State Park
Shared Clean Energy Facilities
Shenipsit State Forest
Sherwood Island State Park
Shortcut addresses
Silver Sands State Park
Sky's the Limit (State Parks)
Sleeping Giant State Park
SMART (Save Money and Reduce Trash)
Snow Disposal
Snow Removal
Social Media
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
Solid Waste
Solid Waste & Recycling Hauler Resources
Solid Waste Advisory Committee
Solid Waste Management Plan
Solid Waste and Recycling Reporting Forms
Sound Outlook Newsletter
South Branch Park River - Deferred Maintenance Program (Dam Safety)
Southford Falls State Park
Special Use of State Parks and Forests
Sportsmen Licensing
Spotted Lanternfly
Squantz Pond State Park
Stack and CEMS Performance Testing
State Parks & Forests
State Parks & Forests - Accessibility
State Parks & Forests - Facility Rental
State Parks & Forest -  Maps
State Parks & Forests - Special Use
State Parks & Forests - Survey
State Parks - Alcohol Policy
State Parks Appreciation Day
State Parks Centennial
State Parks History
State Vegetation Management Task Force
State Waters Boundary
Store (DEEP Store)
Stormwater Management
Stormwater Quality Manual
Stratton Brook State Park
Stream Flow Standards and Regs
Streams - Volunteer Monitoring
Subscribe to newsletters, e-alerts, email updates
Subsurface Sewage Disposal
Swimming Area Water Quality Report
Talcott Mountain State Park
Textiles (Reuse and Recycling)
The Torrent
Thermostat (Mercury) Recycling
Tide Table
Title V Permit Program
Topsmead State Forest
Tree Damage
Tree Wardens
Triploid Grass Carp - Importation and/or Liberation Permit
Trophy Fish Award Program
Trout Parks
Trout Stocking Maps
UST Clean-Up
Urban Forestry
Urban Forest Inventory and Analysis
Users Guide to Environmental Permits
Volkswagen (VW) Settlement Information
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Stream Temperature Monitoring (V-STeM) Network
Volunteer Water Monitoring
Volunteer Water Monitoring Conference - 2014
Volunteer Water Monitoring Conference - 2019
Wadsworth Falls State Park
Waste Permit Applications
Water Conservation Tips
Water Discharge Permit Applications
Water Diversion
Water Diversion Reporting
Water Monitoring
Water Quality
Water Quality Standards and Classifications
Water Quality Standards Triennial Review
Watershed Management
Watershed Management Plans and Documents
Weatherization Assistance Program Subgrantee Documentation
Weekly Fishing Report
West Rock Ridge State Park
What Do I Do With?
Wharton Brook State Park
Wildlife Action Plan
Wildlife - Prohibited Animals
Wildlife Highlights - Newsletter
Wildlife Magazine
Wildlife Problems
Wildlife Volunteer/Citizen Scientist Programs
Windsor Locks Canal State Park Trail
Windsor Meadows State Park
Year of the Snake
Young Forest and Shrubland Initiative
Youth Fishing Passport
75th Anniversary of Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program