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New Posts for June:

Civic Engagement Affirmations

Your voice matters! Every vote counts in building a better future. Remind yourself you have power in your community! #civicengagement #yourvoicematters

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Civic Engagement Made Easy

Three simple steps to making your voice heard: Register, vote, and celebrate your civic duty! Learn more about voting at #makeadifference #registertovote

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Register to Vote!

Register to vote today and celebrate our diverse, multicultural nation. Make your voice heard in any language to ensure you are part of the decision-making process! #vote2024 #engageforchange


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Let’s celebrate the diversity and strength of our LGBTQ+ community. Together, our voices are stronger. #PrideMonth #VoteForEquality


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Summer Civics Fun

There are many ways to get civically engaged. Figure out your summer civics goals with our fun word search. And go to for more ideas! #civicengagement


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Learn about Parties in CT

Did you know that in CT, you must be affiliated with a party to vote in that party’s primary election? Are you affiliated with a party? Do you want to be? Learn more at to be sure you’re ready for the August primary!

Are you affiliated      Can I vote in the August Primary

What’s the difference between being an Independent and being Unaffiliated in CT? It’s huge! If you’re an Independent, you’re registered with the Independent party. If you’re Unaffiliated, you’re not enrolled in any party. Be sure you know how you’re registered. Find out at today!

Independent is not unaffiliated 


Voter Education:

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Brochures to Print, Post or Email (click images to download):

Your Say. Your Day. Early Voting allows you to vote in person safely and securely before Election Day. To learn how to vote early, click the images below to download educational brochures, or visit for more information about elections in Connecticut.

Early Voting: Primary Election - August 13, 2024

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Early Voting: General Election - November 5, 2024

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Early Voting Social Media Posts (click images to download):

What is Early Voting?

Early Voting is coming to CT this year! Are you ready? Go to for all you need to know about Early Voting. #earlyvoting

What is Early Voting - Graphic 1

The First Election with Early Voting

If you are affiliated with a party, you can vote in the Presidential Preference Primary. Make sure you know when and where to vote! Visit for all you need to know about elections in CT. 

What is Early Voting - Graphic Download

How are Ballots Counted?

Early Voting will work differently than Election Day voting. Make sure you know the facts! Visit the Early Voting page on for all the info. #earlyvoting

What is Early Voting - Graphic Download

Early Voting versus Absentee Ballots

Don’t be confused. Early Voting is not the same as voting by Absentee Ballots. Learn the difference at #earlyvoting

 Early Voting versus Absentee Ballots - Graphic Download 1     Early Voting versus Absentee Ballots - Graphic Download 2

Early Voting Locations

Early Voting locations are announced shortly before each election. Be sure you know where to go! Visit to find the location in your town. #earlyvoting 

What is Early Voting - Graphic Download

Early Voting on Weekends

Weekdays can be busy with work and life! Don’t worry, Early Voting includes Saturday and Sunday for most elections. Visit for Early Voting dates and times. #earlyvoting  

What is Early Voting - Graphic Download

Other States with Early Voting

Did you know Early Voting has been occurring in other states for decades? It may be new to CT, but it’s not a new concept. Be sure you’re ready for Early Voting by going to for all the facts. #earlyvoting

What is Early Voting - Graphic Download

With Early Voting starting, what hasn’t changed?

Yes, Early Voting starts this year. But not everything has changed!  You can still vote on Election Day or by Absentee Ballot. To find out more information about all voting options, visit #earlyvoting

What is Early Voting - Graphic Download 


Absentee Ballot Informational Videos (click images to view videos):


Absentee Ballot Facts.

SOTS Stephanie Thomas - Absentee Ballot Facts Thumbnail
(brief video to post)


Absentee Ballot Voting Explained.

Absentee Ballot Video - English
(in detail - English)


Voto en Ausencia, Explicado en Español

Absentee Ballot Video - Spanish
(en detalle - Español)


CEO Pledge Badge:

Download the CEO Pledge Badge and post it to your website, your email signature or on social media to proudly display your commitment to civic engagement!

 CEO Pledge Badge - Download


CEO Pledge Certificate:

Download the CEO Certificate to print and display in your office and/or retail space, serving as a reminder to staff, customers, and vendors to get involved in the community!

CEO Pledge Certificate - Download


Civics 101 Document:

Email this non-partisan educational document to staff and/or clients to help them better understand how government works and why voting is important.

Civics 101 Doc - English Download Button     Civics 101 Doc - Spanish Download Button


CEO Pledge Starter Social Media Posts: 

CEO Pledge Announcement Option #1
  • Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: We just became a Civically Engaged Organization (CEO), committing to help make our community an educated and strong place for us all to live and work. @CTSots has info about how to engage with your community at Who else is in??

     C.E.O. Pledge - Stay Engaged


CEO Pledge Announcement Option #2
  • Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: We/I have a new title to add to my/our business cards – CEO! We’ve committed to being a Civically Engaged Organization to help educate our community on how to get involved. Everyone can text VOTE to 860.321.4221 to stay informed about key election dates.

    C.E.O. Pledge - Text Vote to 860-321-4221


Voter Registration Tip



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