Civically Engaged Organization - Badge

If you want to or already practice civic education and engagement, click here to become a Civically Engaged Organization (CEO) and take our non-partisan pledge!

Taking the Pledge Helps You:

Recruit younger employees who have been shown to care about companies’ civic health.
Boost employee morale by showing your employees that you care about their lives outside of the workplace.
Build partnerships by showing you’re an active member of the community.
Provide marketing opportunities and positive media attention for your business.
Bring people together regardless of political party affiliations.
Improve the community around you! 

The Pledge:

Email our non-partisan “Civics 101” document to staff and/or customers
Note dates of elections in the office and/or in newsletters
Give employees time off to vote on Election Days (if schedules don’t allow before or after-hours voting)
Announce your commitment to civic engagement via email and social media
Give employees time to volunteer in the community each year
Email or post a polling place look-up tool for employees

Once you take the pledge, you’ll receive access to our CEO Toolkit, including:

Our “Civics 101” document
Sample social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
A sample announcement for an email blast
A C.E.O. badge for your email signature and/or website
A printable certificate from the Office of the Secretary of the State certifying your exemplary commitment to civic engagement

Take the Pledge Today!
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