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Petition No. 1104

United Illuminating declaratory ruling that no Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need is required for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of a 2.2 MW AC solar photovoltaic facility and a 2.8 MW AC Fuel Cell facility on approximately 22 acres of the former Seaside Landfill located at 350 Waldemere Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Procedural Correspondence
Carrier Correspondence
State Agency Comments
          Department of Transportation, dated 7/17/14      
Municipal Comments
State Official Comments
Parties and Intervenors
Pre-hearing Questions and Responses
            Response 4   Response 6   Response 7   Response 19A         Response 19B&C  
          Response 19D   Response 25 (bulk file)  Response 25, App. G, H, I    Response 26
Pre-filed Hearing Testimony and Documents
         UI Pre-hearing Submission, 9/4/14 - Witness List
         UI Supplemental Submission, 9/4/14 - National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form
            >Comments from Mayor Finch, 9/11/14
Motions, Briefs and Findings of Fact
Development & Management Plan (D&M)
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