Long-Term Care Links

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California Partnership for Long-Term Care

New York Partnership for Long-Term Care

Indiana Partnership for Long-Term Care

Connecticut Department of Social Services
Includes the Connecticut Medicaid program

State Unit on Aging

Connecticut Long-Term Care Services and Supports - My Place CT

Connecticut Insurance Department

Connecticut's Insurance Guaranty Associations
"The Consumer's Safety Net" brochure (See Chapter 3 Life and Health which includes LTC insurance)

Nursing Home Comparison
Data reported to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

National Organization of Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Associations

TOP of pageFinancial/Legal Advisors:

Financial Planning Association (FPA)
Previously the International Association of Financial Planners

Connecticut Chapter of FPA
Previously the CT Chapter of International Association of Financial Planners

Connecticut Banking Department
Includes "Choosing the Right Financial Planner"

Connecticut Bar Association

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TOP of pageHow to tell Who you are Linking to?

The extension at the end of each web site gives a clue as to who you are going to connect with. Below are some of the more common extensions found on web sites. However, this is not an absolute. For example, many state and local elected officials have web sites at universities (.edu), or a trade association (.org) may provide information for its members which are companies.

Extension Entity
.org Trade associations, non-profit organization, etc.
(also some state government agencies)
.com Companies, commercial establishments, etc.
.gov U.S. federal government
(also a small number of state government agencies)
.edu Colleges and Universities
(not grammar schools or high schools)
.state.??.us State governments in the U.S.
(where "??" is the state abbreviation. CT for Connecticut.)
.net Internet networks and service providers
(SNET, AT&T, etc.)

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