The goal of the Office of Finance is to strengthen the financial management, procurement, and contracting functions of State agencies.
To accomplish this goal, the Office of Finance:
  • Serves as an in-house advisor to OPM and the Governor’s Office regarding the financial management, procurement, and contracting policies and practices of State agencies.
  • Develops and implements the Secretary's Procurement Reform agenda. 
  • Serves as a Director for the Core-CT project to implement and manage a statewide enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for all State agencies.
  • Establishes procurement standards for State agencies to follow when entering into personal service agreements (PSA) and purchase of service (POS) contracts. Through CORE/CT, OPM reviews agency requests to enter into such agreements and contracts.
  • Provides training on procurement policy and processes for personal service agreements (PSA) and purchase of service (POS) contracts. 
  • Establishes policies for obtaining, managing, and evaluating the quality and cost-effectiveness of State agencies. Reviews and approves the procurement plans and developed by State agencies.
  • Conducts reviews of State agency business operations and recommends improvements to their organizational structures, work processes, and staffing patterns.
  • Ensures transparency of sole source procurement through Monthly Waiver Reports.
  • Establishes a new analytics and reporting tool State Analytical Reporting System (STARS) that presents data in report format and interactive dashboards.
  • Develops policy and provides guidance to municipalities and other local governments in the area of municipal finance and provides technical assistance for, and ensures compliance with the audit reporting requirements under the Municipal Auditing Act and State Single Audit Act.
  • Cost-Effectiveness Policy, Manual and Template
  • Cost Benefit Analysis

For Further Information, Contact:
Kimberly Kennison, Executive Financial Officer, (860) 418-6422