Inventory of Real Property 

CGS 4-67g, requires the Bureau to maintain an inventory of state real property.  No later than March 15th of each year,  the Bureau is required to submit a copy of the inventory to the joint standing committees of the General Assembly having cognizance of matters relating to government administration and appropriations and the budgets of state agencies.

In order to produce the most complete inventory of the State's real property, a combination of three (3) separate data sources are utilized:

  • State Building Inventory - contains information of structures that are owned by the State of Connecticut.  This inventory is currently maintained by the Bureau and the information is self-reported by those agencies which have custody and control over State owned buildings.  This information is updated annually.

  • DAS Lease Inventory - contains information on those locations that are leased by the State of Connecticut to meet its realty needs.  The data is maintained by the Department of Administrative Services and provided to the Bureau on a regular basis.

  • Payment in Lieu of Taxes ("PILOT") - maintained by the OPM Intergovernmental Policy Division, this program provides payment in lieu of local property taxes to municipalities for real property owned and used by the State of Connecticut.
The combination of these data sources is utilized to compile the inventory of State owned and leased real property.

Additional Information
Copies of the inventory can be found on our Reports and Publications page.


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