Data & Analytics Policy

What is the State Data Plan?

A framework for the state’s executive branch agencies to engage in a consistent approach to data stewardship, use, and access.

Not just an open data plan,but applicable to all data in the custody and control of executive branch agencies.

Developed in accordance with Section 4-67p of the Connecticut General Statutes, which specifies that the Plan must:

  • Establish data management & analysis standards,
  • Include specific achievable goals,
  • Make recommendations to enhance standardization & integration of data systems & data management practices,
  • Review legal issues and concerns related to data sharing, and
  • Set goals for improving the open data repository.
Why a State Data Plan?
  • To ensure that data are treated as State assets and managed consistently and appropriately across state government.
  • To create efficiencies and process improvements that will ultimately reduce the amount of overhead necessary to leverage agency data assets.
  • To guide future information technology actions and initiatives, which must be consistent with the Plan going forward.

Download the Plan:

State Data Plan - .pdf

State Data Plan - .docx


Previous Drafts:

Phase 1 - PDF

Phase 2 Draft - PDF

Phase 3 Draft - PDF


Our Team:

Scott Gaul, Chief Data Officer

Pauline Zaldonis, Research Analyst