What are the tips for a successful login?

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Logging into the Connecticut Educator Certification System (C.E.C.S.)

  • When you create an account, C.E.C.S. will send a username and a temporary password to the email address you provide. When you log in with a temporary password for the first time, you will be prompted to set a new password.
  • Usernames are designated by C.E.C.S. Your username is NOT your email address or EIN. If you don't remember your username, please click “Forgot Username” and it will be sent to you.
  • Passwords must be at least six characters, but do not need to include a capital letter, number, or symbol. If you don't remember your password, please click “Forgot Password” -- a temporary password will be generated and sent to you.
  • If you requested a password reset and it is being sent to an email address which is no longer valid, please notify our department by sending an email to teacher.cert@ct.gov. Include your full name, the old and new email address, your EIN, and date of birth. We will update your email address in C.E.C.S.
  • If you have trouble accessing C.E.C.S., try switching browsers. The system works with current versions of most browsers, such as Safari or Chrome, but was designed for Internet Explorer 10 or later. If your computer is attempting to log in automatically, you may also find it helpful to clear your cache/cookies.